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  NYC thread
Posted by: churros - 5 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Haven't seen one of these on the forum yet. Let's use this for discussing locations and tactics, as opposed to real estate prices.

I'm primarily into daygame but I need to find some new locations. I find that many girls are often standoffish in the major game areas in downtown Manhattan.

I really want to check out the latina and asian communities in queens and brooklyn, but I wonder if there will be enough volume to make it worthwhile. Anybody have experience with this?

I also realised my game is suffering from not being direct enough, so I'm going to have to modify that. I've also slipped into bad habit from being in SEA for so long – girls here do NOT want any suggestion of a relationship!

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  The 4 Colors
Posted by: captain_shane - Today, 08:57 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Being new here I'd like to add a little bit of value.

This I believe is very helpful in not only pickup but life in general. I believe in the phrase "people like you because they are like you". Idk if that's a real quote or I made it up. Doesn't matter, it's true. The more you're similar to someone the more you like them. So, let's start talking about colors.

The 4 Color Personalities

Red / Extroverts

Blue / Extroverts

Green / Introverts

Yellow / Introverts


So the first thing to realize is that Reds and Blues are Extroverted and Yellows and Greens are Introverted.

Now you know 50% of people.


Let's go deeper and talk characteristics

Reds: Dominant, controlling, assertive, non-emotional, etc 
Trump is a pretty good representation of a Red

Blues: Fun, exciting, adventurous, ect
Easy to spot people

Greens: Informational, logical, etc

Yellows: Loving, compassionate, sensitive, etc
The artisitic types


Everyone has a dominant color and then sub colors. 

The point of learning peoples colors is to be able to speak in their same language. Everyone speaks in words that describe their world. When you speak the same language magic happens. Imagine trying to speak english to a chinese person. Speak their language, and build easy rapport.

So here are some words to use when you know a persons color.

Reds: Power, control, compete, money, losers, winners, authority, dominate, drive, force, weak, leverage, strong, solid, helpless, useless, command, manage, goals, achieve, execute, win, score, success, work, results, fail, wealth, cash, profit, lucrative, financial, champion, conquer, etc

Blues: Exciting, fun, new, travel, adventure, awesome, active, dynamic, alive, keen, busy, entertaining, thrilling, wonderful, amazing, mind-blowing, dramatic, buzz, latest, different, trip, roam, wander, risk, dangerous, experience, daredevil, tour, explore, etc

Yellows: Care, Feel, Help, Assist, Mindful, Protect, Anxiety, Concern, Stress, Hardship, Support, Regard, Worry, Polite, Troubling, Bother, Responsible, Safe, Perceive, Sense, Endure, Suffer, Like, Feeling, Consider, Aid, Benefit, Service, Relieve, Heal, Save, Improve, Alleviate, Accommodate, Encourage

Greens: Facts, data figures, information security, research, proof, guarantee, assurance, commitment, truth, certain, logic, rely, statistics, judgement, protection, safe, evidence, confirm, thinking, common sense, test, experiment, analyze, examine, survey, investigate, ponder, etc

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  Anyone else in Jalisco, Mexico?
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 07-17-2019, 09:41 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Would be down to meet up / go out with some like-minded, game-aware dudes.

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  Sales Datasheet
Posted by: ChicagoFire - 07-17-2019, 02:28 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (2)

Anybody here in sales? Feel free to post up your pointers. This is a great article to get started in tech sales: 


I've had a couple sales interviews in the past 6 months and there are great pointers the playboys give to convince the manager to take you on. I wish I read the article before I bombed each interview.

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  PSA Reminder: Beware of Fun Women Who Fuck Like Porn-Stars and Cook like Top Chefs
Posted by: JSN - 07-17-2019, 04:45 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (4)

When you meet a girl and in the first 15 minutes she talks about wanting to suck you dick, fucks you like a porn star, makes you breakfast and ends up genuinely fun to be around...

Resist all temptation to make her your primary. That bitch is a trained & experienced stone cold assassin. Keep your wits about you boys.


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  Some (probably obvious) hostel game observations
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 07-17-2019, 01:24 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Hey guys. I've traveled internationally a bit...stayed in a lot of hostels.

Here are a few things that may seem obvious to some people, and maybe less so if you're just starting out traveling or haven't stayed in many hostels:

1. Privacy is King

First of all, bite the bullet on the private rooms if you can afford it. You get the best of both worlds: revolving door of international girls in the hostel environment...with a private sex location to take them back to.

But if you're in the "dorms" aka you're in one of the bunks in those rooms with like 4-10 other people...get the bottom bunk and hang sheets from the top bunk so it creates a wall around your bunk for privacy...it's amazing what perceived privacy can do to a girl's LMR).

Also, make use of the hostel's rooftop area if they have one. Something about being alone with a girl on the roof in a new city and the excitement of it all leads to...sex and blow jobs.

2. Make Friends with the Staff From Day One

Smile, ask them questions, be chill, be cool. They were 15 minutes late letting you check in and get to your room / bed? No big deal. (Those should be your words and your actions)...Remember, they're like the "bartenders" of the club. And sometimes, they literally are the bartenders if the hostel has a bar. They basically own the joint. You want to be on their good side. You don't need to shmooze...just have an energy about you when you're communicating to them that implies you think they're really cool.

This will help you later on if you need to bring an extra friend back...or use a "restricted area"...or you break something expensive and they "didn't see it" because they like you....they can bend the rules for you...or if they don't like you they can be nazis about them. How you treat them will determine that in large part.

3. Tell Your Story (And Tweak It)

Travel / Hostel game is all about your "story." Try different angles, different approaches. Ask yourself what your style indicates about you...your hair...your tonality...your social media profile (if you like to share that with others when travelng)...personally I've tried to be the "artist / photographer / musician" a lot of times...but personally for me that has backfired. Sticking with the "bro" / fuckboy type ...

Wearing a backwards hat and just being the outgoing partyboy type has worked for me in hostels...probably because girls are tired of the weak dudes that make up most of the backpacker crowd and want some straight alpha / frat type I gues... (which most of us can bring some version of that out...so try that too)

Anyway, those are things I've noticed that have worked for me. YMMV. Hope this is helpful to the community.

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  Girl with boyfriend
Posted by: churros - 07-16-2019, 06:26 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (5)

Yesterday I was in the flower shop, buying some snake plants to improve the air in my apartment. This girl walks in an makes eye contact for a solid three seconds. She was a very hot latina hipster. Gotta say this rarely happens, so I immediately struck up a conversation. I invited her to sit in the park.

In the park I make my usual moves and start escalating. I have her legs on me, my arm is around her, about to kiss. Then she says she has a boyfriend. I'm a bit surprised she let it get this far without telling me. I suggest going to my place, but she's pretty firm it's not happening. So after 15 mins of this we swap numbers and I eject, squeezing her ass.

Not sure what to think about this. Ethics aside, I usually don't waste my time on chicks with boyfriends. But I received some pretty solid IOIs here, even though she seems pretty firm about the boyfriend. They're "building towards an open relationship when their foundation is strong enough," lol.

What's the play here?

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  Some Text Game Help Please..
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 07-16-2019, 02:58 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (6)

Hoping for a few pointers.

Met a 19-yr old Russian model HB 8 at a meetup. Chatted a bit. Definitely some chemistry. Number close. Exchanged a few texts...What now?

Let me give you some more context:

Met this girl in a fairly international city (outside of the U.S.) at a "couchsurfing" meetup at a downtown cocktail bar.

I introduced myself to everyone, her included...and I noticed her kinda looking at me a few times...and honestly there was some IOI-type eye contact the first few moments we met...

After being charismatic by rotating around the whole group and chatting, I circled back and sat next to her and struck up a 1-on-1 convo...asking her questions, sharing our stories (I DHV'd about travels, artistic passions, etc.)...I told a few jokes...she laughed...

There was a decent vibe going on...had some very basic shoulder and lower waist kino going every now and then at key points in the convo (keeping it casual and friendly but at the same time very decisive and purposeful)

I was trying to tow the line of casual / friends / social meetup and "hey...obviously there's something here...let's keep chatting and getting to know each other"

Anyway...after maybe 45 minutes of this... the overall group is at a social high point and I sense that things could evolve...so I got the number and said we should grab coffee sometime...


I immediately texted her right then and there: "Hey. Don't get fat - [My Name]"

Sort of an inside joke, as she is a model and I was joking with her earlier about "not getting fat" ...

About 30 minutes later... she was the one who all of the sudden had to 'leave early' (maybe I should have made up an excuse to leave earlier than that after the number?)...Anyway...so I texted her a few minutes after she left "Let's get coffee next week. I'll text you."

This was a Thursday night.

No reply until Sunday afternoon.

"Sure" She said...

So, not to overthink it...but my text game kind of sucks...I tend to get early attraction because of lucky genetics...but then I often find ways to fuck it up when setting up a day 2. What's the simplest, best way to schedule the day 2...and do you think texting her back Tuesday afternoon(2 days after her text...when she waited 2.5 days after mine)... to set up a Thursday day 2 is a solid plan?

And if all you're gonna say is "You're overthinking it bro." Don't bother. There's a difference between wanting to actively improve and overthinking things...

I am outcome-independent. But that doesn't mean I don't want input on better ways to strive for the outcome in the first place.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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  What are you doing today that's moving you closer to getting pussy?
Posted by: ChicagoFire - 07-15-2019, 09:23 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (12)

This isn't for keyboard warriors only serious players. Not interested in hearing the newest "opener" or "text game bible" lmao. Big moves like moving near a popular bar, completing an intense 3 month fitness program, or aggressively attempting to pull 20 chicks back to your car is cool. However if you're going through a dry streak like me (I like to think I push myself) or are new little steps are fine. 

As of the past 3 years: 
* Bought car after using public transportation for years
* Changed careers to make more money
* Bought a couple baller outfits

Here's today's activity log: 
* Did yoga
* Career related activity
* Signed up for a credit card so I can rack up air mileage points. 
* Did some more research into Mexico surf towns and Nicaragua. Once I'm ready I will book the trip.
* I'm doing some pretty exciting stuff next month so preparing for that. I will have some cool online game pictures of myself up. Goes back to having a cool online presence so I can bang Central American girls.

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  Meditation thread
Posted by: ChicagoFire - 07-15-2019, 08:34 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - No Replies

Post here when you finish a meditation session. If there's any interesting retreats, books, pointers, etc please do share. 


I did a 30 minute inperson guided session today and it was extremely relaxing.

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