The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(01-26-2021, 03:47 PM)Shifty Wrote: You are not immune to acting on emotion, and that would be the only requirement to make money if there was actually a 100% reliable proven method to be profitable trading, but there isn't. Things can work until they don't. Jumping from not dealing with stocks at all to trying to daytrade as a job is a recipe for disaster.  

Most trading youtubers are full of shit btw and even when they aren't, trying to replicate them or shadow trade is a bad idea.

Of course no one is immune. 

Id recommend anyone to paper trade for awhile first to test out their strategy.

Then go live with small amounts you can afford to lose. 

I wouldn't quit my day job until I was able to consistently win (with real money) and be in the green for an extended amount of time. 

Most people can't control their emotions and or manage the size of their bets/positions and go bust in quick order. 

But for the few that can develop or find a successful trading strategy and control their emotions and know how to manage their money, day trading can be a viable means of making a living.

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