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  Infield Tech
Posted by: AirWaves - 2 hours ago - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Been wearing a GoPro Hero 5 session on a lanyard around my neck to record my day game infields for later analysis. Like how pro athletes analyze game (lol) footage of themselves.

Girls don't seem to notice or care.

Voice commands, such as "GoPro start recording" work ok, as long as it isn't too noisy for it to hear you, and for you to hear the confirmation beeps.

This model automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes from your last photo or video (or 10 seconds from power on). After that, voice commands don't work.

No option to turn this "auto off" feature off or adjust it.

Solution: Use voice command "GoPro take a photo" every 9 minutes to keep it on standby. Have a timer on my phone that vibrates after 9 minutes as a reminder.

Standby time during a day game session this morning in sunny warm 70F weather using the above method - with some infields recorded - was only about 3 hours.

Solution: Connect it to a portable power pack or other power source in my pocket. Loop the cable through my shirt.

Later or better GoPro models have a "GoPro turn on" voice command that seems to work quickly, based on what I've seen on YouTube reviews. So I'd recommend those over this model for recording a day game session that lasts more than 3 hours.

I dump the video to my private YouTube account, since storage there is free and unlimited.

Other solution to the power issue: Use the super charger that came with my Moto g7 to wall recharge my GoPro during a break in the day game session. Seems to recharge it from empty to full in about an hour with the GoPro completely off.

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  Hunger control solutions
Posted by: Ohionukes - 04-06-2021, 03:49 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (25)

I am trying to double down on getting into better shape this year with exercise and diet. I would say I am a foodie, I enjoy the taste of great food, and I am also the type of person that gets very irritable when they are hungry. Does anyone have any personal solutions for controlling hunger cravings? I have tried increasing my fiber (eg more salads) and water which has helped to some degree but I was curious if anyone has ever used any successful supplements or other tricks. Caffeine in particular tends to stimulate my appetite.

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  DEFCON's Late New Years Rez Game Improvement Thread
Posted by: DEFCON - 04-05-2021, 10:04 PM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Like many other degenerates on this forum I made New Years resolutions and blew them off from the first day of January. I figure it's better to miss the first couple months of the year then to start hard after everyone else has failed.

My biggest ambition has been to see the light at the end of the Corona tunnel and to start gaming; a combination of cold approach (day game), nightgame, online dating which i've never done before and social circle game.

That said the beginning of my year was spent drinking a lot because of COVID virus downtime and a lack of direction given that I'm making career changes atm.

I'm reasonably sure I'll start gaming tomorrow. So, for now, I will just give some background.

Weight: Really good for my age, but lacking in muscle mass (in damn decent shape, but horrible at running).

Vices: at them moment only vaping. I don't smoke anymore and I've been alcohol free for a month at this point. With no plans to drink for the next immediate year. All the sugar is gone from my house so my vice if anything is having chocolate every few days.

Diet: I am very proud of this. I buy about 7 to 8 pounds of meat per week. Usually just red meat (80 percent protein) and chicken breasts or thighs. I cook all my meals but as a general rule of thumb only eat once or twice a day, usually yogurt and fruit for breakfast, and then a big meal heavy with meat, one carb, and vegetables. Drink water or unsweetened black tea or coffee. There is more work here to be done for sure, but at the moment just prioritizing not eating processed food and eating things that promote test production. I will be buying supplements at some point, like protein for example.. But I need to get my diet tuned in first.

Workouts: what a trainwreck. I go walking and hiking any time I need a release. Occasionally I play organized sports. I have a home gym with weights and all that entails. Once I start a workout regimen I have to stick to it. I think that means I will have to start waking up at 5AM, which is like the only thing that really works for me.

Porn/ Fapping: I haven't done either in two weeks and I'm going to see if I can make it to three months--I think this is doable.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an update. Tomorrow's post will detail my first day of weight training (in 8 years) and beginnings of online game (Bumble).

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  Can someone break-down online dating?
Posted by: DEFCON - 04-03-2021, 05:07 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (25)

What apps/sites are best to use in the US, and what is the conversion rate? Also, which are not absolute sausage fest, and are premium accounts worth it?

Are there any tips as far as photos and what the bio should say? Swiping strategies or ways to automate it?

I ask because I don't use online dating, but think I need more leads in my funnel. And this would be an option.

Usually I run nightgame and despite COVID my state is still open, so it never put a damper on my shenanigans this past year.

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  poll: Jake Paul v Ben Askren
Posted by: transveganvanlifedigitalnomad - 04-01-2021, 08:25 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (2)

Jake Paul

Ben Askren


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  Choosing a dating strategy in the West
Posted by: lika91 - 04-01-2021, 06:23 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (4)

Hi guys, I came across this question in my mind, because I have a really bad date/fuck ratio in Europe for the last half year or so. It's very funny, as I have a very good date/fuck ration in LatAm (more than 80% I would guess).

So my issue is that I happen to choose the wrong dating strategy for most of the girls. I am just lacking the empathy and intuition to put a girl into a category. That means, that I often go with a smooth, talkative date game when the girl was perhaps actually more into pure dominance and quick escalation. And the other way round.

I know many have given up on gaming in the west at all, others are smashing it. I am somewhere in the middle and I had hoped this thread can be about dating strategies in Western and Eastern European countries with more and more Western influence (Baltics, Balkans, etc.), with different kind of girls you may meet there. With which mindset do you go on dates, vibes you give away (rather than places you go etc.), how do you decide if you go for a SNL (Do you look for specific clues beforehand on Tinder or at a day game conversation and then decide upfront, or do you go "chill" into the date and then collect clues during the date?), have you found a universal game style that works for you and so on. 

It can be also field reports of dates, successfull or unsuccessfull, and users could either learn from it or try to analyze the date itself and give users ideas for improvement for the next time. Not like a how can I save the situation thread, more like a general date-game improvement one.

Following are two examples of what I mean. If yo are not interested in the thread, you can stop here.
I am currently in the Balkans and I am trying to figure out which works best here. I gained some attraction by being colder, calmer and more asshole-ish. I had three dates so far, brought a Tinder chic straight to my place yesterday with an excuse and she complied. Attractions was kind of there, but she didn't initiate a conversation really, was physically distant and would give shit-tests a lot. After like 45 minutes, she had opened up a bit but still really didn't give away lots. I had her in a situation after 20 minutes where I could have kissed here, she didn't back off, but told her "not so fast". So after 45 when she still wasn't that communicative I thought she might just want to bang, so just went for the kiss, even though she was far away, and she complied. We made out couple of times and then went on my bed. I could feel she loved when I pulled her hair and kissed her wildly. But she would already block when kissing her throat. Freezed after making out 3 times and her blocking her throat/boobs each time, but it didn't work. After 10 minutes she took her stuff and left. In this example, I wouldn't want to hear what I could text the girl now, I would rather get opinions from you experts, what would you have done differently with this kind of behaviour from a girl, would you have sticked to asshole game (perhaps she was on for a fuck after 30 minutes and I ruined it by switching to comfort), perhaps the straight to the place thing wasn't a good decision at all in the end and I should have build comfort outside, where she would have been more relaxed to communicate, etc... The girl was a strong 6.

Positive example would be from a date a few months ago in Estonia. Met with a girl in a bar, she seemed like a nice and calm girl, so I decided to start with some slight teasing in order to build attraction, gave her a hidden compliment which she noticed and loved. And much about building comfort. Without much physical contact, I invited her to my place after we had gone to one bar. Much of the date was building comfort as I said. At some point I just went for the kiss and she complied after a bit of hesitating. We made out, wildly, on the couch in the living room, but she would also block very decisively. Eventually, I realised I won't fuck her tonight, she had made some bad experiences with ONS and has set the rule for herself. She also "critizised" that I didn't talk about myself. It was all about her, and that was actually an experiment of mine. Realizing that, I made a good move and walked her home, told her a bit more about myself, which built even more comfort and earned me (probably) the second date. I invited her over to my place again for cooking and she accepted. Giving out a fun vibe and cooking something delicious we both had good mood. I also prepared 1-2 DHV-ish stories about my personality to tell her, as she gave me the clue that she would need more of it. After the dinner, I would go in for the kiss again and we ended up in my bed. However, she blocked again at a bit later point than on the first date. Grabbing her boobs worked. I then freezed her after a few tries and went to the living room for a bit. In this case, it worked very well. She actually took all her clothes on and pretended to better leave. I had the feelng she didn't really want to leave though. So when she was hesitating, I took her hand and led her back to the bed. We ended up banging pretty quickly. She later told me that the freezeout got her excited. She said there was some tension FINALLY between us and that made her decide fucking me. I took away from the date that excited and nice can be good, but you need to have some distance as well. I teased her and built comfort, but all in a nice way. I wanted to fuck her too obviously, and wasn't a challenge. If she really wanted to know more about me? I don't know. But perhaps it made her feel more comfortable being with me. The tension made her feel horny enough to fuck me. I did well in not being too aggressive initially, but I lacked the challenge and mystery. Otherwise, I perhaps could have fucked her on the first date already. The girl was a soft 7.

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  Datasheet: 10 Date Bang Method
Posted by: Suits - 04-01-2021, 02:28 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (28)

There have been datasheets on one date bangs and there have been datasheets on no date bangs, but today I'm going to introduce you to the ultimate game technique: the ten date bang method.

This methodology gets a lot of hate, usually because many guys prefer plundering low quality women instead of getting a chance at penetrating top shelf pussy. Keep in mind, the approach I'm be sharing about today isn't for the average practitioner of game. If you're a failure at life or wasting your time in college instead of earning a six figure salary, this simply isn't going to work for you. If you're a winner, this is the approach that will bag you the best quality, every time.

Basic Principles

If you've ever gone fishing for big trophy fish, you'll know that snagging 20 pounder can't be achieved by simply pulling really hard on the line after you feel the initial hook. You'll just snap the line and you'll be out a good lure and goodbye pike.

Real quality rewards take work. Move too quick, pull too hard, and they'll be gone in a flash. Instead, you need to let the prize on your hook exhaust herself before bringing her in for the catch.

Flashing your cash is the name of the game. You're not going to catch a prize winning fish with some low end bait. You're need to use the real high end stuff to net your high end tail.

In the end, once the fish has abandoned all hope and has no energy left to fight, it's time to act decisively, reeling her in and swooping that big mouth bass with your net and bringing the battle to an end, leaving her panting helplessly on the river's edge. Then you mount her.

But enough metaphors. Let's talk real facts.

The First Date: Class & Distinction

The rules are simple on this one. French or nothing. If you can't be bothered to have a standing reservation at the best French Michelin Star restaurant in your city every Saturday night, then you don't deserve to get laid. Your evening starts even before the night of the first date. Once you've finalized the time with the woman you'd like to have physical relations with, make a call to the maître d'. Remind him that everyone who works the shift at the restaurant gets a fat envelope of cash if they convince your date that you're their most cherished customer. Send payment in advance for the tasting menus you'll choose and instruct him to make a big show of comping the meal on account of you being a very old friend of the establishment. Demand that he use the phrase "Your money is no good here. You both eat free tonight."

Pick her up in your luxury car, drive her to the restaurant and don't even mention sex for the first date. Be a gentleman, pull her chair away from the table so that she can sit and ensure that her every need is catered to.

Afterwards, drive her directly home and do not give the slightest impression at any point that you're even considering trying to kiss her. Keep your cards close to your chest. This is how you build mystery.

The Second Date: Rustic Charm

I like to take things down a notch for the second date. You threw around a lot of cash on the first date, but you don't want her to start getting the impression that you're a smug asshole. This second date is a chance to show her how cool and down-to-earth you are.

Bring her to a BBQ joint, preferably one specializing in Kansas Sweet. Lecture her on how American BBQ has essentially four main styles. Go into incredible detail about the regional varieties as well. This is how she'll know that you're a man of the people.

This doesn't mean that you stop spending like a trust fund kid. Be sure to buy everyone in the joint at least one round of drinks, but three rounds is optimal.

Obviously, this goes without saying, but no hand-holding, let alone going for a kiss on this second date.

The Third Date: Dancing Shoes

Take her swing dancing. Just good clean fun. The nice thing about swing dancing is that it give you both a chance to experience some hand-on-hand contact without it being weird. 

If you don't even know how to dance, then I'm not even sure how you made it to this point in this datasheet. Enjoy your Filipino 3's.

The Fourth Date: Coffee and Cream

You want to show your target that you look great in all types of light. Take the pressure off by making the fourth date a simple chat at a nice hipster coffee shop. Don't be a idiot and take her to Starbucks. Starbucks is for losers.

At this point it's acceptable to enjoy in some light hand-holding, but keep your hands off of the rest of her, of course.

The Fifth Date: Something Different

Don't get stuck in a rut. The fifth date is a chance to introduce her to a world that he's never experience before. Indoor skydiving is a good option, but don't look down on the possibility of taking her to an exclusive, invitation-only wine tasting event.

The Sixth Date: Nature and Nurture

Take her to a park and feed the ducks together. Be sure to do this in an environmentally friendly manner, so do your research first. This would be the perfect time to hold hands for the first time ever if you haven't done so yet.

Be careful to find a good clean park bench so that your custom suit doesn't get stained.

The Seventh Date: Cuddle and Chill

At this point, it's not going to seem disrespectful to invite her to your place (as long as you clarify that there's no way sex is going to occur) to spend an evening on your couch watching a fun chickflick. Make up a bowl of buttery popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

Cuddling is totally cool and if things feel really right, you can go in for that perfect kiss. But don't try to escalate things beyond just one quick, mesmerizing kiss (no tongue). You don't want to scare her away and miss out on an eighth date.

The Eighth Date: Exotic Destinations

This is your chance to surprise her. Call her up on Friday afternoon and after your personal assistant connects the two of you, tell her that you've decided to fly to Paris on a whim. This might be her first time flying first class, so be sure to celebrate properly on the flight over with champagne. Spend the weekend romancing her before flying back.

Separate hotel rooms, obviously.

The Ninth Date: Pussy on a Pedestal

Some of the worst dating advice you'll ever receive is that you shouldn't put the pussy on a pedestal. This only applies to low grade pussy in the Philippines and the Ukraine.

Tonight is going to be the night you get her naked, but penetration of any kind is absolutely not allowed. Actually having sex on this date will ruin the excitement of waiting until it's the perfect moment when she's really ready.

Don't even take your own clothes off. Just spend two to three hours giving her the best oral of her life. Then accompany her as your black car service driver brings her home for the night. Don't try to kiss her after spending the night writing the alphabet on her clitoris with your tongue. That's just rude.

The Tenth Date: A Moment of Magic

Take her to dinner at the most expensive place you can afford, then take her to see a movie (something romantic, ideally). Do not let her drink, because you want her to be capable of giving her verbal and legal consent when the moment you've both been waiting for finally comes. At the upscale cocktail lounge that you visit after the cinema, order only mocktails for the two of you. 

Then...it's time to take her home for the most magic night yet. Don't be a dick and go right in for penetration. Take the appropriate amount of time to fully explore her body and let her know that she is appreciated. Then, three hours later (after obtaining verbal consent), slowly ease your manhood inside her luscious woman cave.

Stick to missionary, of course -- this woman deserves your respect.

Have fun!


And there you have it. That's how you use the 10 date bang method to seduce actual 9's and 10's like a pro. Once again, this datasheet isn't going to be for everyone, because not everyone is a winner, but for those who are, this is not only going to be the fastest way to seduce women who aren't whores, but also the best way.

As a review, let's look at the basic tenants of this approach:

  • Maintain your mystery. Don't try to just give away the family jewels. Respect yourself and respect her by making it clear that you value quality over quantity.
  • Don't scare away the prize by moving too fast. Don't think with your dick, dummy. Use you head (the one upstairs).
  • Show her that you know she's different. Don't treat her like just another low end Ukrainian slut on a treadmill of endless 5's. Show her that you value her for who she is, for the unique qualities that only she has.
  • Get consent. Never move a step ahead in sexual intimacy without getting clear verbal consent. Don't have sex if either of you have been drinking. It's just not right.
LMK if you guys have any questions.

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  Dating and/or marriage to a Korean girl versus a Filipino girl
Posted by: Hairplugs - 04-01-2021, 02:49 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (3)

What are some of the comparison between dating or marrying a Korean girl versus a Filipina? When I mean Filipina here, I mean the foreign ones living in the Philippines. Not the white-washed American-born Filipina's.

I ask because I currently am in a relationship with a Filipina,...a long-distance relationship. I really like her, and have visited and met her family members there back in January. I was really hoping to eventually marry her. Ironically, it's my mom who asked one of her business customers, who is a Filipino lady, to match me up with one of her distant relatives.

I have been "paired up" with many Korean girls in the past, as my mom is Korean, and all of them have been flakes. I kid you not. They tend to be very snobby, aloof, and cold. This is both, American-born Korean girls, as well as girls I have been introduced to in Korea. My Korean is also not that fluent. I'd say that I'm 70% fluent in spoken Korean, and reading Korean, oh boy,...maybe 50% of the material I can understand from a Korean newspaper or website.

My mom now wants me to again, go back to dating Korean girl, and now wants me to marry a Korean girl.

It's because of some issues that happened between my ex-GF, who happens to be a Filipina, where she and her friend (a former co-worker of mine) talked a lot of stink about me to my current GF and my GF's older sister.

What are some of your guys' opinions or experiences dealing with Korean girls and Filipinas (the ones in the Philippines).

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  Questions that don't deserve there own thread
Posted by: transveganvanlifedigitalnomad - 03-25-2021, 11:43 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (44)

Ask away...

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  The Official Boxing Thread (videos, commentary, analysis, etc.)
Posted by: LeBeau - 03-24-2021, 04:11 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (27)

Thread for posting videos, discussing upcoming fights, history, analysis, etc. (not for individual training diaries or workout questions, those should be separate threads)

Starting off with some inspiration:

Unfortunately the forum software seems to limit videos to just one per post, so i'll add more below:

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