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  1. The Single Guy’s Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia – Find out if you should travel to South East Asia in this epic story of my first pussy paradise adventure and how I met THC
  2. Elite Online Dating: Read. Click. Bang. She’s Yours – I am an online dating specialist and in this book I share all my strategies and secrets that have landed me hundreds of women
  3. The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women – How I installed key loggers and got the passwords of ex girlfriends only to learn that they weren’t who I thought they were
  4. The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl with Words – A step by step guide on how to have the perfect conversation with women
  5. The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men – Everything you need to master the most important aspect of dating; body language
  6. Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You – To be attractive to women, you must first know what is attractive to women
  7. Sexual Body Language: 120 Body Language Signals That She Likes You – Never get rejected again by learning how to read women
  8. Bonus: The Asian Guy’s Travel Guide on Where to Go to Get Girls – A world travel guide for Asian guys
  9. Bonus: The White Guy’s Travel Guide on Where to Go to Get Girls – A world travel guide for white guys
  10. World Women Ranking App (Free Bonus!) – The app which compares face, boobs, ass, body, personality, sluttiness, foreign value and more of all the countries of the world.

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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

My only travel book to date; read about my first real pussy paradise adventure to South East Asia, where life felt like being on the playground. See how a Mormon went from one of the most difficult places in the world to get laid, to one of the easiest and the sexual conquests, adventures and life changing experiences that took place.

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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

Most men see women as an idea, they see the perfect Disney character that they are supposed to see. After installing a key logger on my laptop years ago, I was able to see all the things that these women did when they thought no one was looking. The stories and the shocking truths that were revealed are told in this book. The true nature of women is as no man imagines.

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Eye opening book. I should not be surprised but I was while reading this book. I do not want to believe that women are the way they are, BUT THEY ARE THAT WAY!!! From childhood to old age they get what they want through manipulation, lies, and pretending to be something that they are not. For those who do not believe this, I ask you, “How much time do (the women you know well) they spend getting ready to go out?” How much time do you spend? What do they do to change their appearance? What do they try to hide?By Amazon Customer
By TravelHardCore

Going to Thailand? You need 3 things: 1. This guide, 2. A shit load of condoms, 3. A suitcase. THC’s discusses everything you need to now to get laid like a rock star in Thailand. Nightlife guides, ThaiFriendly online game strategy guide, the perfect first date with a Thai girl, logistics, day to day life and much much more. This guide will GUARANTEE to multiply you success with Thai girls.

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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

The Perfect Conversation goes step by step about how to have the ideal conversation with a girl. You will learn exact ways to open, hold a conversation, create attraction, and create a connection.

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Before finding this book, I had spent countless hours searching the web and reading articles for tips on improving this skill. None are as helpful as the information I found in this book. I now feel more confident than ever and have gone on a handful of successful dates since. I recommend this book to all men.By Amazon Customer
By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

If you want to learn how to date the top tier of women online, the women that get hundreds a message a day and you want to get multiple dates with these types of women every day, then this book was written for you.
This book details the secrets of how I have achieved internet fame for being an “internet dating specialist.” I go through this book teaching you every trick and strategy I have learned to be able to plan up to 7 dates a day with the hottest girls the internet has to offer. This is something I have been able to do every day for weeks for periods of time.
The world is entering the age of the internet and with it, the dating game has changed. This book is for the people that want to take advantage of this change and achieve dating successes they never realized were even possible.

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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

If only 7% of communication is done through words, then why do so many believe that they can pick up a girl with some magic line? The 9 laws of attractive body language are your magic line, they cover the other 93% of communication. If you have mastered these, you will be able to say anything, to any girl, and have her respond positively in nearly any situation.

In addition to the 9 laws of attractive body language, you will also learn:

  • The secret to building attraction while dancing; using the 9 laws in the club
  • How to take pictures of yourself that women will find attractive
  • How you can remember the laws and make them habits
  • How you can teach yourself the 9 laws subconsciously
  • And much more.
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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

To be what a girl wants, you have to know what a girl wants.

In this book you will learn the answer to the age old question “What women want”. Not the fleeting thoughts of what women want, but the things that are hardwired into them. It will explore sexual attraction completely. You will learn and understand every single attraction trigger that women have, and why they have them. Broken down mathematically with graphs and percentages you will learn exactly what things matter when it comes to attraction.

BONUS: Tips to create attraction in the moment with any woman and a quiz to help you find out how much sexual value you have.

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By Nicholas Jack AKA 20Nation

Have you ever wanted to read that cute girls mind? After reading this book, and mastering these concepts you can. You can know what she is thinking and who she is thinking it about. If you read a girl’s body language right, you will never get rejected again.

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This book is a good short read that decodes some of women’s body language cues. If you are already at least somewhat confident and attractive then you will get the most out of the book because you will recognize that women were already giving some of the signals to you.By Amazon Customer