The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(01-25-2021, 06:05 PM)Jetset Wrote: Whatever else happens, I'm pulling further back again. I'd gotten close to 33% bonds from new contributions, all my main accounts are 60% bonds as of today and will gradually buy back in with new contributions, or all at once if it takes a dump.

This Gamestop bullshit has all the trappings of a peak psychosis in the market and I feel like we're one piece of really bad news away from the wheels coming off. Been expecting that this can't be sustained but it's like a parody now.

This type activity has been seen before in the late Nineties. stocks were the hype back then. However, the mania lasted for awhile. Meaning I think this market gets to valuations even eclipsing the late nineties. The Nasdaq tripled in value from the low in late 1998 to the peak a few years later. Fast forward to today and the Nasdaq has only doubled from the lows from last March. This Market will absolutely go much, much higher. This is the mother of all bubbles fueled by the fed and the US government, thus this bubble will go beyond explanation. 

Bonds? That's not a smart investment, as real rates are rising and probably going much higher this year. I'd not want to be in Bonds or Gold atleast the first half of this year.

Bottomline- This is the easiest and the best time to put your money in the stock market as it's in it's final gasp higher. we are entering the Euphoria stage.

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