The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
This was one of the craziest days I have ever seen in the market. While the market was shitting itself we had GME, AMC, NOK, EXPR, BB and others running for double and triple digit returns.
Institutions are going to be mad over this, get ready for them to introduce new restrictions to "protect" the retail investors, the house always wins.

Threw some money at EXPR for a quick daytrade and I'm holding AMC overnight after buying the dip, this is of course a hot potato that WILL go down long term but might as well make some money right now, inexperienced traders are going to end up buying the top or holding too long.

I expect to wake up to either -50% or +100% on AMC tomorrow, don't let anyone fool you into thinking what's happening right now is investing though, it's just gambling.

As I type this AMC is down 20% in AH, wonder what will happen tomorrow, pretty crazy.

As for the market, while we will probably get a few dips here and there I expect it to go keep going up and up, J Powell basically confirmed they were going to keep printing money, targeting an increase an inflation and leaving rates as they are right now, it's pretty much impossible for the market not to go back up even if we get some downward movement.

Just as I expected, brokerages are selling people's margin shares at market value right now. This means anyone holding shares overnight could have no say in what they sell at and this could also drive prices down on certain stocks.

Already a statement on today, like I said, house always wins.

Hedge funds doing shady shit and manipulating the market = Good

Retail investors doing the same thing = bad

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