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(02-05-2021, 04:21 PM)Kentemo Wrote: @CE, I see that your flag says Georgia. Is that a place that you have real-estate in?

I am asking since Tbilisi might be a place I'd see myself living in since it has a good structure for tax and setting up a business for online entrepreneurs.
Also the real estate (and everything else) seems to be extremely affordable.
I am a legal resident of Georgia now, though I have not been back since the pandemic hit.

To answer your question, I do not agree with purchasing real estate overseas.  There are too many variables that can bite you badly.  Several years ago, foreigners were losing their properties in Georgia for unpaid property taxes.  It was thru pure ignorance on their part, but the process of finding out your tax liability was laborious and counterintuitive at the time.   Georgia is not unique in this however.  There are property regulations and laws that barely resemble those of our home countries and local legal traditions in countries like Georgia leave little recourse when you get ripped off with liens, title challenges, or undisclosed defects in the property.  In short, don't do it.  

Buy investment properties in your home country.  Then rent out your residence abroad.  You'll thank me later.  

Other than that, there is a lot to like about Tbilisi as a place to live.  It has changed rapidly (not for the better) since a bunch of Arab, Persian, and African migrants began arriving en masse, but it is still a decent place that has become slightly less hospitable over the years.
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