Seeking arrangement/sugar daddy game
Hi guys lets continue this thread from the other forum.

So sugar daddy game is about fucking women without paying them so no pay4play allowed in this thread.

I don't know about you but in London UK it seems to have gone to shit. Women that we want don't even message first anymore.

If you write on your profile that you do not do pay4play or something like that then girls will avoid you.

All the girls are pretty much pros.

I don't know if its just me or everyone else have this problem in 2019?

How do you find dtf girls in 2019 that aren't hookers?

What strategy should we be using in 2019?
I have done a shit ton of SA in multiple countries (literally 100's of girls). I would almost suggest that we do not have a thread on it as I think it is a crutch and has mostly gone to shit. I personally don't want to focus on venues like SA.
Better yet, we should make this thread private. There are a ton of bad lurkers, white knights and sugar babies out there who read forums.
There was even a private SA thread on RVF.
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First rule of SA is...
Nextstop posted an example on RVF, this chick is ridiculous. I'll pay for her appetizers and taxi any day.

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In Ukraine you can sponsor a girl from the towns or villages for $200 a month or less
(06-09-2019, 07:13 AM)deb_auchery Wrote: In Ukraine you can sponsor a girl from the towns or villages for $200 a month or less

No pay4play

(06-08-2019, 11:45 PM)SC87 Wrote: Nextstop posted an example on RVF, this chick is ridiculous. I'll pay for her appetizers and taxi any day.

Whats was the post?
Absolutely no strategy should be discussed in a publicly available forum.

I only talk about this with folks I know via messaging or in person.
This needs to be a private thread. I don't use SA but have lurked it and the information about it. I can confirm that there are female sugar baby forums that have called out SA strategy threads on RVF. Even nicknamed guys like us salt babies lol. So, I'd recommend keeping any real information on it to pms or private threads.
(06-09-2019, 07:13 AM)deb_auchery Wrote: In Ukraine you can sponsor a girl from the towns or villages for $200 a month or less

So deb_auchery, what does a $200 a month sponsorship get you?   A girlfriend?  a once a week date?  twice a month?  What?  All  Ukraiian girls like nice things, so they certainly don't want to go out with a brorke-assed backpacker who just wants to shag them. 

Seeking Arrangement, what would you expect,  P$P girls.  I find it hard to believe any good looking girl on there is just wanting to date, and find a boyfriend.  In fact Tinder and dating sites in many foreign countries are full of P4P girls.  The local girls know they can find foreign guys there so they want to exploit them the easiest way possible.   Even in the in the Philippines, the hottest girls on the dating sites are P4P and ask about money up front.  Because of this I seldom use dating sites to meet women.  

20, can you make treads private.
SA is still good to go if you have good filtering and know how to monkey-bar these girls' minds. I still work it every six months or so... to decent effect.  I am in a smaller town/area on the globe so the waves and flow is slower than larger cities.  The buy-in to the site (around 90 USD) is just the first step to DHV... from there you are on your own... if you like the attention -- which you will definitely get. 

Here is a relatively recent write-up of mine from RVF post :

Just the facts, man. From last week:

* Ubered downtown to meet with a model quality 22 y/o Hispanic girl -- 8/10 on my scale... an inch taller than me in her 3" heel-boots

* Took her out to eat at a ritzy little joint, staff recognized me, we sat in the back by a window and the fire-escape door

* Ordered a large appetizer of baked vegetables and a slab of bacon -- she loved it... and I love girls who love their bacon and vegetables...

* She had white wine, I had a vodka gimlets

* Great bouncy and laugh filled "getting too know you" conversation -- we had the same vibe about making fun and commenting on people -- and I was on point with my "most interesting man in the world" game (which is mostly true)

* No talk about arrangements or anything like that at all... it felt like a regular first date

* She offered to give me a ride home since I told her I ubered down because I wanted more than one drink, I accepted and had her cruise by a liquor store on the way back to restock my supply -- she commented that her gas was low and I confirmed by looking at her gauge and said something like "damn, woman, I'd never drive to town on a tank like that" and she just kind of shrugged it off

* She asked to come up to use the restroom when we got to my place and I agreed to that

* She made herself comfortable on the couch after she used the facilities and so did I as we continued to laugh at each other's talk

* Suddenly I'm touching her knee and she's leaning into me and we're kissing (just the way I like -- nice Amero-French style) and she asks if I have a condom and I pull one out from the coffee table

* She puts it on my cock with her mouth with great skill and I laughingly compliment her that I like a girl with "talent"... she laughs at that as she gets to work on my cock with her tonsils

* We had a great fuck -- she rode and danced on me like the best of them, getting all goose-pimply and shaky at times even though it was warm in my place -- and what a sweet tight pussy, happily engorged clit, and color scheme of her flesh... I just sat back, felt her all over, and enjoyed... I'm a bit larger than average in the cock department, but I could tell she has not been fucking huge dick or monster toys and she seemed genuinely into our coupling

* After cuddle time and some shallow pillow talk (and no, she is not into bdsm or kink of any sort, damnit), she gets ready to leave and asks about my ideas for an arrangement... I tell her that we should meet again and discuss it since I'm very particular about such things but that what I know of her so far it looks very promising and she doesn't seem skeptical at all

* I asked where she lives and it's about 15 miles away so I asked her if she had gas money and she said "not really", so I gave her twenty bucks and told her she better get gas and make it home okay and she promised

* Walked her out to her car and sent her off with a kiss and some talk about taking her on an upcoming vacation with me to the great northwest (USA) which she seemed interested in

We have met up twice since that first meeting... food and netflix and chill style... still lots of talk about arrangements and vacations but nothing further than what I consider regular dating costs. She is a fun one but I'm somewhat suspicious of some of the things she has told me about her friends and family. I might have to background check her. I have her DL info now since I carded her on our second meeting. I made a joke about it before I served her a drink.

(Pardon my tense shifts -- I wanted to sensibly bullet this out instead of writing a novel.)
Hotel chain offers up to 30 nights for flat rate of $400.

Decent looking properties, tend to be located in college towns.

Fine print is July 15 - Aug. 15.

Hopefully someone can take good advantage of this.
Looks interesting but what's the idea behind it? Not sure I understand what's on offer.
(06-15-2019, 02:08 PM)churros Wrote: Looks interesting but what's the idea behind it? Not sure I understand what's on offer.

It a hotel offering stays at a discounted rate.  They are in college towns so that is their low season.  Works out to a little over $13/night if you stay 30 nights - $400/30.
(06-15-2019, 11:05 AM)Hypno Wrote: Hotel chain offers up to 30 nights for flat rate of $400.

Decent looking properties, tend to be located in college towns.

Fine print is July 15 - Aug. 15.

Hopefully someone can take good advantage of this.

I imagine hotel chains will be coming up with all sorts of new ideas to combat AirBnB. They have to be taking a serious hit from the competition.
"Women however should get a spanking at least once a week by their husbands and boyfriends - that should be mandated by law" - Zelcorpion

Getting a Hilton AmEx and paying the $85 a year got me 130k points which is 4-5 nights and I'm already a Hilton member so it was a huge bargain and gets me that much closer to Diamond status.

Seeking needs a private thread.
This post at RVF is definitely on target:

@Deepdiver always has great info and takes.

And it is true, young SA chicks are wising up under the wings of their elder hoes.  It is very apparent.  After a month this time around on the 90 to the company, I have only pulled two new notches.  A year ago in a similar timeframe it was five and the quality has gone way down.  And there are so many more that slip away after initial filtering.  I have a "date" tomorrow with a hispanic cos-play hottie (I don't know her blood type yet, but soon) and plan to address what other forums or info she has on the SB life, if I can turn the convo that way, and see where she's coming from.  It should be fun.  She says she doesn't drink (yeah, right) and I told her that I will need to card her (and that it better be legal) -- this is the blood type move.  I think I just do SA from time to time now as a way to keep limber on the field.  The real world is always a better place to play.
I mean, I still get 12-15 good leads a week if I'm actively searching. Usually ends up 4-6 girls who want to meet up, and 3-4 that agree and follow-through when I give them the time and place. As my standards on the site have risen over time, I'm re-screening out half of the ones that want to meet me that I was initially interested in which means I cut that final number down to 1-2 a week based on my schedule: 26 and cute is now a 'maybe' for me. 19, submissive and kinky, gym 6x a week is a no-brainer.
The girl from my previous post basically flaked today.  Her bio says she lives in my town but it turns out that she's like in some small (gang infested) farming town 30 miles south. How is the lettuce, grapes, garlic, and artichokes, baby?  Haha.  Gave me the "gas is sort of expensive now" thing but said she goes to college here.  I told her to let me know when she's in my town (at my preferred hours) next and haven't heard back yet.  As RKL once sang: keep laughing :-)
I don't know if it's just me or what's going on with me but I feel burned out/bitter about SA. 

I joined to see what was new. However, it has gone more downhill than the last time (and ever time it was gotten worse):

- Way more trailer trash and fat Shaniquas thinking they can get a daddy 
- A bunch of third world filipinas filling my inbox with requests to be my sugar baby despite being thousands of miles away. 
- Girls jump into asking for money 
- Girls asking for online or "non physical" arrangements 
- Flaking through the roof
- Girls asking for money right at the last minute. This 18 year old Colombian wanted to meet despite me being aloof, when i finally accepted...she asked "200 because other men have wasted my time in coffee meet ups"
- Forums teaching these girls the ropes have gone up.

Yeah, if you screen you can get some pussy but screening takes way too much time nowadays. To me, the ROI is not there anymore......more work for shittier quality.

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