GUYS! Do you think my Ukrainian has a nice booty? [photos]
Despite what handicap autistics say: the female butt is great.

As mentioned here: "the exceptional size of human butts is due to both a large amount of muscle and a bit of fat covering it".

[Image: ZXqWiwDm.jpg]

[Image: 1e1LDWZl.jpg]
Ok Pag this is getting to be too much, Jesus man I can’t believe that you go through the trouble of uploading photos and creating junk threads on here, don’t you have Slavic models to hang out with? 

We’ll probably start banning you and deleting all of your threads you fucking retarded spam monkey
(07-08-2019, 02:56 PM)JayRothschild Wrote: [Image: 1e1LDWZl.jpg]
Don't like this ass...

Even with p4p I would choose a better ass. I'm sorry for your RoI.

Edit: Haha Finally banned...
Dude is obsessed with Roosh for some reason...
He clearly has mental issues.

He also needs to be banned on sight. Any effort to not be overly strict with him results in him demanding attention like a 2 year old child and when that doesn't happen, he just begins starting more pointless threads. If he had kept his "contributions" to one thread, I'm sure we could accommodate him, but he always takes it too far.

Quality guys are not going to want to join our forum if they scan the list of most recent threads and see the type of garbage he was posting.
Well we tried to be nice but Pag the Fag took it too far, it’s sad that someone who is apparently educated and rich spends his free time trolling forums that he claims to dislike. Good luck Pag.
That moment when you see a thread and know it's Pag the Fag even before opening it...
"It's easy to swing another's dick through thorns." 
- Croatian proverb
As I wrote previously on another thread, it's next to impossible to get banned at Happier Abroad (other than true spammers) but pag managed to do it, because of the same shit-posting and junk thread creation that he does here. For those who miss him, don't worry, he'll be back eventually.
This ass is not even close to Ukraine-specific tier 6-7/10 ass.  Wtf is wrong with this guy?  I mean, kudos on the bank account, yo, but seriously... he posts like the prank InternetPrince over at RVF... but with pictures.  Can we see him pulling/seducing himself in the mirror and shooting trin next?
^^Internet Prince is actually funny and self-aware who probably has been on the forum under different handles before.

Pag just puts up photos like he's some sort of Chinese tourist. But it comes off ausistically. I think even Elliot Rodger has more sense of nuance.
(07-08-2019, 09:43 PM)Seersucker Suit Wrote: ^^Internet Prince is actually funny and self-aware who probably has been on the forum under different handles before.

Pag just puts up photos like he's some sort of Chinese tourist. But it comes off ausistically. I think even Elliot Rodger has more sense of nuance.

My dude, @Seersucker Suit, can I make a poll to get rid of your gay ass gif?

( and yes, it matters how you pronounce it. )
cute, but not as cute as my arse haha
Shawn Blake is an international entrepreneur and explorer. While attending University he founded and bootstrapped a referral company to $5M revenue and 20 employees. He continues to manage that business under a private holding company based in Boston, Ma. Good at analysis, especially functional analysis, Shawn has a tolerance for, and enjoyment of the complex. Shawn’s primary interest in life is understanding the world around him. He is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations that are presented to him. Using his intuition to process this information, he is usually extremely quick and accurate in his ability to size up a situation. As founder and executive director of Culture Whiz, Shawn is responsible for the strategy and global expansion of the company, which is now the largest Cultural Travel website in the World. Shawn holds a BS in Cognitive Science from a well-known University in Palo Alto, Ca.

He denied that it was his site and he also claimed to be over 40 in one of his posts, now he's 33. He'll be back soon with a new name though eh.

So he's a tech millionaire but he still "coaches" some geeks for money?
^^ well cool for the detective work. Too lazy to reverse image search myself. So he stole this dude's stuff.

You may be Nomadbrah 2.0.
No real detective work involved, that shitty website of his that he always links to has his bio.

Here's Pag doing a language exchange, balling so hard he talks to some guy instead of banging hussies and paying for a tutor/teacher

[Image: 544.jpg?itok=-A9VN783]

His twitter account is @shawnblake80 but it's suspended.
^^Facebook just was pulled down.

Not gonna lie I would meet him in Ukraine as long as he doesn't get me killed.

It would be cool to have two legends meet IRL.
His Fakebook is
I found out because the fucker is now polluting the Expats in Ukraine group, which I subscribe to, with his shit posting. How embarrassing if people in that group somehow connect pag with me...
Well, I think I spotted pag in the wild. I was walking across Kontraktova Ploshad on my way to Mariinsky Park at about 19:30 yesterday (Sat, Jul 13). He posted in that Fakebook group (subtly insulting Ukrainians for overcharging and using Ebonics grammar in his commentary) about being in Kontraktova Ploshad yesterday, and there aren't a lot of guys with his look in Kyiv. The girl with him, if it was really him, was good looking black haired (if my memory is correct) and taller than pag, who was grinning his usual stupid way. I scurried away as fast as possible without actually running and thereby possibly attracting his attention. Definitely don't want to be associated with him.
pag continuing to shit post in the Expats in Ukraine group on FuckBook, insulting Ukrainians and boasting about himself in the process, same as he did here. He also tossed in some insults about Canada when a Canadian remarked that he (pag) was making USA expats look bad. Nice guy, huh?
He's clearly a mentally ill incel. Unfortunate for him but what can you do.

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