The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(01-29-2021, 01:50 PM)akms76 Wrote:
(01-29-2021, 12:55 PM)TurkishCoffee Wrote:
(01-28-2021, 01:56 AM)akms76 Wrote:
(01-28-2021, 12:55 AM)Y2K Gamer Wrote: Fucking appalling what happened today.

Brokerage houses--quite a few-- told clients today that they couldn't anymore trade gamestop, for their own safety. there were also massive outages of their apps and trading platforms today.

And the people on wall street are bitching and moaning, and some even want a bailout.

Proof that they'll do everything they can to prevent the little guy from winning.

I absolutely support any and every regulation that restricts SHIT companies(that should be BK by now) from trading at insane valuations just because a bunch of lazy millennials got together and said lets fuck things up. It has to be stopped at all costs. If left to it's own devises, it would create a massive lack of faith in the entire system, let alone a mockery. Capital would flee and you'd have a worse problem. Look at the entire stock market today? It collapsed on nothing. Looking under the hood, it was a lack of faith and a liquidation of sorts that made things snowball. I'd love to hear and see in the future people losing their shirts over this sheep like/unintelligent approach to trading.  You fuck the big boyz, you will always pay. 

Ohh btw the little guy can win, he just has to play by the rules.

I'd like to understand how you are on a site/forum that promotes self improvement yet you spout the most black pilled garbage I've read off RVF for a long time.

How do you reconcile that hamster in your head?

The little guy is winning.

Looks like I triggered you lol...Maybe I should hold your hand and give you a safe space. 

grow up

You dodged my question because you can't answer coherently. And you gave the most feminine passive aggressive response to me.

And I'm the one that needs to grow up?  Dodgy

Try responding after you stop taking estrogen pills thanks.

(01-29-2021, 01:32 PM)Shifty Wrote: This whole narrative of the little guy "winning" is kinda cringy, anyone buying with the mentality to stick it to the "big man" is going to lose money when they get in at ridiculous prices, bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered. I'm starting to think this just might be the thing that sends the market back down, interesting times we are in for sure.

All of this being said, I'm holding gme and amc from yesterday and going to be actively trading today.

I don't disagree that someone is going to be holding the bag when this all ends, however I'd like to point out that the "little" guys buying back at 20-40 on GME when at that time it seemed like a ridiculous price are already up multiples of their position. 

No one knows where this could end. GME could go 1000+ before it is all over.

The narrative being spun about the little guy certainly helped propel this move.

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