The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
Treasury yields going up, we seem to be in a bearish trend in a bull market.
Playing GME today exactly how I played it last time, waited for the dump at open, set a limit buy at $100 but it didn't hit, I bought at $119 and took some profits at 45% gains and still deciding if I hold the rest for tomorrow. AH is probably going to be insane most likely.
Also holding my spxs I got at the start of the week.
Edit: set a trailing stop loss and it hit for the rest of it. I don't care what happens tomorrow I made my money.

Semiconductors are taking a hit because of the shortage and the market right now, but long term I'm very bullish on semiconductors. A very risky play once we find more stability is SOXL which is a 3x leveraged semiconductor etf, holding leveraged etfs for the long term is usually a bad idea but if you time it right you could have significant returns.

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