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This isn't merit-based capitalism it's kleptocracy.

Thinking there's some inherent logic to the markets is absurd because the only rule is the rich don't eat their own. And the government steps in when convenient to preserve the wealth-- created via malfeasance and grift.

Groupthink is a very destructive dynamic and the death-knell for many civilizations and organizations. To not see the flawed logic of those big players in the markets is groupthink at its finest. It's also what allows this whole facade of order to continue.

What I contend is that wall street gets bailed out, and day traders get told they can't play with the big boys, because they win for once. As a client of one of the major brokerages I'm sickened.

I'm no proponent of regulation but if these guys get money from the government or preferential treatment, something needs to be done.

Occupy was onto something because the people that profited most from the crisis, and got bailed out, was wall street not main street. DD was not done.

Thinking that "rules" exist at the highest echelons of the financial system is a bit of a Polyanna-ish perspective, and misses the mark on what really happens.

Thinking that the SEC does their job would be idealistic at best, and at worst, grossly inaccurate. For example members of congress are not subject to insider trading rules... Guess what happens there? As I said earlier Cohen got off. As well as HSBC. These regulators are not regulators. They just bring a thin veneer of legitimacy to the system, and we pretend that the system is markets-oriented and organic. Anything but that.

As I said earlier the "rules" are illusory and subject to change based on what wall st. wants. Look into what happened with the MBS markets after the bailouts. It arguably got even worse after what financial observers told us was the worst market downturn since the Great Depression.

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