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  Breakup/Oneitis Thread
Posted by: Nolimitz - Today, 01:02 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (3)

Since I found the manosphere in 2011 one of my biggest struggles over the years was oneitis. 

Before I lost my virginity in early college I was infatuated with a foreign exchange student....a beautiful blonde European girl that sat a row in front of me in a high school class. I never worked up the courage to talk to her. I enjoyed the fantasy of her in my head...but actually taking action and risking rejection would have put that fantasy at risk. I wasted a whole year of my life thinking about that girl. A whole year I could have spent bettering myself/pursuing other women. 

Fast forward to my first gf. I "fell in love" with this girl. I did everything a "nice guy" should do. I bought her food, took her on dates, waited for sex....favors upon favors. 

The kicker was she didn't have a car....she became accustomed to getting rides from me. But one week she got a new car, and the inevitable dumping happened. I begged, pleaded, and whined to get this girl back. 

My text went something like this: "You mean so much to me, can we talk about this?" (getting back together)

Her response: "Sorry I am going out with a coworker for his 21st birthday tonight."

Shot to the heart. 

 This girl stayed in my head rent free for almost a year. "How could someone I cared so much for treat me so coldly?" I just didn't get it. 

Eventually that heartbreak led me to the redpill. 

And then my third oneitis, a Mexican hottie that flew to the states on her own dime to extract my seed. I quickly fell into my old ways. I would reminisce on our times together after she returned home. 

And then one day I creeped her instagram. My Mexican unicorn had another man's arm wrapped around her. 

"How can I feel so strongly for these girls and they just move on to the next guy like it's nothing?" 

"I thought what we had was real."

"I'll never find another girl like her."

These are thoughts that would crowd my mind with these girls. 

With that said, here are the lessons I wish I didn't have to learn the hard way. 


-"She is not perfect, her perfection starts and ends in your mind."

I would always replay the best image of these women in my head, often leaving out the possibility to observe their flaws. I believe it was Heartiste that advised men to notice a woman's flaws. 

In the case of my first girlfriend she was simply a narcissistic drunk. These girls are all human. They have insecurities and 10/10 times are 100% replaceable. They all use the same bathrooms as you and I. There is no reason to give her the false unicorn status....it's not reality. 

-"The opportunity cost of oneitis is HUGE."

Every second you waste thinking about this girl is a second you could have spent bettering yourself. 

Time you could have spent in the gym, building a skill...all the time you spend mulling her in your head is WASTED TIME. 

And in the end there is nothing more precious than your time. 

-"Idleness breeds oneitis"

Simply, If you are doing nothing with your life it is easy to revert to thoughts of your oneitis. Do anything...workout, start a hustle, find a hobby...just don't do nothing. When you make yourself busy you won't have time to ponder what your ex or that "special girl" is doing. 

-Realize that oneitis is scarcity

Just remind yourself of the vast amount of women out there. To get tripped up on one is delusional. Millions on millions of women are out there. 

There are women 100% better than your oneitis....there are women out there more attracted to you than your oneitis...you just have to remind yourself of that fact. 


-"Never Creep on her social media."

This one was hard for me. I constantly needed to check in on my exes just to see how they were doing in life. "I wonder if they're doing better than me." 

It's a hard cycle to break. And if you perceive that she is better off without you it will hurt and delay the healing process. 

"Out of sight, out of mind." Is the proper mantra when dealing with a breakup. Don't peek. 

-"If she dumped you accept her decision and never look back."

"One chance per girl per life." When you are in a relationship with a girl she sees the real you...and when she chooses to exit that relationship she is rejecting the REAL you. 

That's a decision she'll have to live with. Don't be bitter about it, recognize her disrespect...and walk away forever.

*a lot of guys will say try and milk her for a few more lays, I disagree. It prolongs the healing process...moving on is best. 

-"Never respond to her breadcrumbs"

A breadcrumb is a plea for attention from an ex girlfriend after the relationship has ended. "I miss you" texts, voicemails, friend requests, etc. 

This is simply a way for her test if you are the chump she judged you to be.

In any case don't respond to that shit. Ignore entirely. 

Radio silence. 

It is the strong thing to do. 

You put a premium on your attention. And a woman that judged you to be a chump is certainly not worth that attention. 

Radio silence = strength. 

"Go fuck 10 other girls"...Move up. 

I disagree. Take some time for yourself. Focus on health, family, and friendship. Empty hookups will put your ex on a pedestal through the power of contrast. 

Once you do start dating again make sure you shoot for girls that are hotter and more pleasant than your ex. Raise the bar. 

The "I can do better" mentality makes moving on that much easier. 

Go all in on self investment

Get jacked, focus on your career, travel to a new destination....whatever floats your boat. 

Usually after a breakup you have a lot of love that needs to go somewhere. It used to go towards your ex...but now is the time to redirect that love back towards yourself through self-improvement. 

Above all remember this:

If you cried and begged/ pleaded for her she no longer gives a fuck. Pity destroy attraction. Don't beat yourself up bro. It happens to the best of us. You are a human who felt real emotions. When you lose a girl you vibe with it can be like losing a loved one to death. 

Don't beat yourself up.

In 1-2 years time you will be a stronger version of yourself....this was just a stepping stone to becoming that person.

Anyways, this is a thread for those guys going through oneitis/breakups. They can be crippling at times. Share your tips for guys going through the same struggles. 

Best of luck guys.

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  Peru: debauchery in Lima and Inca ruins in Cusco
Posted by: Flecs - Yesterday, 12:15 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

I spent a week in Peru and I wrote this report a few days or weeks after the trip. I was planning to post it on RVF, but it ended up waiting for very long in my drafts.

Day 1 (just the evening)

I arrived in Lima on Friday evening, checked in to Airbnb in Miraflores, and went to check out the area around Parque Kennedy. I thought there would be some Couchsurfing meeting in Molly's Irish pub, so I went there. 

I entered the pub, walked around, and caught a glance of a girl sitting at a table with a friend. I started a conversation by asking if they are from Couchsurfing. They were not. The prettier of the two, let's call her Maria, was very talkative and spoke good English. We chatted for a while and she told me I looked familiar. I don't remember who first mentioned Tinder. She pulled out her phone opened Tinder. I saw there a picture of myself. So, we actually had met online.

The girls decided that they want to dance and so we changed the venue. The next club played reggaeton. I kept dancing with the girls. When Maria's friend left for the restroom, I started dancing closer to her and eventually we started making out on the dance floor. Not a bad bad start - I thought - kissing a Peruvian chick a few hours after arriving in the country.

Eventually, Maria and her friend decided to go home. We said goodbye without much public display of affection. While getting to her cab, Maria said to me "text me!".

I texted her, but we never met again. She kept giving me tips for travelling in Peru after I left Lima. She wrote to me something about being busy.

Day 2 

Next day I met another chick I pipelined through Tinder before the trip. Let's call her Sara. Sara's pictures online reminded me of a chick I met in Philippines. When I met here in person she looked 2-3 points worse on the standard 10 point scale, but I didn't care.

Sara was half an hour late for the date, which is alright for a Latina. We took a taxi to Larcomar. She wanted to eat at Mangos, but it was full, so we went to some other expensive restaurant. I had ceviche, she took something else, and we had pisco sour too. The food was good.

Sara told me a funny story. She was on a Tinder date with a guy and another chick came, said she met him through Tinder too and joined them. Sara didn't like the guy, but befriended the other chick. She asked me if I had any interesting Tinder stories to share. I though of Maria, but said "no".

I don't remember how exactly we got into my Airbnb. I think I told her I wanted to have a coffee at my place, or something like that. In the last minute Sara told me she was on her period, but I didn't believe it, because I couldn't feel any pad in her panties when I was heavily touching her crotch through jeans. She insisted on a condom. I came too fast. We rested and tried again. I came too fast again. The third time I lasted longer and she finally got her orgasm.

Afterwards we went to a fountain park. In the taxi she held her hand on my crotch. We spent an hour in the park and went to our respective homes. I never saw her again and we didn't chat online either.

I decided to check out Couchsurfing. I arranged that I will go clubbing with a chick, let's call her Alejandra, and here friend (I was wondering if the friend is a guy or gal). We met after midnight at La Cachina. When I first saw Alejandra I thought she's quite hot.  I am a really bad dancer, so she tried to help. She put my hands on her hips and told me to feel how you're supposed to move. We danced until 3am in the club where we met, and then moved somewhere else. In the next club I was slowly getting physically closer to Alejandra and eventually kissed her. I was quite unsure about that move, because Alejandra was way hotter than the girls I can get in Europe or States.

Alejandra's friend found a guy too. At 6am we left and I asked her if she wanted to come to my place. She did. Just like Sara, Alejandra also said she was on her period. The difference was that I think she didn't lie.

Alejandra gave me a BJ. I was thinking about two thing when receiving it. First, can she smell Sara in the bed sheets and how does it make her feel. Second, how did she learn to suck dick so well (I probably don't need the answer).  I had trouble coming, because I shot too much of my juice into Sara, but was kind of happy to get two chicks within 24 hours.

I met Alejandra again. I think it was on day 3 before going out for beer with the Peruvian guy or maybe on day 4 before the late evening date with Lucia. We went to a Chinese restaurant and then to her place. Not much happened, just some kissing and touching. She had to fly somewhere the next day.

Day 3

I met another chick through Couchsurfing. We went to an expensive and bad restaurant in some hotel. Afterwards I invited her to my place. We made out and I felt her through clothes, but she didn't want to have sex. I didn't care, just chatted with her some more, and let her go home.

In the afternoon I decided I had enough chicks and decided to learn more about local men, so I met a random Peruvian guy thorough Couchsurfing. He studied medicine and was a solid beta dude. I liked him. We went to bars and met a bunch of other guys.

Day 4

I went sightseeing in Centro Historico and paragliding (recommended by RVF member in some datasheet).

On the chicks front I started thinking of myself like a rock star and at the same time getting desperate to make the most of my short vacation. I started mass messaging my Tinder matches asking "if they want to have some fun in the evening".

One of the matches was Lucia. She had a pretty face in pics, but didn't show much body. Lucia asked what "fun" means and I replied "drinks and sex". She was in, but there was one problem - she wrote to me that she didn't speak English (so I was chatting with Google Translate?). I wrote to Lucia that her English is not a problem and I can fuck her anyway.

We met at Eka bar. Lucia was 45 minutes late. We had a pisco sour. Her English was so bad that we couldn't hold a conversation, so I decided to show here some pictures on my phone. I though she was angry and wanted to go home, but somehow we started kissing. We had one more drink and decided to go to my place.

She was kind of resisting when I was undressing her. Once we were naked, I entered her pussy without much foreplay. I'm usually not that hard and need the girl to help me with her hand, but this time things went amazing smooth. I didn't wear a condom and ejaculated in a few seconds. Lucia told me she's not on a pill, and it's a problem. I think it wasn't really a big problem for here, because she didn't let me rest. 10 minutes after the first time she wanted more, but I needed more time. The sex was bad. When we finished she asked if I wanted her to stay. I said it was up to her, and she can stay or leave if she prefers. She got angry, said something about not being a hooker, dressed up and left.

Day 5

I flew to Cusco and immediately got altitude sickness. It was bad and Coca tea wasn't helping. I ate a roasted guinea pig. It was tasty and I highly recommend it.

Day 6

Went sightseeing some Inca ruins. I liked how well the stones were aligned. The guide said Inca did not use money and explained lots of other things, which I forgot. I enjoyed myself. 

Day 7

I took a new Tinder profile pics at Machu Picchu. Lucia messaged me asking if I was clean. I wrote that yes, and she wrote to me that she's clean too.

Day 8

Walked around Cusco. I was wondering if Inca chicks will jump at me like some people wrote on RVF. They didn't. I think my main problem was lack of motivation after all debauchery in Lima.

Post Scriptum

My logistics was perfect: AirBnB in Miraflores. It had a concierge, but he did not cockblock. It was perfectly natural that a foreigner comes to Lima to have sex with Peruvian girls.

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  Cheap cities to live somewhat comfortably
Posted by: Obermarschall - Yesterday, 11:09 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (5)

I didn't see a thread yet which discusses cheap cities which are livable. Of course some might say that a 3rd tier city somewhere in India or Africa would be cheap, but I am not talking about such cities and want to have this very clear since the beginning.

When talking about cheap cities, I am talking about cities where it is possible to live in a comfortable way for let's say 1000 Euros/1100 USD a month. There are certainly good cities where someone could live for 500 Euros a month as there are cities where 1000 Euros will give you a good life. I think everything above 1300 Euros/1500 USD a month is already too much, as there are even places in Germany or the US where you can live with such a budget. Safety and pollution should also be considered as well as connection with the rest of the country/world. I am sure that you will probably also find other criteria as well.

So, I will start with some cities (which I personally visited) where 1000 Euros will definitely take you far, where you can have a good life and you won't risk your head:

Krakow - PL 
Lima - PE (although rent can be problematic)
Varna - BL

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  2020 Game Goals
Posted by: Kir Diesel - Yesterday, 01:57 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (6)

I was a fan of this yearly thread on RVF as a means to look back and hold myself accountable for what I said I was going to do.

So here’s another one. What are your game goals for 2020?

1. I am currently building an online business and will try for 500K in revenue this year. As I approach 40 I’m on a SMV tear right now to build value and get myself ready for a new decade in life. I am making a final push to get out of Germany as it’s sucking the life outta me and can’t last too much longer. I put business before women because that’s just where my mind is at now.

2. On the topic of actual game I’m working hard on physical attributes. According to my “smart scale” I’m about 5,10 and 180lbs with above average muscle mass. I’m trying to get that down to about 165 for 10% body fat (at 14 now) in order to increase my online presence (more on that in a minute). In addition to that I finally got an appointment with a top tattoo artist on Instagram and am going for a full sleeve which should accentuate my physique nicely as well score some additional points on SMV. Not that I feel like I’m short but got some boots and hats to give me a little boost in the height area too to push me to around 6 feet.

3. Most of my bangs come from Nightgame and I desperately want to change that to online game. I am well versed and can bang reasonably well from night but can’t do online due to not being photogenic. I feel like I’m losing out on major opportunities and want to flip this completely around. Night game at 35+ is doable since I kept myself in top shape but it’s just not efficient while trying to build in life.

Let’s see where I end up.

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  Best places/cities in the US ?
Posted by: Edmaster - 01-19-2020, 02:48 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

Hey guys,

I know western countries are not popular in the manosphere for meeting women. However if you had to pick some places anyway in the US where will it be ?

When I look up places like Phoenix or San Diego I do see a lot of feminine good looking girls. What about the kind of daisy duke archetype of the attractive american women we see in movies ? (I am from Europe)

I myself went to Tampa bay when I was a 17 and I remembered seeing a lot of pretty and feminine girls there as well.

So my question : is the US has bad as it seems to be in travel and dating forums ?

Don't you think that where you live in the US plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of women ?

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  Morocco: one of the most interesting countries on Earth
Posted by: Flecs - 01-19-2020, 02:36 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

I visited in Morocco five years ago. At that time is was relatively blue pilled, but on a path to career that can make you rich. I knew from experience that while travelling alone, you are most likely to interact with nice locals and avoid scammers, if you skip the most touristy places. This was the reason why I flew to Casablanca. I then took a train to Marrakesh, and there rented a car to cross the Atlas mountains and see Sahara. Morocco is a very diverse place. Casablanca is almost like a European city, but other parts of the country you feel like you moved back to 19th century.

Casablanca - good time with a good girl

You can read about touristy things elsewhere. This memoir is about my interactions with Moroccan women.
At first I used Tinder to meet girls in Casablanca. I first met a good girl. Let's call her Nadia. She was 19 years old and I just turned 30. For our first date we went to a cafe near Medina. We chatted about many things. Nadia was working in a call center. She spoke Arabic, French, English, and was learning German.

After the coffee we decided to walk around the city. There was just one problem. I just came from cloudy Europe and Moroccan sun was more than my skin could take. I was getting badly sun burnt. I asked if Nadia where I could get sunscreen. She suggested a really expensive cosmetics store. We went there and bought sunscreen. Just outside the store Nadia helped me put it on my neck. It was really excited that a pretty girl rubs sunscreen on my neck while we are standing in a busy street of a Muslim country. We then strolled around the Medina, La Corniche and visited Hassan II mosque.

We went on a few more dates. One of them was in Cabestan, which is one of the most Chic restaurants in Casablanca. I had read about it on some forum and I knew it was one of the places where all girls wanted to go to. I asked Nadia: "Where shall we go for the dinner?", she answered "How about Cabestan". I smiled to myself and said OK. In Cabestan we got a table in a remote corner of the restaurant, where nobody could see us. The place was amazing: great interior, music that really fit the place, and a wonderful view of the waves hitting the shore of Atlantic Ocean. If I remember correctly, this is the place where we kissed.

 I invited Nadia a few times for a coffee to my place, but she always refused. I was way more beta back than, so I was very excited that I could kiss and hug a girl in a Muslim country. She called me once a few months after I left and she wanted to keep in touch.

Casablanca - fun time with slutty girls

My sadistic Russian MMA trainer always gave a short talk on fight psychology after training. One of those pieces was about eye contact. When a man looks straight in the eyes of another man it means he wants to kill him. If a woman does the same it means she wants the man to fuck her.

I was trying day gaming but it wasn't going very well. While I was walking around Medina, I started thinking of P4P. Foreigners in this part of the city are always approached by guys asking: Want hashish? Want a girl? It happened to me and I said "yes, I want a girl". The guy told me he would give me an address if I pay him, and I paid. I then took a taxi to the place, which turned out to be a McDonald's in La Corniche. You might think he scammed me, but he didn't promise a brothel, and there were in fact many girls sitting at that McDonald's.

I walked around the McDonald's and saw two girls sitting at a table drinking coffee and they looked straight into my eyes. One was wearing hijab and the other was not. In my broken French I asked if I could join them. They didn't speak any English. I don't remember what we talked abut and how we managed to communicate at all. After a while, I asked them if they would like to come to my place for a coffee and they agreed. We took a taxi together and got back to my AirBnB. Fortunately, the guard/concierge was away, and they could get in (concierges are huge cock-blockers in Morocco).

I had a large and nice apartment just for myself and I'm sure they noticed. We had coffee on the patio under a tent. It was outside, but private. I started hitting on the girl in hijab, because I thought it would be more fun. Let's call her Mouna. Mouna told me that Moroccan women are chaste and don't do naughty stuff. I don't remember how things happened exactly, because it's been a few years ago. I took off her hijab (you need to be careful, it's fastened with sharp pins, and you can hurt her) and we started kissing. All of this while the other girl was sitting next to us. While I was touching and kissing the hijab girl, she was talking to her friend in Arabic. At some point their conversation seemed quite intense. Things then escalated. I unzipped my pants, put Mouna's hand on my cock and she started stroking me. At that moment the other girl stood up and went to the other room. I came and, well, Mouna's clothes looked like those of Monica Lewinsky's dress if you're old enough to remember.

After the act, we sat inside for some time and looked at various picture on our phones. After a while the girls decided to leave. We exchanged the phone numbers and I gave them money for the taxi back to the McDonald's in La Corniche. Mouna messaged me a few times when I was back home. 

Marrakesh - kissing in a street in a Muslim coutry

I met the next girl in Marrakesh. I had just checked in a hotel and went for a walk to the famous market. I saw two girls. One of them dropped her ancient Nokia phone on the sidewalk and it disintegrated into many pieces. If you're old enough, you'll know you can assemble it back and it will work just fine. I helped the girls find all the pieces of the phone and we decided to go to the market together. We walked around for an hour or two and tried to communicate in a mix of broken English and broken French. It didn't work very well. At some point I started holding hands with the less pretty of the two. When they decided to go home I kissed the girl I was holding hands with. That's probably not a big deal for the readers here, but for somebody who spent the entire life as a poor, hard working student, who doesn't get much female attention, it's mind blowing. You just go to another country, can't really communicate, but things go so smoothly! I attribute it partially to me getting a great job offer and feeling that I am a worthy man.

Ouarzazate, Shara, and Atlas mountains

After Marrakesh, I went to Ouarzazate and other conservative parts of the country. Over there a women will always keep physical distance from a man, will never look you into his eyes, and the rules of the Muslim society will make you stop thinking about gaming. On the positive side, you'll experience amazing friendliness from Moroccan men. You will go with them to men-only tea shops, and in those tea shops you'll hang out with them while their wives stay at home and cook. This is what happened to me. 

While I was driving through Atlas mountains towards Atlantic I realized it's getting late and I will not make it in one day. I saw a village sitting on a side of a mountain and I decided to check it out. While I was walking around I was approached by a man my age. Let's call him Karim. Karim invited me for a dinner an to stay at his place over night. I accepted. We had  a long dinner with his male friends and male family members. The women stayed in a separate part of the house.  I slept at his house and in the morning I went with his brother and his brother's friend to Demnate.

In Demnate we visited a friend of Karim's brother's friends. His girlfriend was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She had beautiful brownish skin, wide hips, beautiful eyes, and brown hair. She studies German and we had a conversation in German (I was leaning it at the time). She cooked an amazing breakfast, and then I and the other men went to a cafe, and left her at home to cook an amazing lunch for us.

That girl eventually broke up with Karim's brother's friend's friend and moved to Germany, where she married some German guy.


Overall, I think Morocco is one of the most interesting places I ever visited and I want to go there again. I recommend that you don't stick to the beaten path and explore less visited places.

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  Where is your profile avatar from and why did you choose it?
Posted by: Hegemon1984 - 01-19-2020, 09:58 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (19)

When I'm browsing through various threads of Swoop the World, I notice an assortment of avatars from users across the forum. I'm curious, where is your profile from and why did you choose it? For example, my avatar is Frank Cotton from the Hellraiser series (or for you literary nerds out there, the Hellbound Heart) and I believe he represents the sexually aggressive alpha I aspire to be. He particularly resonates with American women, but possibly not so much with women from EE or SEA.

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  The Azerbaijan Thread
Posted by: Contrarian Expatriate - 01-19-2020, 08:24 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (10)

Arriving In Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan is a dictatorship ruled by the Aliyev family dynasty.  They are still in a frozen conflict with Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region so this brings a bit of hyper-paranoia with travel to that country.

First, a tourist eVisa is necessary to procure from this site:
Ensure you use only this government site and not others who have services that procure that visa for you but for inflated costs.  The government site is cheap and quick.  Ensure you print out that eVisa and present it to the immigration officer upon arrival. 
Unfortunately the eVisa is good for only 30 day visits. 

Note: Some people have had trouble with the eVisa approval but 99% of the time, you did not type your FULL NAME as it appears on your passport.  If you don't type in your first, middle, and last name as it appears on your passport, they will disapprove the eVisa.  Azerbaijan authorities do not play well with name discrepancies! 

For those of you who have Armenian entry or exit stamps, expect that you will be questioned by immigration.  They will ask you why you went to Armenia, their sworn enemy nation.  Tourism is the advised response.  Under no circumstances should you tell them you visited Nagorno-Karabakh (their disputed region now controlled by Armenia) because that is against Azeri law and you will be barred from the country forever.

In fact never even discuss Armenia or NK because no good can come of it in Azerbaijan.  People have lost male relatives over the years there in the ongoing skirmishes, and it is best avoided as a topic altogether.

To get around the city, download Bolt and or Yandex Taxi.  Uber is a bit spotty but it works, usually. 

There is one exception to the visa requirement.   Visitors on the JFK flight directly into Baku DO NOT have to have a visa!  Make sure you read the small print for all the documents you must have (passport photo, hotel reservation printout, etc.) because I have never taken that flight.  
I personally would advise to get the eVisa just to avoid trouble.

I have taken Azerbaijan Airlines before and the Comfort Class (like Business class) is very cheap and worth the low extra cost. 

The Population
Think of Azeris as Russified-Turks.  They are almost genetically identical to Turkish people and they and Turkey consider themselves, "Two Countries, One Nation."  Their Soviet history does mean that there are some cultural differences in how they do things.  For one, many people in Baku speak or at least understand Russian language.  Those in the countryside only rarely do and recent arrivals in Baku usually do not.  But Russian is seen as a marker of higher class as it was the tongue of the "colonial master" so to speak.  I speak it there and have NEVER had a negative encounter.  In fact, they will be overjoyed whenever a Westerner can converse in Russian because it is so rare.

There is a very small population of actual Russians still living in Baku although most left for greener pastures.  There is a town of Mountain Jews in the northern city of Quba, and there are Northern Caucasus Lezgins, Talysh, and Iranians from the South Azerbaijan region of Iran which is ironically in the north of Iran.

Since BP and other big oil companies have been operating in Baku for decades, people are semi-used to Westerners now, but Azers tend to be a bit tribal and somewhat suspicious of outsiders.  

Azeris are Shia Muslim but they are, for the most part, Muslim-lite with some exceptions.  There is a region in Baku called Nardaran which is a hotbed of radical Islam but the government keeps a very tight lid on that isolated community.

The Women 
The women in Azerbaijan are weird, but overall pleasant to be with.  One thing to note is that for cultural reasons, many families commit infanticide if their first born child is female.  Male children are the pride and joy of a family.  HOWEVER, this creates an opposite effect later when those babies become adults.  Because of the shortage of female girls and a surplus of men, females are culturally discouraged from dating foreigners.  Don't worry, many still do in Baku, but they catch heat from Azeri men because the numbers are such that most men will never find a local wife.  Men are therefore free to date any nationality as a result.

The women are mostly short, thin, and in shape.  English is becoming more common, but it is not spoken very well at times.  Azeri women are generally dissatisfied with life there and they want to leave.  Most men cannot provide the lifestyle they expect, and foreign men are in play as a result.

Women come off as not very friendly in the beginning, but they might be very interested.  If a woman is overtly interested in you from jump, she is almost surely a working girl or a semi-pro.

There are two types of girls in Baku, good girls and bad girls.  Bad girls are any girls who are out late at night, are unmarried not not virgins, or divorcees.   Good girls are those who go home early, wait for sex after marriage, and remain married.

Because single moms and divorcees are so stigmatized, they are considered low-hanging fruit just ripe for the picking.  There are clubs that cater to these bad girls.  They are:

Infiniti Club
Ellips Club
Status Club
1033 Club (Closest to the center, but the other 3 are next to each other)

Hiss Club (Near the center but not as good)
Otto Club (Near the center but not as good)
Boss Club (Near the center but not as good)
Tunnel Club (Near the center but not as good)

These 3 top clubs are chock full of mostly gorgeous girls EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Most of the customers are Gulf Arab men on vacation and Iranians, so a Westerners is a coveted jewel there.  Expect to be hit on all night.  Politely decline all comers and only choose the girls you fancy.  Enough said there.

At present, I know of only a few good girl clubs:

Enerji Club (guys must come with a female)
Hot Room (Somewhat college age, underground vibe but in the center)

There is a special club full of mostly good girls that is operates as a night club everyday from 2 PM to late night:
MoJo Club which is right in the center!
This club is mostly college age people and girls who must be home before 9 or so.  They demographic changes there after 9 to bad girls however.

The Quality of Service
Very good in the restaurants.  In the city center, most restaurants and eateries have employees who can speak enough English to accommodate the many international visitors.  Service is not always efficient and fast, but it is well-intentioned and it aims to please.  The Caucasus has a history of hospitality to foreign guests even though it is often just cosmetic.  But you will, never ever be treated poorly or with contempt in the service industry in the center of Baku.

The Hotels and Lodging
Excellent in the major hotels.  I recommend two hotels, The Marriott Bonvoy Boulevard Hotel Autograph Collection (Not to be confused with the boutique "Boulevard Hotel") which is both cheap and Dubai quality also is a tad bit away from the center.

The Holiday Inn is almost as good but it is closer to the center and accross the street from Port Baku Mall, the hangout of the rich, elites and hottest girls in Baku.   Also, it is dirt cheap! 

The Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons are all closest to the center or Fountain Square area.

The Hyatt is also cheap and wonderful but it is the farthest from the center.  I sometimes stay there on month long stays because of the low cost alone.

Let me make it easy for you, choose I highly recommend the Marriott Boulevard or the Holiday Inn for low cost and quality.  Cabs and UBER are dirt cheap so the extra distance is not an issue.  

One new phenomenon is the hotels' visitors policy.  For years, evening guests would just register at the front desks and go up with you to your room.  However, because of the influx of rich Arab and Iranian sex tourists, some hotels have begun charging visitor fees of about $40.  To my knowledge, none of the hotels have prohibited nighttime guests, but there has been a push to prohibit evening visitors in hotels.  Something to consider.... 

The food is wonderful.  I urge you to try Lulay kabab which puts Turkish kabab to shame, Tika which are soft lamb chops, and Dolma.  There are other dishes but these are very popular and delicious with visitors.
There are McDonalds, KFCs, Burger Kings, and other Western fast food joints, but there are even more local, higher end chains like City Cafe and others.

I often order my food to my hotel room via http://www.nuush.az/en/.  It is like Uber Eats, or Grub Hub but for Azerbaijan.  Just be sure you use your local hotel's phone number not a non-Azeri one or it will not work.

The Culture
Azerbaijan is, again, Muslim-lite but the young women mostly assert their more Western impulses on the down low.  Local guys will hate on you or them, but it never gets violent in that police state of a nation.  The only Westerner beat downs I have heard about were drunk guys trying to out tough locals.  That, you will not win in Azerbaijan I can assure you.

With all the eVisa hassles, cultural quirks, and hotel restrictions, I say go, go, go.  Azerbaijan is a great place to visit and it is but one brief flight away from Kyiv and or Tbilisi.  Western men do get extra attention there and the women are often gorgeous, Latin-looking sweethearts.  I have been a repeat visitor for good reason.

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  Brazil or not for one week trip from US?
Posted by: Lager - 01-19-2020, 05:08 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (5)

I live in Tokyo, but need to go for some time to US and I want to do one week trip somewhere south. The goals of the trip is to explore some unknown place and sleep with many decent looking women in their 20s.

There are two catches related to logistics. First, I will have only around 9 days. Catch number two is that I have to fly from the holidays directly to Tokyo. If I go to say, Brazil, then my flight back will take around thirty-ish hours, because I'm going to the opposite side of the planet Earth. This is under the assumption that I find good flights with decent layovers.

My background is that I'm mid 30s Eastern European guy, scrawny, balding, and below average looks. My game is weak. I don't speak any Spanish or Portuguese, and I'm not willing to learn due to the fact the I live in Asia. In the past I traveled to Peru and did well by pipelining on Tinder. Money for the trip is not a problem, but I don't pay for sex.

I am wondering what would be a good destination. A few places come to my mind:

  • Manaus, Brasil. Positives: I've never been to Brasil, so it's exciting; exploring Amazon seems like fun, I'm getting matches on Tinder easily and sources on the Internet suggest it's a pussy paradise. Negatives: rain season, difficult to fly to and back, and I don't speak any Portuguese.
  • Sao Paulo, Brasil. If I go to Manaus, I may want to check out Sao Paulo, because of the good connections to Manaus and Tokyo.
  • Arequipa, Peru. I did well in Lima, so Arequipa may work out well too. I don't like that it's in a country that I already visited.
  • Somewhere in Colombia. Everybody is raving about Colombia, but the hipster in my doesn't want to go to places that are mainstream.

Usually on a trip a little over a week I would try do two destinations. Ideally I would like to do Arequipa and Manaus, but it's really difficult to fly between the two. I am also open to going to weird places like Suriname or somewhere else where they might speak English.

What do you think? Where should I go?

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Question Day Game or Value Building
Posted by: Nulled - 01-18-2020, 06:38 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (11)

[Image: Capture.jpg]

Does STW Agree with this premise? Not about Roosh. But Daygame vs. Building Value.

Personally I see value in Both. Daygame can be Beneficial... but also just building your value and SMV can result in you being a top tier playboy, if you make significant progress.

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