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  What car do you recommend?
Posted by: WombRaider - Yesterday, 04:45 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (9)

I need to buy a car. I am not a car guy. I also want to save up my money and retire early, so I don't like to spend a lot on cars. But I don't want to drive a total heap or a complete beta-mobile. And reliability is a big factor.

What used vehicle would you recommend? I am open to cars, small trucks, small SUVs. Honda CRVs and the like seem like decent, neutral vehicles.

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  Books you recommend to read
Posted by: pseduoteacher - 10-20-2020, 02:37 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)

Can anyone recommend any books, pdfs, and  forum based information related to learning game? Or books related to the psychology of women and conversation. I've only read the book  "Game" by Neil Strauss, which seems like a good starter book, but a bit dated.

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  Why are Younger Women More Comfortable with Going Straight to a Guy's Place?
Posted by: Mace - 10-19-2020, 08:55 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (5)

Anyone notice that younger women (under 25) are more cool with going straight a guy's place from apps, while older women put up more resistance?

I know there's the whole "stranger danger" phenomenon, but younger women seem more chill about it while older women act more scared.

Is it because for the younger generation, it's a cool and socially acceptable thing to do while the older generation grew up with meeting in public first?

Or maybe some of these older women used to go over to guy's places in their younger years, but now want to be taken out first because they have higher expectations?

Anyone have an explanation for why is this?

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  Me back in game
Posted by: gypscholar - 10-19-2020, 03:27 PM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

I'm back in game after a long pause. Trying to follow a model due to Blackdragon which involves a fist date at a bar/cafe followed by a second date at your home and sex. The reason I post the following is to see what to learn from each case, not for "how to win her back". A little about me: small social circle (working on it) and my work is quite solitary (programming).

1-The manager of a nearby cafe which is my hangout. One day I talked to her maintaining strong eye contact. It came to me that she could be submissive. Next time I was sitting there as she arrived, greeting me and looking at me somewhat expectantly but I didn't get it. Not the first time that I don't act fast. But I got her number a few days later and scheduled a date. We walked around a lake and then went to a cafe there. Kino. She was obviously happy to be on this date and on the way back sent me a thank you message.
The day after was her off day so I tried to get her to my place "to see my photography" that day but she said she was busy.
Then I made the mistake of texting her everyday. Her attraction obviously dropped. 3 more (not so strong) attempts at scheduling a date so I called it quits. That was till I started meeting other girls at her cafe (haha!) and her behavior changed much for the better. Not worth pursuing any further in a normal setting but then I see her a few times a week.

The rest I met through Couch Surfing (just sent them messages, not hosting or being hosted).

2-We went on a date but couldn't get her on a second. After a few months she contacted me out of the blue. I sussed her and she told me she was bored with a monotoneus life. We went on a date, she came picked me up. (CS vibe.)
When wanting to go back I told her I could take Uber if she was tired and she accepted. Not the first time me shooting myself in the foot. After ~24 h she texts me asking some lame question. I still didn't get it.
Later I told her let's go get some weed. (She talked about it on the first date.) No response. A few days later
me: seems you're not as mischievous as it seems
her: I was busy
me: take it easy. let's go on another date
her: ok
me: Tuesday or Thursday?
her: I'll let you know.
Nothing more and I didn't contact.

3-A party girl. We met at a bar then the cafe near me. Trying to get her to come to my place a couple of times but no. She looked happy when she left. In the evening I sent her a message reminding her to send me some links on Telegram. (The model I mentioned says wait 24 hours.) she sent me next day, apologizing "was at a party till 2am".
me: sending a photo I took of her while putting on makeup. "Did you have fun?"
no response

4-A very polite girl. We met at the cafe near me then went for a walk. I was cold so we stopped at my place to pick up a sweater. She said she would stay in the lobby. I said come up and I show you my photography. (Violating the model like in #3.) But she wasn't OK. "Next time!" After we separated she sent a message "you looked disappointed after I didn't come upstairs". I played it cool. She thanked for the date and since this is said to be a good IOI, I scheduled a second date right then. Didn't have enough balls to suggest she just come to my place so I suggested meeting at a bar or coming over and she (obviously?) chose the latter. Let's see how it goes.

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  Do More Girls Have a Beard Fetish Now?
Posted by: Mace - 10-19-2020, 02:29 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (6)

In my experience, beards are highly polarizing - either women love them or they don't.

Beards have also become more trendy now with more celebrities sporting facial hair and beards.

For the guys here who can grow a full beard, have you noticed a significant difference in how you're received from women with and without a beard?

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  Memes that will instantly trigger incels
Posted by: churros - 10-19-2020, 02:59 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (7)

[Image: 1.jpg]

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  Christians online
Posted by: churros - 10-17-2020, 10:33 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (6)

Not sure whether this is threadworthy, but I just recalled that when I was online dating over the past few months I absentmindedly labeled myself as "Christian." I had some hotter than usual matches that also considered themselves Christian, but were actually serious about it i.e. asked me what church I went to on Sunday (!) no sex before marriage (or at least that's what they pretended) etc.

Maybe this is an exclusively US phenomenon, but it could be that Roosh and his zealouts actually have a reasonably large pool to select from. These were mainly black and Asian women, surprisingly.

Not sure how useful this is from the player's perspective but it's a data point.

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  Zoom First Date + My Place Second Date
Posted by: Mace - 10-17-2020, 01:38 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (18)

My city is back in lockdown with most indoor spaces closed and limits on large gatherings.

This makes meeting new girls more challenging.

As we approach winter, going out for walks in the cold or meeting at a park in the dark is also less appealing.

I've suggested wine and movie dates at my place but many girls are not comfortable with the suggestion.

How receptive would girls be to a virtual first date over Zoom and - if there's chemistry - a second date at my place?

Any guys here have luck with this approach?

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  Best places to live in with a "consultancy" employment
Posted by: lika91 - 10-15-2020, 04:04 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (9)

Hi folks!

I am currently in progressed talks with a company, which may offer me a remote job next week. The only issue is - the employment type is called "consultancy", since the company does not have an establishment outside of Malta - alternatively I could move to Malta and have regular employment (still remote).

I have read a lot about it in the internet and I am still not sure exactly what it means, but it seems to be something like a freelance position.

It is my big dream to have a remote job, so I can travel all the time as some of you guys do it. Now I am a bit concerned, since I am extremely bad with taxes and such. Plus I have a chronicle condition and require free or cheap access to prescribed drugs regularly. Unfortunately this chronicle condition and remote job seem to hate each other - nevertheless I still desire to do it!

So I would have a couple of alternatives:
1) Moving to Malta, renting an apartment, or a room as cheap as possible to get the residency and then travel around
2) Moving to another country and either buy a property there or register my residency in Germany or Croatia, where I have family that I could trust to accept me "officially" as a resident. German health insurance is ridicolously expensive with 300€/month up for self-employed people, but as my parents have a house there and it is my best language, this would probably the easiest solution in terms of taxes.

My question is 1) has anybody heard of this employment type and perhaps experience with it? And 2) all to all the remote self-employed workers and freelancers out there. If you have a freelance full-time job in one country, and the option to live wherever you want, but you need a country of residency, where you pay taxes. How do you guys do it? Have I forgotton any aspects? Which countries would be good for that? Remember I definitely need to be covered by public health insurance which covers drugs - so I guess Europe is the most appropriate option here with strong health care within EU.

I am very excited, but also afraid about this step, so I am very thankful for every quality input! Thank you guys in advance.

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  Donating sperm to infertility clinics
Posted by: OldSojer - 10-15-2020, 01:31 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (3)

Of course we have many sperm donors here, but who has donated to an infertility clinic?

I'm too old now.  It's one of my regrets.  I could have racked up Genghis Khan numbers improving the gene pool with my physical characteristics and test scores.  

It's one way of "winning," if you consider breeding as evolutionary success.

Anyone ever do it?

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