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  Countries to travel to once this whole covid-thing dies down
Posted by: thejesterjester - 7 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Whats up y'all. First time poster, long time lurker. Recently got back into game/pickup these past few months, and as soon as I did  - boom - the world shut down. I'm now planning a trip for 2021... with hopes that everything will be back to normal by then. Planning on going across Europe for a few months then hitting up Asia... no timeline, predicting at least 6 months. 
What are some go-to counties to hit up, once everything settles, in Europe and Asia?  Where are you guys planning on going?

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  How COVID-19 will impact big cities on a game level, NYC worth it?
Posted by: Cypres Hill Chill - 10 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (11)

So I moved to NYC in early 2018 because I was tired of what life had for me in my old city. I am originally from the south (Texan but family moved to GA when I was 14) and after their mid-twenties, people rush to get married and have kids. If you approach 30 without a kid and a wife, people start to look at you weird. Social life was rough for me before I moved to NYC too, people were more closed off if you did not grow up near them and since I was from more of an impoverished small town as opposed to a suburb of a major city, that created a barrier.

Come to NYC and my life turns around, been with over 50 different women since and have made at least 10 good friends, two who I plan on traveling with in the future. 

COVID-19 has seriously fucked the city for now though. The homeless are getting more aggressive when I am out, people are more on edge, and nightlife will likely not be the same for the rest of 2020 at least. Some of what I came to the city for such as hot single women, favorable ratios, wild parties, great nightlife, and shit to do is going to be impacted a lot.

A good number of my friends have gone to Florida, south Florida at that, and are living it up on the beach. Some have gone to Texas where nightlife is opening up and everyone seems to not give a fuck about COVID-19. 

With remote work becoming more of a norm, I wonder if people will have an incentive to even move to NYC for career goals. It made me wonder, could certain types of beach towns and such now become a place to be in long-term as an American who wants to live that partying lifestyle while getting laid too? Will this make the 20-something singles population consider taking the party to these towns and places as opposed to being in NYC?

My lease expires on October 1st of this year, want to know if it is worth renewing now.

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  Willpower hacks
Posted by: terrific - 11 hours ago - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (1)

Does anyone have things they do that reduce the amount of raw willpower required to get things done during your day? I've noticed that will power is like a fuel tank, once it runs out, you hit a wall and productivity tanks.

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  Girls And Financial Irresponsibility
Posted by: Contrarian Expatriate - 05-24-2020, 08:41 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (43)

As someone who has now had decades dealing with young, female, twentysomethings, there has been a recurring theme I've wondered about with regard to women and money.  They don't seem to manage it very wisely, nor have a smart long term outlook on it either.

These are all white, working class to upper middle class, reasonably intelligent girls which I think is quite relevant actually.  This demographic is spoonfed everything they want by their families and peers growing up and it must give them a false sense of "Everything will all work itself out."  However, the real world does not work that way.  I also think the steady media diet of Kim Possible, Lara Kroft, and Feminist Star Wars has given women a false sense of reality.    

Last year I met an 18 year old who moved into a gated community paying $1200 per month on a part time salary.  When I told her she should be paying half that and have roommates as well to assist with costs, she was completely unconcerned and was confident that she would figure it out.   Fast forward as year and she was evicted by the sheriff and had to move several states away to her grandmother.

-Almost each other young girl of that age has gotten herself in similar financial dire straits.  They are living above their means, resistant (if not outright hostile) to financial advice, and seemingly oblivious to the way expenses and income work.  As a consequence, these girls are now desperate and "selling" themselves out for money online and in-person.  It was like this before the Coronavirus lockdown but it has become widespread at this point.

Younger men have lost jobs too but they at least saved money, lived at or below their means, and they are weathering this storm quite a bit better than spoiled young women.

It is not only girls in the West, but also girls overseas who get themselves in financial distress thru lifestyle choices and recklessness.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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  Anyone actively using the supplement NAC or have any recent experience with it?
Posted by: Mr.GoodThread - 05-24-2020, 04:21 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (6)

I know alot of the folks here came from the Roosh forum and there was a thread (or at least some mentions) about NAC over there. Anyone use it recently? Have any positive, negative, or neutral experiences to say about it?

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  How many of you are actually abstaining from sex right now?
Posted by: Girbaud - 05-22-2020, 11:11 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (11)

I'm doing it and in the meantime have just been building a bang pipeline through Hinge once they let us free again. I'll admit its not easy since I know I will lose most of these girls as time passes.

I run straight-to-apt bang game so I know that having a lack of open bars does not stop casual sex from happening. I'm curious, how many are you are ignoring the worries of the pandemic and are still banging women from apps? Are you located outside of the US?

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  Trip to Philippines Early 2021 - Need Help
Posted by: Kano E Mano - 05-22-2020, 03:20 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (23)

Hey all! First time poster, and long, long time follower of StW.  I actually purchased e-books from this site about 5-7 years ago (can't remember), but never got to use them as I got married.  Thanks for building a great resource in this forum. Will try to keep this short and concise. 

Trying to plan a trip to the Philippines in early 2021, depending on when Covid paranoia calms down and a vaccine is released.  I want to be there for about 10 weeks.  This is a 95% smash/find a wifey trip  and 5% vacation.  I want to find a wife as I am getting older and had too many relationships with crappy American women, but straight monogamy is not for me. 

I'm 38 yrs old, average looking guy. I'm about middle of the road as far as game.  Not great at day game or night game, although it's been a long time since I tried, but online game is typically my sweet spot. Most of my notch count is from online game. I do fine for myself financially and don't mind taking a girl on a reasonable date, but not looking to hand out money, and I do not want to sleep with pros in any way. 

                            Cunt Hunt Questions:
1. What city would be best to stay in?  Big city for sheer numbers or smaller province city for less competition. Break the trip up into 2 cities?
2. What is the best plan (considering Covid) to fuck as many girls as possible? Pipeline then try to fuck on date 1, do daygame at the malls, do nightgame, etc?
3. What kind of budget should I plan for each day, considering I might buy the women a drink or if they are hot, dinner?  I am already planning AirBnB for about $800/month for accommodations. 
4. Now that we are in the age of Instagram, social media, etc.  Should I really focus on building a great social media presence?  How much would this help me?

                                   Wife Questions:
5. Are there any Pinays, that are actually devoted, monogamous, kind, willing to relocate?  Seen Youtubers like Reekay getting young, seemingly loyal, wives. - Best place to find one?
6. Are there ANY Pinays that are bisexual?  I've had girls in the past that were down with regular 3somes, or would even let me sleep with others as long as I was honest treated them like a queen.  Looking for a cuckquean, don't ask don't tell, or at least bisexual.  
7. Are any filippinas so desperate to get to the US, that they would be down with letting their man have a gf on the side? Want it to be out in the open, not into lying or cheating.

Would love to especially hear from the founding members or anyone who's been to PH.

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  Music Thread: FSU/ Slavic Music
Posted by: Jerusalem Lothario - 05-22-2020, 12:25 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (8)

Was talking to another guy here, don't wanna pollute the music thread with all our russian/ slavic fanboy music.

So here's the thread.

One of my new favs in the russian language scene: Max Korzh, sort of the Slavic Drake via Belarus, really fucking melodic and produces some real bangers:

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  Post Corona Positives
Posted by: runningwater - 05-21-2020, 11:26 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (20)

This shit sucks but the optimistic part of me has been thinking about the benefits of travel when all this is said and done. I've seen some people saying various things such as girls will be more reluctant to get intimate with foreigners out of fear of a virus and travel will never be the same again. Sure it might be another year or two, but i view that as time to get into the best shape of my life, get in the best financial situation as possible, and hit the ground running when corona's viewed as a distant memory. The travel industry is obviously suffering, and i hope super cheap flights will become a normal thing for years to come. And due to the lack of tourism, local girls might go a long time stuck with the same guys from their city, which could increase foreigner value a ton. But idk, maybe it'll be 5 years before this all gets settled and i'll just have to wait, i'm just trying to look at the positive side of this.

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  Antibody test results in dating profiles / dates / clubs
Posted by: veteran - 05-21-2020, 10:59 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (17)

I predicted a very dry 2020 for most of us due to Covid 19.
There were two groups here: High value guys like Zatara and his friends that literally killed it during the lockdown, banging a lot and the rest that didn't get any sex for months.
For those who are into online dating, this is a MUST if you wanna have some luck in the remaining 2020.


I would also strongly advise to carry with you a health certificate / proof you are healthy on dates or in clubs.
I had a girl the other day that told me that she would only kiss guys that could prove that they are not infected.

Good Luck!

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