The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
I'm curious to know if anybody is trying to figure out how to protect themselves against inflation.

I use a mix of a total bond fund and long treasuries in my bond allocation to try to improve the diversification benefit from bonds. However, between tariffs, fiscal problems, and the Fed backing down on rate increases, it's starting to look like if anything is going to be permitted to give way, it may be the dollar.

TIPs are one strategy.

Non-U.S. equities are another which I've already embraced to try to at least partially decouple my portfolio from the United States, but even most emerging markets funds are dominated by China.

REITs have some historical credibility when rates are too low and there's a case to be made for overweighting them relative to market cap in passive investing strategies, since real estate as a sector is mostly not traded.

Gold is yet another approach that I have my own concerns about, but that some people insist on.

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