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  The Asian Guy Travel Thread
Posted by: zamski - 2 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

Hey guys, I wanted to make this thread as I looked around here on STW and did not see that a thread like this has been created yet. There was a similar thread to this on RVF which greatly helped me a lot, so I wanted make one here.

Basically, this thread is about places and countries where guys of Asian descent do well in the dating game. I wanted a place where Asian guys can share their travel and dating experience dating in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, etc. where they have gotten good reception.

To start off this thread, I'll be happy to give the initial contributions. I'm a South East Asian American guy and for the past 6 years I have been living mostly in SEA while I was running my online business. I have also traveled all over to Europe...mainly Eastern Europe and without a doubt, I can definitely say there are places in the world where Asian guys simply fair better. So here are regions of the world where I found the girls to be the most attractive while giving me good reception.

Before we begin though, I want to say I'm mostly into women of European descent and then Asians. Unfortunately, I haven't had much experience with Latinas, Blacks, Anglos or Middle Easterners. Perhaps another Asian brother who is welled versed in Latin America or other countries in general can chime in. But anyways, here we go:

Tier 1 - The NFL league of women 

Ukraine - Decent reception and very high quality girls. But you'll need Russian language and time to get the best.

Serbia - Very tough local competition, strong in-group preference, tall women, but their english fluency, decent reception, and high ass quality makes it worth it for me.

Tier 2 - The D1 league of women 

Poland, Lithuania, Finland - I lump these countries together because for some reason, the women from these countries always give me a great reception. In Poland I get stared at a lot and in Lithuania I got straight up approached.
Estonia, Hungary - These countries get lumped into Tier 2 because quality is decent but not as high as ones in Tier 1. Decent reception though.

Canggu, Bali - Lots of hot European girls, mostly northern European who are trying to let their hair down on vacay. Tough competition but if you hustle you can get lucky as these girls give alright reception.

Tier 3 - The D2 league of women

Thailand, Vietnam, China - I put these countries mostly because targeting western girls on vacay/expats are hell of a lot easier than gaming them in their own country. The problem is the talent is inconsistent. Hard to spot girls that are at least 7/10 or higher as most as 5s, 6s. Also, the top 20% local girls of these countries are pretty nice and receptive to Asian guys.

Tier 4 - The D3 league of women

America - Just no. Shit reception for us Asian guys and quality is usually meh.

Anyways, I hope this was useful. These countries are places where I have actually visited or lived in. I hope other Asian bros can chime in on their experiences.

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  Any Poker players here?
Posted by: Rhyme or Reason - 11-14-2019, 08:39 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (1)

Are there any other poker regs out here? 

I'm an online grinder, playing on Global Poker and Ignition. 

My long term goal is to be rolled to play 2/5.

I'm also gonna be at the Winstar casino in OK in January if anyone is local to that area (greater Dallas area I guess)

Any discussion of poker related news can go in here as well as study material for those interested.

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  Indonesia vs Philippines for holidays in December
Posted by: Lager - 11-13-2019, 02:01 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (6)

I'm trying to decide where to go for vacation at the end of December. I am based in Tokyo (but I'm European) and will be off work from Dec 20th til Jan 5th.

I'm thinking of going either to Indonesia or Philippines. If I go to Indonesia I would fly to Jakarta and travel around, probably in Java, but I was thinking of checking out some islands in the East like Nusa Tenggara. If I go to Philippines I would fly to Cebu and traveled around maybe to Iloilo. 

Is there any reason to prefer Indonesia or Philippines at the end of December? Do you have any other travel tips?

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  How To Text Girls Like A Boss - Beginner vs Advanced Text Game Examples
Posted by: finchfry157 - 11-13-2019, 03:09 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (2)

A lot of guys in the community struggle with texting girls. In this video, I breakdown the difference between “beginner” and “advanced” text game (along with examples of both). And show how you can improve your own texting results by avoiding the four common beginner/intermediate mistakes

  1. Boring conversation - This is when your texting is very mundane and is not at all emotionally engaging for the girl. (Examples of emotionally engaging texts provided.

  2. Lack of investment - This is when a girl gives you brief one word or one word sentence answers. Getting investment from the girl can mean the difference between a girl making plans with you or just making excuses. Good text game involves finding ways to build investment. Personally I do this through a combination of sexualization & humor (Example in the video as well)

  3. All “push”, no “pull”- Basically this is when you are chasing the girl and trying to “get her”, instead of two mutually interested parties hitting it off. Good text game balances “pressure on” with “pressure off”

  4. Poor closing - You want to smoothly transition to the meetup instead of just randomly throwing out invites. This involves getting her to agree to the general idea of meeting up with you before going into logistics. (Explained in more detail in the video)


Hope you guys find this Valuable. If you have any questions, post below and I’ll try to answer

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  Indigenous experiences and the lessons they carry (Shamanism, herbal medicine, ...)
Posted by: Rottenapple - 11-12-2019, 09:51 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (10)

I thought I'd make a post about experiences people have had with indigenous communities as well as with certain elements of their lifestyle such as shamanism, natural cures and their basic life philosophies.

Recently I've had the luck to have 3 encounters with indigenous people here in Ecuador and in Colombia. Let me elaborate on them:

-In Colombia, I was traveling around with a local girl and she told me her father was diagnosed with Leukemia or blood cancer several years ago. He was put on chemotherapy, but it wasn't helping him and he was told he had 2 months to live. He got news of a local shaman in the mountains who had a gift and cured with natural plants. He went to see him and a little over a month the man was fully healed. I spoke to him personally and see no reason to not believe him. Also, the shaman didn't charge him anything. Doctors told him he got lucky or didn't believe him.

So, interested in this peculiar story, I decided to go visit the shaman myself. He lives in a small house on the flank of a mountain in rural South Colombia. You bring a sample of urine and he will tell you what you have ('he has a gift'). Then he recommends what plants to take which you buy there if you like at a reasonable cost.

I went there and there were lots of people waiting outside, mostly very poor people from the region. The shaman was happy to see me. He said foreigners don't visit often. He explained to me the history of how he came to be the person he was and that he can cure nearly everything, except for very advanced cancers at times and HIV (although he will make life quality with HIV a lot better).

He looked at my urine for a while and then pretty much summed up things that I knew. Problems I have had for a long time with my stomach and for which I spoke to several doctors, who give them meaningless names like intolerable bowel syndrome and so on. He also told me about specific indicators like triglycerides, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. All that from looking at my urine for 5 min and most pretty much spot on. One strange thing was that he told me I had a problem with acid reflux. I told him I didn't, I very rarely have that. He said ok. The next day I woke up with acid reflux.

I bought some of the plants he recommended (they do make some money on those I imagine) and they have improved my health overall. I have no doubt plant medicine has amazing potential, but it's hard to know the right combinations/dosages/interactions etc.

-Second experience. I went to visit the Tsachilas Indians in Ecuador for an ayahuasca ceremony (will make an ayahuasca thread soon). Besides the intense experience of the drug I also had time to talk to the Shaman apprentice for a while. He told me that the Tsachilas don't know cancer. None of them has it or has ever had it. People might get sick at times, but they always have a cure. No one dies of illness he said, only from old age or accidents. He says they avoid general society for its dangers and toxic influences (both mentally and physically). People in their community are known for their longevity of life and general well-being. He also said they sleep very little. Afterward, we went for a walk to the jungle and we passed by several plants and threes, where he would stop and say 'this is a cure for the stomach', 'this is a sedative', 'this helps against ...'. Basically the jungle was their medicine lab. They also truly believe in earth's energy and how energy circulates between people, the earth, animals, the dead, etc.

-Third experience. I went for a few days into the amazon to live with an indigenous community known as the 'Quechuas'. My guide was a 51-year-old guy who looked 35. Once again very similar experience. He stated that in his community not only do they not have cancer, he also stated they have cures for everything. In a discussion I had with him and some others, they went over how sometimes foreigners come to their villages very ill. They generally cure them within a month or max two. He went over many plants and threes and their effects. He showed me which ones prevent cancers, stomach problems and so forth. Another person told the story of a prostitute who was found nearly dead on the street of a big city. A member of the community brought her in and they gave her a plant, which they say is like ayahuasca but many times stronger. This is their last hope they say. When all other plants don't work, they will go to this one. It will bring you into a state of trance for 3-5 days in which you will be completely out of this world, near death as it seems. According to him, when you wake up, you will be cured even of HIV, which they say is the hardest thing to cure.

These things were discussed among them as common knowledge. They were not only talking about things they heard. Fi my guide healed his fractured arm by several sessions of ayahuasca, combined with plants and snake poison. They weren't trying to sell anything. I asked and then said they can show me where to find these things in the jungle, nothing more. In addition, they don't use money, within their community they just do favors for eachother. People also reach very high age there, people in the 90's are not uncommon. They said the death causes are snake bites and old age, not much more.

Now, I'm a rational being. I have had lots of university education and off course some of these things make me very sceptical. But on the other hand I realize the filth of the medical industry and its patented medicine, the general issues with the way modern science is developed (clinical settings, difficulty proving complex relations etc.). I also know these indigenous people have nothing to gain and everything to lose by sharing info like this. Another shaman from another tribe told me he fears western people realizing the strength of the jungle. He sees big industry coming over and ruining what they have held sacred for all their lives, just as the oil industry is already doing in some of their territories. They hardly ever write things down as many indigenous are illiterate, which makes it more difficult to spread knowledge.

For me all of this is pretty fascinating. If I ever get a very bad disease, I will definitely consider revisiting these people, hearing what they propose, while not neglecting traditional medicine either. People like the indigenous that live healthy lives in balance with nature, who don't use money and who generally live in harmony with their tribe and others. I think they can teach us from modern society many lessons that have been neglected or forgotten. 

When I asked them if sometimes doctors or researchers come visit them for info, they said 'no, almost never', I asked 'why not', they replied ' we wonder about that as well sometimes'.

Anyone else had some time with indigenous communities and interesting experiences to share? Or some insights on plant medicine? Or thought on their general philosophy? I know that in places like India, Africa or Papua New Guinea the traditional medicine is also still much more valued than in the west. 

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  Real fucking game thread
Posted by: Pavlov's dog - 11-12-2019, 07:31 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (23)

Let's get some real fucking game going on here. Where the fuck are you all at? Lurking RVF? Stop it. I appreciate you motherfuckers out in the field. WIA where are you at, come grace us and drop some knowledge. I'm going to be stating some shit as facts, but this is my human experience. Disagree with me, show love, or chop it up. Let's get this shit going. Whoremongers need not apply.

BPD girls

This is the beginner player's bread and butter, the pimp's cash cow, and the simps fatal (sometimes literally) attraction. I've dated a few, more recently I dated one for a year. How do you know a chick that has BPD? She'll fucking tell you. You think she's doing you a favor player? Ah, I remember my heart beer. She's telling you that so she can excuse her blatant manipulative actions after you wise up (if you ever do). Lets get some direct quotes from BPD girls in my life.

"I have a hard time connecting with myself when I'm [x emotion]" - She knows she's fucked up, she knows she fucked up. You might've called her on it if your game is existent. But she's seeking your sympathy while excusing her manipulative actions after she's failed. Beautiful, it's poetry. "I did that, but it wasn't me, it wasn't the me I am now. I'm sick" - you didn't fall for that did you? I did player, and I'm a slow mac I fell for it probably 10 times before it was 11 times too many. Here's what you should have done. You should have harnessed her emotion, stop treating her like she's a competent emotionally mature adult. She's not. She's probably been through some trauma (boohoo) as a kid and now she's forever trapped there. She may look like an adult woman, she may use adult woman's words. But she's a 12 year old girl looking for Daddy still, and she'll be that forever.

[Everything you've ever wanted to hear a woman say and more]; lovebombing player. You ever been on cloud 9? Try Nimbus 9000 levitating above all these mere mortals getting fed grapes with one hand, blowjobs with her mouth, while the other hand is playing you like a fiddle. If she's particularly competent all your friends will be jealous, your life will blow by, and you'll be high as a motherfucker. I'm not one to say that it's not real, real is all in perception. But the reason she's doing this is because she's got some girl game, she's got some tight girl game. And if you remember correctly wasn't she fighting with you every 3 days to week about some inane shit? Was it inane? No player. it wasn't it seemed inane because when you stare at the face of pure pleasure and happiness and brain chemicals that make you forget - whether she gets to to go hoe it up with the ladies or whether she wants to go hang out with a male "friend" or whether she wants to move in and decorate your crib with her shit. it does seem inane. It's not, it's just a power play. It's tight ass girl game. It's about value or better yet perceived value. 

"I'm mercurial" - nice try calling me out, I'm an always evolving human being. You merely trained to win, I was designed for it

"I'm sorry I did X, I feel bad, but you made me do it" - alright I'm paraphrasing it's usually slicker than this. Here's the anatomy of a true blue apology for all you still in the dark. It goes like this. "I fucked up, I'm sorry, It's my fault, How can I fix this". Easy right? Someone that says this might just mean it. Not this girl though, she's using an apology to game you into what she wants. They're slick man I told you already.

Picture this player. Someone hands you $1000 of those sweet dollars and cents. But then a week later they ask you for $100. No big deal right? But check this out. She's running the mint, the shop, and the IRS. And she don't want a $100 dollars, she wants $100 of that gold standard currency, and wants to leverage it 10,000% against the $1000 she already gave you. And how dare you ever go against that. This business meeting is not your typical business meeting. There's no girls in suits. There's little girls crying and when you ignore them or call them out there's a raging bull at your door, and when you fight off the bull there's a trauma victim and it's your fault, and when the trauma victim is gone there's your sweet girlfriend again, and then the cycle repeats. Your only hope in this business arrangement is to diversify your investments, do value assessments, and listen to the damn calculator and not the one she gave you either. She's jimi fucking hendrix and you're still a garage band trying to play a weekend show after your 9-5. That emotional rollercoaster maxim we all talk about it. We try to make it happen, she IS that thing. And she doesn't even try.

She a hoe, anybody that can stand her bitch ass could probably have her
Nimbus 9000
No gag reflex
Pimping potential - it goes both ways. Remember that value game we played earlier? it goes both ways and because her emotions mean so much to her it's easily exploitable.

She a hoe might not be your thing
Nimbus 9000 is actually a one bedroom apartment with a crazy bitch with bad intentions giving you blowjobs in exchange for your life energy
Injury, death, or total destruction of ego. 
It's not a question of if she has better game than you. She does, she's been doing this since 8 years old. How are you going to meta-game this fox

Be careful. Even seasoned players can face a fate worse than death here. I'm not vet, but I got caught up in it. I had a nice submissive sex slave for a year, this girl came when she blowed me, cooked me dinner, lunch, and breakfast damn near every day. She took me on shopping sprees. I even exited the relationship with a 5,000 dollar check. Ask me what I would have rather done? NOT FUCKED WITH IT AT ALL. A year of my life is gone, I spent a year of my life fighting this bitch for dominance, and you may think a 5k severance and a laced up closet was worth it. It's not, I'm telling you. I'm a decade older in 1 year. That's hard to come back from

Tinder tips

There's so much on the fucking internet about this. I'm going to go ahead and skip that. Look fly, have tight game. Blah blah blah. Do your own research about the basics. What I'm going to do is give you guys the only strategy I know that works. First of all. Fuck Tinder, no not the fucking people on. Tinder, fuck the organization. They're gaming 10% of the US population and a lot of world. Monetizing pure male thirst in the most diabolical way. They have math nerds, psychologists, all kinds of shit working day and night to extract money from men.  And its only getting worse.

Tinder has an algorithm, what it does is essentially this. You sign up, you get a flood of likes because it boosts your visibility to fly skeezers and hoes. Then it drops to zero. It taps into your reward mechanism in your brain damn near directly. You only get matches by being top 2%-5% of men in looks after that. You're not, you're on a goddamn game forum. If you were an adonis god you wouldn't be here don't fucking lie. That's how they extract the money, and people happily pay it every goddamn day. No end in site. Here's what you do instead.

1. Download bluestacks
2. Invest in a text verification service (i'm not giving that one up, google it)
3. Crop your pictures, scrub the exif data (google exif data scrubber) tinder keeps track of shit with photo recognition.. Change names of pictures
4. New gmail with text verifcation service
5. Boot up bluestacks change location to your area
6. Close bluestacks to reboot
7. Download tinder, import your photos, open Tinder, use text verifcation service to sign up. Go back to your gmail after click the email verifcation link
8. Swipe right on 10 7/10s. NO, NOT 4/10s motherfucker. NOT 10/10 INSTA HOES EITHER YOU FUCK. 7/10s.
9. Wait desired amount of time, start swiping again. Your account is burnt after this though player, when you decide to start swiping and get some matches your shit is burnt and it's time for a do-over
10. Proceed as usual and restart process if you get no play.

There are like $10 fucks people, yeah you're not gonna meet your wife. You might meet some girl that will lick your asshole and bring alcohol to your house if you're good enough though. For $10 on average with alright game you could do worse.

Money moments
"I'm not having sex with you" - come on, do I even need to say anything. Don't you get it? She's already thinking about having sex with you. Push, pull, push, pull, LMR sex. All you need to retort with is "I'm not a slut, i don't give it away for free" or "C'mon please, you have tits, i have tits, impress me". I don't think we should even have to go over this.

[She comes to your house at all on a first date] - congrats don't fuck it up. Talk about movies, talk about sex, talk about stuff. Escalate.

It's getting late, I'm wracking my brain I'll probably have some more. I need you guys to contribute though. The death of RVF has saddened me, I learned some of my best game from fellas there and now they're scattered to the winds. 

I'm still a novice, drop some game on me. Drop some game on the public. Let's hear it.

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  Manosphere/Red Pill Myths on Women
Posted by: billydingdong - 11-11-2019, 07:40 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (76)

I get the impression that a lot of people's opinions are formed from online echo chambers.

What are some of the myths from the penis-sphere, red pill, rvf, or other online communities that don't coincide with your real life experience? Here are some of mine:

Most women at 35 hit the wall and are going to end up alone and forgotten

My experience is that in all the major Texas cities, for well-preserved middle class women and up, there is always some decent enough guy willing to scoop them up, kids or not. Maybe women fall off completely in their 50's, but certainly not 35 or even their 40's if they take care of themselves. Age-appropriate dating is standard here, and a lot of successful men are willing to overlook what many of us would consider deal breakers.

Men age like wine, women age like milk

I see more women who are into fitness, yoga, skincare, eating healthy etc. than men. At every age bracket, women seem to generally look better for their age, and there are tons of guys in their 40's who are busted. Makes sense when you consider that women will always derive status from their beauty even if they are in decline.

All women are hypergamous

I've been balls deep in other mens' girlfriends and even one's wife (without knowing beforehand ofc). I've also been turned away many times because a girl didn't want to cheat on her man.  I have cousins and female acquaintances who are not looking to trade up, and are happy with their schlubby guy who is safe, comfortable and good enough. All seems to depend on the girl, the situation, and the dynamic with the man in her life.

Almost all women are incompetent in professional settings

So while there's some truth to the trope that bozo women are shuffled into HR and marketing, I've worked alongside plenty of competent women at every level from tech to finance to the c-suite. I've attended seminars where I've learned incredibly valuable information from female speakers, and if anything, I've noticed that women have a knack for informal presentations and fluidity that most men don't. I've been attended to by superb female doctors.

While it's not the majority, there are still plenty of informative, non-fiction books written by women on everything from history to business. There are women who do excellent research and write persuasively, eloquently and cogently. There are highly skilled female engineers and programmers even though the space is dominated by males.

Don't get me wrong, I've worked with some useless women, but widespread female incompetence has not been my experience.

These are just four things off the top of my head, and I encourage you guys to add your own based on your individual experience.

Some of the stereotypes and characterizations I still agree with:

  • Women sports are a joke
  • Women have a much stronger tendency toward herd behavior
  • Women are generally worse at abstract thinking
  • Modern women in the USA are spoiled, lack perspective and occupy a privileged position in society
  • Female emotions are more childlike and less 'serious' and truly heartfelt than those of a perceptive and intelligent man
  • Women are a lot more insecure than men
  • Men have a larger appetite for risk

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  Rock climbing thread
Posted by: mike - 11-11-2019, 07:02 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (10)

Figured I'd start a thread about rock climbing for anybody who does it.

Reasons you should try rock climbing:
-It's good exercise
-It improves your problem solving and spacial awareness
-It's good for your mind and body to spend time outdoors
-It's fun, but not a constant adrenaline rush like skydiving 
-Good way to make friends
-If you like traveling, it's a good reason to visit remote, beautiful areas.

The main downsides are that if you fuck something up, you can hurt badly or die. Of course this risk is very low if you're climbing in a gym or only top roping.

Outside of the US I've spent the most time climbing in Thailand and Colombia. Another drawback is that most girls you meet won't be single, but sometimes you meet athletic girls with interesting personalities (people into outdoor sports are infinitely more interesting than a girl whose top hobby is shopping at the mall).

There are lots of disciplines within climbing:
-Bouldering: This focuses on athleticism and difficult moves. You climb without safety gear, but don't usually go higher than about 15 feet. There is something called highball bouldering, but it draws a fine line between free soloing
-Sport climbing: This is also focused on athleticism. Sport routes have bolts already in place on the wall, as as you climb higher you clip into the next bolt until you get to the top of the route
-Trad (traditional) climbing: this type of climbing requires that you bring your own gear up the wall for protection. You usually look for cracks in the rock, place gear into the crack, then clip your rope into the gear. If you fall, your gear will catch you (if you placed it properly)

There are more disciplines of climbing, such as aid climbing, ice, mixed, free soloing, scrambling, but I won't go into detail about these.

If you're not too afraid of heights I'd recommend you try climbing. You might become addicted. It's a bit like drugs- it's difficult to stop doing it, even though it's inherently dangerous. Climbing is the best hobby I can think of.

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  What's 2019 Hong Kong Like?
Posted by: natas - 11-11-2019, 06:32 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

I'm a big fan of Hong Kong and have really been missing it now that it's been over a year since I've visited. But I imagine it's changed a ton with the protests over the last 4+ months and with things seeming to have gotten even more tense lately.

So, that leaves me wondering "what's Hong Kong actually like right now?"

Anyone been recently?

Is LKW still crazy on weekends? Is Sunday maid's day in Wanchai still happening? What's the general vibe in Hong Kong island on a day to day basis? Is all this really killing the vibe and turning Hong Kong into something unrecognizable from what it was before or is it not really that bad?

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  Nughty things you've done with women you just met
Posted by: gypscholar - 11-10-2019, 05:51 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (9)

One of the pillars of game is to be open with your sexuality and let the girl to be open with hers. And this means being bolder in advancing your sexual fantasies about women you meet. Of course you need to be careful/smooth so that you won't get into trouble.

As for myself, nothing that'd be a big deal yet, kino, strong eye contact with a smirk, etc. But I've always had fantasies about gaming a girl in a day situation and advancing that to (consensual) sex in a discreet public place. Like I used to have a feminine and good looking hairdresser who worked alone in a small saloon in a quiet corner. Or I recently got laser on my back and so I was alone with this aesthetician in a room for half an hour. But my game has been much less advanced than to pull that off. Not even close.

What about you guys?

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