Bob Lazar
Over on RVF there was a good thread that got taken over by the retards. Somebody tell Atlanta man to come post here.

In short, this guy says he worked on an alien spacecraft. He's bullshitting but what interests me is why this guy is doing this, and putting himself under so much pressure.

You can see that every time he gets a hard question, he pretends he has a headache. That's the biggest tell. He would also be dead by now if this was real.

In my opinion the "alien" stuff is a cover for new tech, or existing old tech.

He worked on classified, stolen or recovered technology so I assume they troll these employees with misleading stories to keep them dumb, and so that nobody will take them seriously when they inevitably leak some info. And everyone leaks at some stage, no exceptions. They let Lazar run with it because it's a great diversion.

Let's take his observations of moving lights doing incredible manouvers at night as an example. The public can do that now, with quad-copter drones that have lights on them. It's fair to say this was high-tech future technology back in the 80's and very much a military secret.

p.s. lol at RVF thread. Jesus, what a shit show.
(07-01-2019, 12:51 AM)JackinX Wrote: p.s. lol at RVF thread. Jesus, what a shit show.

It's a perfect case-study into how 911 ruins every thread with his autism.
Just about managed to watch the Netflix program about him.  The way the put the program together was terrible.  I’d rather see just a straight up interview with him.

So all of you think he’s just full of bs?
I've followed his case for a long time, and this is one of the better write ups on why he's a fraud:
I bet Eddie Bravo was begging to get on this episode lol.
If you think the Lazar thread got ruined by the high rep Qatar paid posters and the rerards and autists that follow them , you will love New poster/Sock puppet 'musicforthepiano'.

He claimes there is ample land in Texas to double world population and give 15 billion people each their own acre of land in Texas . Texas has 173 million acres lol.
The UFO conspiracies always just make me think of Occam's razor. Is it more likely that the US government has managed to engage in a gigantic, extremely secretive conspiracy over 50 years, involving tens, if not hundreds of thousands of government workers... or is it more likely a few conspiracy nutjobs have mental issues.
I've seen the Netflix documentary and to be honest I believe him 98% - there's always a chance he's lying but I believe him after seeing it. I recommend everyone go watch it before you make up your mind

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