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  How can I get rid of gf's cat
Posted by: Mister Happy - 5 minutes ago - Forum: Everything Else - No Replies

I have a serious question it's not troll at all. How can you get rid of a gf's pet cat? She makes it clear she would choose the cat over me. Let us suppose that it is not convenient to end the relationship just yet, however the cat is unbearable. How would you get rid of it without getting in trouble? She's always in the house and the cat is an inside cat, so it doesn't seem it could easily be lost somewhere, although right now losing it somewhere seems a good option.

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Big Grin Getting Laid for Ego Validation is Perfectly Okay
Posted by: KillYourInnerLoser - Yesterday, 10:44 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (12)

I wrote this as an article a while ago, in response to a few mates/other guys who kept feeling like wanting to have sex with women was "shallow". Especially if they were mainly doing it for "ego" or "validation" reasons. I wanted to share it here in case anyone else is feeling guilty/weird about wanting to sleep with women.


This comes from a call with a mate recently. We were discussing all the pros and cons of getting laid, and he was man enough to admit one of the biggest reasons he wanted to get laid a lot was for the ego boost and validation. He phrased it as:

“To be honest, a big part of wanting to get laid a lot is about being viewed as “elite” by other people.”

The normies will tell you doing anything for ego or validation is “wrong” or “shallow” "not manly". Screw that nonsense.

Ego validation is a brilliant reason for pushing yourself and turning yourself into a better man.

If most guys are honest, ego validation is the main reason they want to get laid. That’s a good thing – at the start you need all the motivation you can possibly get, especially when you’re full of doubt as to whether you’ll actually succeed. If you’re doing it for ego and validation, GOOD. Use that as fuel to push yourself harder – chase that ego validation.

Yes, eventually you want to let go of your ego and not care so much what others think of you; ego-validation isn’t a fuel you can rely on forever, or you’ll develop an unhealthy pathology. But that’s something you can worry about a year or two from now; right now just keep chasing that validation. It’s great motivation to push yourself to improve, to push yourself to start getting laid, to work on yourself and become a better human being.

Humans care about what others think of them; that’s unavoidable. No man is an island. Over time as you gain confidence and start to achieve your goals, you’ll naturally care less about what others think of you. You’ll become more self-assured, you’ll need less validation from others; your own opinion of yourself will become the most important one. But you’ll still care what others think to some degree; there’s still a small part of me that cares what you think of me right now.

If you’re relatively inexperienced with girls you’ll definitely care what they think of you. Get laid and stroke that ego and give yourself some of that much-needed validation. It’s ok to chase pussy for validation… as long as you eventually work on needing a little less validation over time.

There’s a reason after all this time, after all my lays, I still post stories and pics and videos and talk about my lays. Yes, at this point I sleep with girls mostly because it’s fun – I do it 95% for myself. But there’s still 5% of me that loves the ego stroke every time I meet a new girl and have a wild time. I love being able to tell other people about it and share in the excitement of it with them. Being excited to share your accomplishments with others – and have them congratulate you and push you harder – is a normal human need.

So the next time someone tells you to "stop chasing validation", tell them to suck a dick.

When you achieve something big – you’re supposed to share it. You’re supposed to show off your achievements. Yes, don’t only chase validation from other people – it’s important to give yourself some validation too. Your own opinion of yourself is always more important than the opinion of others. But you’ll always still care what others think – that’s normal.

As for “being humble” – screw humble. You did something worth celebrating? Celebrate it. You did something most people can’t do? Give yourself a pat on the back. Share your successes with people who’ll be happy for you – especially when those successes took genuine hard work from you.

When you build a habit of sharing your successes with other people, you’ll find it makes you try harder and push yourself even harder to achieve the next goal. If you know you’re going to tell your mates about your next achievement, it’ll force you to go above and beyond, so there’s more of an awesome story to tell, and so you’ll get more of a pat on the back from them – more ego validation from them.

Ego validation makes you more successful – especially at the start when you really, really, really need a little ego boost because you’re not all that sure of yourself. When you’re just starting out, every little bit of validation goes a hell of a long way to keeping you motivated – so I want you to lap up every bit of validation and ego-stroking you possibly can.

Besides, it’s not like getting laid is only about ego. The very process of getting laid and improving yourself forces you to develop a tonne of other skills and traits; skills and traits that’ll have a positive impact on every facet of your life. You’ll have to become stronger, leaner, more focused, hard-working, more social and more open and vulnerable.

Meeting women & getting laid makes you a better man.

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  Whatsapp Display Pics
Posted by: bootknocker - Yesterday, 04:47 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (6)

Why do you think some girls change their fucking Whatsapp profile pic (DP) like every fucking other day? I've also seen them remove the pics completely. I made them send me a video saying my name or made a vid call but they all checked out to be legit. I guess this can apply to other social media platforms too but I have only noticed it on Whatsapp. Most women keep the same pic for a long ass time in my experience.

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  People who earn a big salary (over $150k), what do you do?
Posted by: Smoothovich - 08-06-2020, 09:30 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (24)


Also, do you enjoy your job and general lifestyle? Is the money worth the sacrifices? Is there anything you would rather be doing?

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  How can I improve during night game as a mid-energy guy who doesn't enjoy bars/clubs?
Posted by: Hegemon1984 - 08-05-2020, 05:14 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (15)

Hey everyone,

I'm a big fan of day game. I'm currently not at my game level pre-Coronavirus, but I'm getting there. I'm flirty, mid energy, and at times I'm able to hook girls during mall game in the hard HB 7s - 8s range. Street game, not so much (which is the hardest day game venue, at least according to Roosh).

Sadly, I suck ass at night game. If you read my field reports, I hang out with a guy named Chris often. He's a PUA I met on Todd V's Facebook Group and he's pretty good in the night trenches. Objectively, he's an 7.5-8 as he beats me in the looks department by a fair margin. I've had straight-up Sorority girls tell me "your friend looks hot" without even approaching him. 

However, he has pretty bad AA and I don't. He relies on me to approach and we kinda figure out who gets what target. Thing is, he's mid-energy, very random in set, and possesses high emotional intelligence that enables him to connect with girls far easier than I can. He's also a strong believer of RSD Julien's "Giving Value vs Taking Value" in set, which confuses me.

While I beat him in day game, I'm looking to "even the playing field" during night game.

What advice would you give a guy who doesn't particularly enjoy bars/clubs, dislikes large crowds, a bit logical, somehow becomes more introverted and less "I don't give a fuck" attitude during night game?

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  Face Mask Style
Posted by: WorldConquest - 08-04-2020, 05:44 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (2)

Not aiming to get into a debate about wearing one -- save that for other forums. The fact is, a lot of us live in areas where it's mandatory, and might as well look good if you have to wear them.

Anyone have recommendations? I looked at a few major brands the other day. Armani doesn't have any. Neither does Diesel, Lucky, and Zara. Guess has some but they're not very fashionable. Kenneth Cole has some that look good in a more formal setting.

There are bunch on Etsy but hard to tell the quality since it's all home sewers. I did pick up one that has a flap/hole in the front for inserting a straw that can be useful at bars.

Also for doing sports, Under Armour has a sports mask but it's on 1-month backorder it's so popular.

I'm surprised more companies haven't offered some options. Seems like a good opportunity since people want to be stylish and not wear those ugly blue surgical masks.

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  The incels... who are they?
Posted by: Rottenapple - 08-03-2020, 08:32 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (67)

More and more, I keep hearing about men paying to just watch girls on webcams, sometimes not even naked girls. They pay to get some affection, some form of contact with women etc. They have given up on the idea of actually dating a real woman or receiving any genuine affection and settle for a simp arrangement.

These trends absolutely baffle me. I come from the west, but honestly, I don't know any guy personally that has lowered himself that much. Such a man must live without an ego, he must be completely devoid of any masculine self-respect. So I wonder, do I actually know these guys, but they just hide it well? Are these American nerds from the Silicon valley? Are these the leechers on the STW or perhaps hordes of Indians, Chinese, Middle Eastern men where they are more limited to get pussy? Is this pussysniffer with his thousands of sock puppets who by chance won the lottery?

I understand that such a group of men can exist as a marginalized small subset of absolute losers, but nowadays it seems, based on how many girls can actually get an income like that, that their numbers are not so small anyway. 

The point of this thread was to have guys here share some real-life experiences with these people. Do any of you actually know the incels in person? What are they like? What lifestyle do they life? Let's try to analyze them so we can see what can be done about it.

And if any of you incels are reading this, come sign up, share your story and let us help you out. There are always better options available, you just have to be willing to learn and put in the effort.

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  MGFSU Approach Log: The Beginner’s Journey
Posted by: MGFSU - 08-02-2020, 12:31 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)


This thread will be about the psychology, philosophy, goals of approaching, etc, as well as small anecdotes along the way. I’m also very interested to hear about the experiences and thoughts and journeys of others, so feel free to jump in at any time.

The ability to approach strangers and form connections is one of the main goals that I have remaining in life. Not necessarily just from a romantic point of view either. In business as well as dating, it is incredible how much one’s life can change by simply walking up to people and talking to them.

Cold approach for dating is something I’ve always had mixed feeling about. On the one hand, spam approaching women in the mall feels incongruent with the path of a high value man. I also question if it is realistic to get real top quality. On the other hand, what is there to lose by doing the occasional, calibrated, natural approach when going about your day, if you see a girl who meets your standards?

For the sake of context, I am a western business owner who spends a large amount of time in Russia and FSU countries. I am lucky enough to say that all other areas of my life (finances, hobbes, friends, freedom, travel, etc) are in good order. I’ve always done well with dating, but through online or random/social meetings. The missed opportunity from not approaching in the right situations has slowly eaten away at me.

I am also “fluent” in Russian (as far as locals are concerned). Technically somewhere between B1 and B2, but it is enough to be competent. This is a subject for a whole another thread but it adds enormous value automatically when in FSU. People are constantly curious and amazed to talk to a foreigner in their mother tongue. It really has a rock star effect in my experience.

So, here we go…

March 2020

To start, I will say that I am going to push myself to do a bit of “spam approaching”, just for sake of development, practice, and overcoming the mental block.
There have been 1000 occasions in my life where I’ve wanted to approach somebody, even if they’re giving signals, but it’s like some kind of irrational mental block stopping me from taking action. Overthinking about what to say, when I know that what I say isn’t even that important.
I am not even afraid of rejection itself. It feels perhaps that it is the awkwardness and uncomfortableness of the situation in the moment, regardless of the actual outcome, that bothers me. Even being direct and stating intention is fine: e.g. I’d feel more comfortable telling a girl she’s hot than I would asking for directions.

Approach #1 – Large shopping mall, Moscow, whilst with friends

Finally the day has come. This is literally the first ever real cold approach I’ve done in my life. Having just watched my friends do some approaches (to be honest I’ve never witnessed it before), my mind became more accustomed to the normality of it.

My friends pointed out a girl standing with her back to us. Her ass alone was enough to tick my boxes (and I’m pretty picky). I hesitated a little at first, but then tried to block thoughts and finally overcome this and just take action. Walked over and she turned as I got close. Pretty, I’d call her a Russian 7 overall (by my picky scale standards).

I opened and tried to speak calmly: [in Russian] “I just saw you and I thought you were really beautiful, so I wanted to say hi”. I’m pretty sure it was not smooth. Oh well. Continue anyway. Could see her eyes darting around. Unsure if attracted or just baffled by my strange Russian accent.

Eventually switched to English because it turned out her English was decent. She seemed neutral (but then this is the default Russian facial expression, so who knows) but continued talking happily. I said I had to go after 3 mins or so and asked for phone number. She gave it happily. Walked off.

Messaged her after, really not expecting anything or caring either way. She replied the next day with massive interest, which surprised me. As it turns out, this was partly due to my profile picture being of me doing a hobby that she also likes.

I won’t go into too much detail but we had 2 dates after this. I escalated things to the point where it seemed like a 3rd date bang was inevitable (after getting to touch the magnificent ass, she invited me over to hers to cook steak next time). But then corona happened and I had to fly out.

Amazingly she STILL talks to me now and is waiting for me to return. There should be an update coming later this month.

Approach #2 – Hostess at hotel restaurant

Another Russian 7. Went over and chatted to her as I saw her reading a book in English. So just talked about that, and languages. Conversation again was half Russian half English. The coat guy joined in with the discussion in Russian so I got a bit of social proof. Decided to ask for her number and was met with a smile and a “why not”.

Messaged her a couple of days later. Arranged a date, but she flaked/disappeared. I just said nothing. The next day she apologised she was busy but would like to meet still. Again, corona happened and I had to leave. But after I left we started chatting more over text and she became extremely warm after finding more out about me and my hobbies/work. Turns out she has an Instagram with over 100k followers, which I was shocked by.

Current status same as above: still talking and she is waiting for me to come back to Moscow.
Practiced more approaching the next day in another mall with friends. Was feeling very “not in state”, so tried talking to people asking for suggestions about which bars were good in Moscow. Overall felt like the actions of a strange person concealing the truth. I’d have felt better just being direct with them. At least I know not to do this now.
Did 2 random approaches on girls

Approach #3
Girl walking towards me, tried to stop her with a [Russian] “excuse me, girl”. Got blanked/dodged. I think I came off like I was going to try sell her something.
Approach #4
Girl walking towards me. This one was really hot. At least an 8. Did the “excuse me, girl” thing again but forced more confidence. She stopped. I immediately asked her what her name was [Russian] and went for some kind of handshake. But just held her hand for 5 sec or so whilst continuing talking. No idea what I’m doing here but just did what felt natural. Saw her eyes darting around whilst looking at me. I have no doubt that she had some kind of rush of emotion/attraction. Overall in retrospect she was receptive but I think I was just a bit too awkward, didn’t really know what to say, and it sort of drifted and I let her go. Oh well.

I had a couple of random Tinder dates in between and they were extremely cold/logical/forced feeling in comparison. It was useful to see the contrast.
Concluding thoughts:
-        I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that my first ever two approaches lead to all of the above. Insane. Where has this been all my life
-        It doesn’t seem that important what you say. Perhaps more so in my case because I am foreign trying to speak another language.
-        Meeting up for date felt super relaxed because we’ve already met. Unlike online.
-        Ultimately having some kind of connection and value is going to work massively in your favour, particularly in FSU. It is difficult to portray all of this when randomly approaching.
-        Attraction level was clearly a LOT higher than a typical tinder date. You are just automatically higher value for having the balls to approach. You are not replaceable. And there is less logical decision making involved when its all in the moment

July 2020 to be posted soon. Corona meant little got done in between.

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  best South American country to start a business as a North American (US)
Posted by: bootknocker - 08-02-2020, 12:17 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (39)

Wondering if there are any businesses that might be in demand and not cost hundreds of thousands of USD captial in startup and overhead costs and which countries you think this might be successful. Not really interested in hospitality industry (hotels, hostels, etc.) or running an online business unless you have something in mind other than marketing and dropshipping. Honestly, I do not even know what I would enjoy esp given the fact that the whole world is going through this PaNdeMiC (still not sure what I think about it). I'm very indecisive and get bored easy but I'm good with mechanics and construction but interested in other fields too.

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  RPB's guide to Weightlifting
Posted by: Red_Pill_Brotherhood - 07-31-2020, 03:40 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (12)

Thought I'd drop some knowledge about improving your physique and lifting. This should cover all the basics to lifting. I've been lifting for 6 years now and have hit the 1100lb club(bench, squat, deadlift) while having 10-12% bodyfat. I wanted to help some of you out who are looking to learn more about lifting or just getting started. Advanced tips at the end.

Lifting weights strengthens your body, improves your looks, fills you out in your clothing and increases your SMV. Bodybuilding is not rocket science but there are a few key principles to know.

1. Gains are made in the kitchen, not the gym. 
-When you train, you're breaking down your muscles. You're literally tearing the muscle fibers and when you eat right, your muscles grow back larger and stronger over time. Both training and eating are crucial and you can't get big without both. 

It's important to know the basics of nutrition: Calories are measurable unit of usable energy. Macronutrients include protein, carbs and fats. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. Use MyFitnessPal to count calories until you have the hang of things. 

Protein: repairs broken down muscle from training through protein synthesis. Supports muscular and cellular function. Without enough protein, you won't build muscle. Sources include: chicken, steak, pork, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. 
Carbs: provide energy to the body. Broken down into 2 types of carbs: simple and complex. 
1)Complex carbs(less of a blood sugar/insulin spike = more lasting energy). Source include: brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, beans, vegetables, potatoes, yams, etc. These are best before workouts and at all other times of the day. 
2)Simple carbs(more of an insulin spike = quick energy rush and carb load but causes a crash due to high glycemic index, less lasting energy). Source include: pasta, fruit, bagels, white bread, cake, donuts, soda, etc. These are best after a workout. 
Natural fats: help you absorb vitamins/minerals, keeps you insulated and also provides energy (contrary to popular belief, they are very good for you). Sources include: olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocados, salmon, etc. 

To add mass (bulk): 
To build muscle/gain mass you need to be in a caloric surplus, eating more calories per day than your body's maintenance amount. There are calculators online to find your caloric maintenance and its based on your age, height, weight, activity level, etc. You WILL add fat and water weight during a bulk- the key is to minimize it by not gaining weight too quickly or eating too many low quality foods. 
1)Find your caloric maintenance.
2)Add 300 calories per day to that to start. Adjust by a few hundred per day as needed if you're gaining weight too fast(mostly water weight/fat) or too slow(too low of a surplus). 
3)Eat 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. 
4)Fill in the rest with carbs and natural fats. Generally 1.75-2x your bodyweight in carbs is good and fats can make up whatever is left over. 

Note: As a newbie, you can gain 20-30 pounds in your first year- most or all muscle. After that it will slow down and you should aim to add a few pounds a year until you find where you want to be. Eventually, you'll hit a limit with your genetics to where you can't get much bigger naturally. And unless you really get into competitive lifting, your physique at this point will be plenty. 

To lose weight (cut): 
To cut weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit, burning more calories than your body's maintenance amount. You WILL lose some muscle while cutting, the key is to minimize it by increasing protein intake a bit while keeping calories down. 
1)Find your caloric maintenance. 
2)Subtract 300 calories per day to that to start. Adjust by a few hundred per day as needed if you're losing weight too quickly(not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds per week unless you started out obese) or too slowly(too high of a caloric/carb intake)
3)Keep protein intake to a minimum of 1g per pound of bodyweight each day. I'd recommend increasing it a bit more. 
4)Decrease carb intake to about 1g per pound of bodyweight each day. Carb intake can be tweaked as with calories. 
5)Fill out the rest with natural fats. 

2)Train each muscle group 1-2x per week. 

As a newbie, you can do 2-3 full body workouts for a couple months(just about anything will work) but after that, you'll need more of a plan. Muscles need 24-48hrs on average to repair(legs sometimes take longer), so your training already broken down muscles by training a certain muscle group more than 2x a week. Advanced lifters can sometimes do periods of training a given muscle 3x a week or calves everyday. 

All chest/triceps/shoulders fall into push movements, back/biceps/traps fall into pull movements and legs are its own category. 

Example split 1 (5 day split): 
Chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders/traps, rest, rest 

Push/pull/legs split (PPL)
Push, pull, legs. This can be done 3x a week (for those not too serious, serious lifters need 4 days a week in the gym or more) or 6x a week by repeating the cycle. 

3) Focus on compound exercises, finish with machines and isolations. 

Compound movements train multiple muscle groups at once, isolations target one. Start your workouts with a warmup, then lead off with a compound movement or two so you can go heavier and get more bang for your buck. Finish the workout with a couple isolation movements to refine and sculpt the muscle. Compounds are more for building mass and strength, isolations are more for shaping the muscle and target smaller, more specific areas. 

Compounds have a higher chance of injury and the heavier you go the more careful you need to be. 

Examples of compounds: Bench, Dumbbell(DB) bench, Overhead press, Barbell(BB) row, Deadlift, Squat, Pullups, etc. 
Examples of isolations: Most machines, DB side lateral raise, DB hammer curls, DB concentration curls, Cable tricep rope pushdown, Seated calf raises. 

4) Train hard. 

Most people don't train that hard in the gym. Overtraining is debated endlessly and I think it can exist, but most people won't ever get near that point. Bring some intensity into the gym and push a few reps PAST the burn, NOT until it starts to burn. That brings me to rep ranges:

<3 reps: powerlifting/sole focus on strength. I rarely do 1 rep maxes as the injury risk isn't worth it. I recommend going a little bit lighter and doing a 3 rep max. Go heavy here. 
5-8 reps: focus on strength building. Go heavy for these. 
10-12 reps: hypertrophy. Use a weight that is challenging for the rep range. 
15+ reps: fat burning, cutting. Light weight and lots of burn in the muscle. 

5) Listen to your body. 

The more experienced you get, the more you'll know you're body. You'll know what exercises work best for you, which ones feel the best burn in the muscle, which ones give you the best pump(visible bloodflow increase that makes you look more muscular for a couple hours), which ones don't feel right, what foods you like best and the best timing to eat, the best routine for you, etc. 

Change your routine, or at least the exercises at least every 6 weeks so your body doesnt get used to it. Shock the muscle(within reason) and keep it guessing every so often. 

There's plenty of resources on the web to find a workout routines or exercises if you can't think of anything. I recommend beginners to follow a full body routine for 2-3 months to start, then transition to 5x5 or a bodybuilding program then create their own if they want as they get more advanced. 

6) A word on supplements...

Order of importance: food, training(you can't out train a bad diet), supplements. Supplements can help but they aren't some magic potion that these companies indirectly lead you to believe. That said, protein powder and creatine monohydrate are the best two and the only two I use. Pre-workout can work well but why rely on caffeine and stimulants just to workout? The rest are largely a waste of money. Unless you eat your bodyweight in protein in real food each day(I don't), supplement with a daily protein shake. I've tried whey, egg protein, and plant protein extensively. Whey is what I find most effective and the best tasting. Plant protein tastes terrible and like drinking sawdust, Egg protein has a bit of a weird aftertaste and some studies show that its not the best to consume that much egg content, and whey can increase acne and can be poor quality but overall I still find it the best. Stick to brands that have low heavy metal content and that keep the artificial and bad ingredients out (acesulfame potassium, artificial sweeteners, etc). Labdoor dot com has a list of the purest whey proteins. 

7) Stay consistent. 

Lots of people start/stop/start/stop and start again and don't take it seriously. Stick with it. Don't make excuses. 4 times a week or so to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour is not too much to ask. I've seen a lot of people come and go over the years and the people with the good physiques are almost always the ones who have stayed consistent with it and know how to eat right as well. Don't let weightlifting rule your life though. It's meant to be something you use to exercise and increase your strength, physique and SMV. Don't be afraid to have a few beers or skip a workout every now and then. Just be consistent overall. 

I'll add more tips if I think there needs to be more added that I may have missed. 

Advanced tips:

-Increase your intensity and train at least most of your sets to muscle failure. Do this is periods so you don't tax your body too much. 
-Utilize drop sets, supersets, rest/pause, negatives and other training techniques in most of your sets. I like to use these when I'm not doing a heavy compound movement. 
-Carb load for a couple days before a heavy lift day if you are going for a PR. 
-Eat cottage cheese before bed as it contains high amounts of casein protein, which "trickle feeds" your muscles over 8hrs instead of whey which is fast acting and milk protein which is medium speed. 
-Don't ignore micronutrients. Put some focus into vegetables and superfoods. 
-Shoulders, traps and back and the most underrated muscles. If you develop these the as your strong points, you will have a "power look" that will fill out your shirts more. 
-If you can only train 4 times a week but want the most bang for your buck, do: Chest/bis, legs, back/tris, Shoulders/traps. 
-To overcome a plateau: creatine(if not using it currently), carb load, rest for 2 days before the heavy lift day and don't train that lift within a week before the heavy lift day(ie: if going for a deadlift PR, don't deadlift within 7 days of the heavy lift day. You can even do 2 weeks sometimes to good benefit).

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