daygame city recomendations for OCTOBER
Hey guys im looking to plan a daygame trip in oct for 2-3weeks. 

want a place that is warm/hot 20degrees minimum. Asian girls arnt my cup of tea. prefer bigger boobed girls.

so far have these as ideas:

Addis Abba
Cape town
Jamaica - Kingston
Texas - Dallas/Austin/Houston
Abu Dhabi

ive never been to any of them. like going to new cities ive never been. but appreciate any boots on the ground experience/advice if you've been there. e.g was it good for daygame? is it warm/hot in oct? where logstics?

as always appreciate any advice Wink
In my opinion, Fall and Spring are the best times to be in Europe, especially in a University town. So I would say any university city/ non vacation city in Eastern Europe is great in the fall. May be right around 20 degrees.

For more of the girls you are looking for then check out Latin America. You can always find places at those temperatures. Medellin, Colombia is a really good city for day game. It's a way for you to find the girls who haven't met foreigners (almost all on dating sites will have)
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3 weeks in Kingston, Jamaica is too much, 3 days is enough really unless you’re like me and love rum, ganja, coffee, dancehall and fat arsed black chicks who fuck like acrobats. October can still be hurricane season so Jamaica is better from November until April.
If your only goal is day game then consider NYC. It's not hot in October, but it's one of the few good months of weather. Around Union Square/ East Village/ Soho areas you'll find lots of college students, especially around NYU and New School dorms. Ironically after being away for 5 months in Colombia, I walked around downtown Manhattan today and was blown away by the variety of hot girls I saw. Personally I dislike NYC, but no denying that it's one of the best in the world for day game.

Medellin is a good city for day game. Almost nobody does it there, so you'll stand out a lot if you approach well. As 20nation said, it's a good way to meet girls who have no exposure to foreigners. This girl I got who I met outside the metro told me she's never met a gringo before. Despite what you read on these boards, outside of Llaras Park, La 70 at night and Laureles Seguro Park, there's very few gringos walking around.

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