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Colombia Thread
Will be in Medellin early may and staying for a while. Will anyone be there?
Ended up on a date with a young prostitute and ended up convincing her to change her profession... to cam girl. 20Nation changing the world Wink.
(02-15-2018, 12:17 AM)20Nation Wrote: Ended up on a date with a young prostitute and ended up convincing her to change her profession... to cam girl. 20Nation changing the world Wink.

Nice, did you shore her ? 

I must say I`m struggling a bit currently...not really fucking as much as i was hoping.In Barranquilla for 10 days, and only 1 girls from daygame/social circle.  I find the tinder/okcupid chics to be incredible difficult to get to meet with. There is just a complete lack of initiative, and not to much investment.  I have like 10-11 girls now on my whatsapp. All of them say they wanna met, half of them ar calling me "carino" or "corazon" , but when I tried to solidify the date they either make excuses, don`t reply, or say that they would love to go out for a drink, but then stop replying as the evening is there. 
I read this from another article, and feel there is much truth to it; 

You must hold their hand every step of the way. As a high-value foreigner, you really can’t “over text” them.
You need to text them throughout the entire process. Give them a time. Ask them when they are leaving. Tell them to call a taxi. Text them while they are in route. I really have no good explanation as to why it is so much work, but keeping in constant touch throughout the interaction was how I had the most success

I Love your Colombia articles, but it is mostly stories and such. I would like to understand the specifics; effective ways to pipeline,how much time beforhand, how to effectively use the time to set up dates etc etc.  I am spending 3 hours a day texting these fucking girls, but getting nothing back. I know you have a book about online game...but would be great if you could give a short overview on your Colombia tactics :Smile
   Also when will you be in Barranquilla?
Well for one thing, right now is Carnaval time. So you are competing with a million other foreigners. I could do something like that but it's a lot of work. Maybe I can do an article on it for my next post. Because yeah, a lot of details.
Came to cartagena just for the sake of it...
lol, I know everyone says everything looks like scam but I had to see it with my own eyes

Hows pereira ?
A girl I know from bogota is from there so thats a good reference, shes nice.

tomorrow Arriving medellin
anyone there?
Lost my phone :/

Think it got stolen

What I think happened was some guy was coming up to me asking me for money, I guess walking kind of close. A bit later, I realized my phone was gone but good luck finding some scraggly-looking Colombian bum in a park full of them !

I'm usually really good about not losing stuff but I guess Colombia finally got to me. Be careful guys and be mindful of your surroundings

Also Dolittle - I don't know if it's practical to do this in Barranquilla since people seem to say it's shitty/hot over there but just walking around talking to girls is so easy here. I'm not saying you have to go outside and daygame for like 4 hours or anything. It's Colombia, there should be bangable girls like every 10m on the street (exaggeration but not really, at least where I'm at). Plus, like 20 said, I'm sure every foreigner up there right now is in his hotel room swiping Tinder cuz it takes no effort

If you thought my post was helpful and want to send me some crypto it is much appreciated!
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(02-15-2018, 12:17 AM)20Nation Wrote: Ended up on a date with a young prostitute and ended up convincing her to change her profession... to cam girl. 20Nation changing the world Wink.

Rad ! I am in the process of doing the same thing with a smoking hot ultra naughty lil spinner thats a supestar at hong kong in tj and is from puerto vallarta.   we hit it off like i have never have with a pro.   setting her up with laptop and cam. i have shot content and worked on coaching side with many girls that now pull 20+ tokens a day on cb and mfc.  her only problem may be is that she is a nympho and arty giirl.  She gave me the taske of helping her fullfill her fantasy.  mmf something im not that into but wtf... so if you have any sollid recommendations in SD or LA that would be into that kinda freaky shit hmu.   Under 50 likes to party with miss molly etc.

Cocaine cock?  Anyone have a steadfast remedy besides comepletely not doing any?  Which  ... i have a shit ton wayyy more fun pounding  a hottties fun tunnels than horking caterpillar lines od the devils dandruff.

Taganga ! Rad place super close to Natl Park Tayrona.   Lots of Euro hotties on Med civis/ semi pros.  if you dont connect  on the free side of the street there are loads of pros there and 10 mins away in Santa Marta.  huge invasion of smoking hot Venezuelans now.   I like to line up a handful  online via tindar fb and sa to cum stay and play for a night or two then rowl  for a newbie semi pro.  hit lottery last time with 19 year old Venezuelan on her first a day there.  She even showed me her stamp in passport that it was her first day there.
`Cali ?

Anyone have good experiences from Cali or Pereira ?  I have pretty much been striking out in every city in Colombia so far, to the point where I am thinking of just not spending more time chasing tail, and just learn spanish and be tourist instead. In medellin now for the second week, have about 30 online girls on whatsapp, but still have not met a single one of them due to disinterest, flaking,and general shit. Hoping Cali or Bogota could be better for my last month in Colombia, but right now wishing I had a ticket out of here straight away,
Pereira and Cali are a bit easier than Medellin. Medellin is the hardest city in colombia. You will have the most luck on the north coast and bogota I would say.
(03-04-2017, 08:46 PM)Julius Wrote: For my work I travel frequently to different regions. However there a lot of bad things to say about Bogota, it has by far the best nightlife (read most diverse and best options) compared to other big cities and regions.

I recommend:
-Armando calle 85 for weekends
-La Villa: gringo tuesdays
- bAUm: underground electronic for weekends

Somebody has good experiences with other clubs?
You should check out Club Tokyo, in the Modelia area. There's a cluster of bars and clubs there with the largest amount of  hot girls i've seen at night in Bogota, even more than Zona T. Club Petra is Galerias is pretty good too(more of a chill local spot,to pick up,i saw a lot of girls roll in 2's, w/out a group) If you like raggae, there is a spot in Chapinero called Babylon, went with a date and her friends, but man there was so many fine college aged girls there, you'll have a blast especially if you love that sweet raggae music.
thanks for the Info

never heard about this clubs, although I knew there is also a night life area in Modelia. I am sure you will be the only gringo there.

But is there a pickup atmosphere, like in Gringo Tuesdays? I haven't seen any better club in Colombia than The Villa on Gringo tuesdays.
It's the only club in Colombia were you can have 100 % guarantee you never leave empty handed, like clubs in Rio de Janeiro :-)

My strategy there was always screen out the club first until you find the hottest girl (there are always a few 8s or 9s) and go for the kill

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