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Here's a link to another bullish article that is suggesting $15.8k by or before the May 2020 halvening:

[Image: 0s4YFPf.png]

Personally I believe that anything close to $15.8k would be a bit too bullish before the halvening, and I would consider $12k to $13k to be more reasonable, but we also know that frequently bitcoin does not play out in reasonable ways once momentum gets going, it can become a bit out of control, so yeah $15.8k could be possible, but then so could a surge up to $17.5k and then a retrace back down to $11k or $12k... all before the May halvening.
Here's an interesting, yet somewhat technical announcement:

Introduction Summary Quote:

This week’s newsletter announces the release of Eclair 0.3.3, requests help testing a Bitcoin Core maintenance release, links to a new tool for experimenting with taproot and tapscript, summarizes discussion about safely generating schnorr signatures with precomputed public keys, and describes a proposal for interactive construction of LN funding transactions. Also included is our regular section about notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.
My belief is that the coronavirus situation is highly correlated with BTC price action.

If that's true....then bitcoin has proven a critical use haven asset.

IMO $10k+ is coming....perhaps we'll see a pullback within the next couple weeks.

I also read something about a bitcoin auction that will occur in the middle of February, that could also be a price catalyst.
Here's a nice new gauge to watch.;u=343934

[Image: EQSS147W4AElpAD?format=png&name=small]

shows how many days did close higher than the current price. When it comes to zero it means we have new ATH.<<<<<<
Here's cointelegraph article that just came out describing a January 29 report from Vaneck that gives a large number of reasons why institutional investors should have some stake in bitcoin.

[Image: ed47bfee8900b703ae73911466d71f0d.png]

Another video from Bob Loukas. Worth watching for anyone allocating a portion of their portfolio in BTC.
(02-14-2020, 10:22 PM)Nolimitz Wrote:

Another video from Bob Loukas. Worth watching for anyone allocating a portion of their portfolio in BTC.

Yep... its like a short 35-minute update or checking-in to say that it seems that we are on schedule or may be even a bit ahead of schedule within a 4 year fractal pattern that expects the BTC price to be going up in the coming 1-2 years.

I hate to give away too much OPsec about the guy, but sometimes it can be helpful to go over some actual numbers, and surely every guy has to tailor his own BTC investing approach in accordance with his own financial circumstances.

I think that Loukas is saying that his average cost per BTC is around $3k and that he has around 30 BTC (which would would be a $90k investment), and he is recommending that mature investors, place about 5% of their total investment portfolio into BTC, and if he is following his own recommendation, his total investment portfolio would be around $1.8 million.  Maybe it is true maybe it is not, I am just going through the applicability of some of his points.

He said that it is good for folks to have a plan, especially, if BTC goes on some kind of crazy run, and he said that if BTC goes up to $28,500, then he would be cashing out about 5BTC (which would amount to approximately the dollar value of his investment amount), and then the remainder of his investment would be largely house money.    He said that he would cash out about another 5 BTC if BTC were to reach $56-$57k, and so his main point would be that BTC investors have a plan.  He said that he is NOT recommending trading or anything like that, but if BTC prices were to suddenly drop by 30% or so after his cashing out, he might use a portion of that money to buy back.. 

Again, all of this is to demonstrate that it is good for each person to have a plan, rather than quibbling about specifics of the plan... because the plan is going to be somewhat tailored to each person, and I cannot really argue with those ideas about having a plan.

He had stated that he has subscribed to the philosophy of investing no more than you would be willing to lose, which is a solid investment principle with any volatile asset, and I personally have toyed with the idea about whether it is a good idea to take out principle out of bitcoin (such as what Loukas is planning to do at $28,500), and to each their own, including considering timeline, risk tolerance, view of BTC as compared with other assets.  But, yeah, let's say that he is cashing out around in 15% of his BTC holdings after his portfolio has done nearly a 10x, you cannot really criticize him for being too timid, and he would still have about 85% of the size of the original BTC amount.  Again if he cashed out around another 20% of the assets after a 2x price increase (which is 20x from the original purchase prices), cannot really be criticized greatly as an idea, but maybe just tweaked a bit based on personal specifics and preferences.  Each of those cashing outs will surely trigger decent sized capital gains taxes (in the USA), and I am not sure if Loukas is in a different jurisdiction, which would change the tax implications.

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