South East Asia Beginner
Never been to Asia and after reading about Jakarta, Thailand and Phillipines, my interest has been piqued.
My goals are for South East Asia:

-Increase notch count by at least 10 to 20
-Looking for a more interesting sex life 
-Culture shock
-Get the most bang for my buck type of experience

-Middle 20s light brown Latino 5'10 fairly good looking. Good game but I want to get to the next level.
-Only fluent in English, Spanish and Basic Portuguese 
-Ass guy like THC. 
-Around 3k for a month time travel
For a 1 month first time trip to Asia this is what I would do.

Manila - 5 nights
Cebu - 4 nights
Bohol - 3 nights (bring a girl) (rent a moto)
Jakarta - 5 nights
Bangkok - 5 nights
Siem Reap - 2 nights (angkor wat)
Phnom Penh - 1 night
Saigon - 3 nights

This gives you a taste of it all while still giving you just enough time in the major poosy paradise cities.

Then on your next visit you will know which place you like more for a longer visit.
Nice, Which one was your favorite?
Can you give a general theme of each one?
Hard to say which one is my favorite. All have diff feels and pluses and minuses. Philippines due to language and culture is the easiest or more comfortable for me.

Manila - Tons of girls. Decent nightlife. Not as many foreigners.
Cebu - Smaller. Hotter girls. Near the beach.
Bohol - Fun island get away with a girl.
Jakarta - Exotic girls. Easy nightlife. Concrete jungle.
Bangkok - Good food. Good party. Many foreigners. Easy nightlife.
Siem Reap - Good tourist experience. Many foreigners.
Phnom Penh - Shithole. But worth one night of sluming it up
Saigon - Lovely city. Fine women. Amazing food. Mediocore nightlife. Conservative.
I'm getting excited for this trip. Jakarta and Bali have piqued my interest. Anybody has info on Malaysia?
(03-01-2017, 07:01 PM)Christoff Wrote: I'm getting excited for this trip. Jakarta and Bali have piqued my interest. Anybody has info on Malaysia?

Malaysia is only good for a 1-2 days for the food and big Hindu statue. 

Bali is gonna be filled with tourists.
I think you will have a blast in all the places you will visit. One thing about South East Asia is that almost everywhere you go girls will love you. That has been my experience at least.
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