The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
The attention that WSBs is getting is crazy, I was on there everyday last fall as I was bored at home and the weather sucked, then I started traveling again and just don't have the time to follow it but it was hilarious, I bought one share of GME today just for shits and gigs. My stocks are down pretty bad this week, except my Abcellera which I bought at the IPO, it was down big and still in the red but it's rising steadily. I'll add to my Vanguard ETFs soon, especially if they dip down some more. Apparently WSBs are hyping silver now, hopefully it goes up more because I scooped up a silver ETF (PSLV) last March and DCA'd it steadily last year, have a few Gs in it, silver to the moon brahs.

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