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To say GME is trading abnormally is an understatement. It could rip a hole in spacetime and cause the heat death of the universe and I'd be less than totally surprised.

There's a form of technical analysis called the ichimoku cloud. It's a lot of information about a stock's history in one place. I don't decide if I want in on technical analysis alone, but I do use this to read prices once I've decided, because it kind of helps you visualize a period of weeks or months.

Interestingly, it did accurately predict both the timing of a move and the level if it turned out to be another bull run. $250 had been marked out as a significant level, flat as a tabletop, for a while now.

[Image: 19EM7A9.jpg]

The way I read this is that two new bullish signals - the blue line crossing above the red line, and the green line crossing out of the price - are pending around the end of this week. The cloud itself is bullish for another week, but thin and fragile, and then turns bearish and starts to thicken, which would suggest that if it moves down, it might finally stay down.

According to this technique, writing has been on the wall for a bit. You could call the first week of march "The Great Collision", when multiple signals were scheduled to smash into each other at once and determine the outcome, and because the ichimoku cloud uses a mix of time-shifted indicators, this event was visible a while ago.

If someone asked me today, I'd tell them to absolutely not buy more at this point, but to start making decisions about how to exit. I'd like to think most people who bought at the top bought more on the dip, dollar cost averaged down to way below $250, and will get out with a profit if it does move down again.

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