The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
Sold off a major portion of my stocks yesterday with the S+P 500 reaching the mid-point of the 52 week price range. 

Incidentally, on April 29, 2019 the S+P reached 2,943, an all-time-high at that moment.

Yesterday, it closed at 2,939.

I'm baffled how the markets are staying even somewhat buoyant with the grim economic realities. Analysts say yesterday's market run-up (around 3%) was due to Fauci's announcement of an antiviral treatment called Remdesivir that had modest success in a clinical trial.

This pandemic has tested my risk tolerance and I decided to reduce my equities exposure.

Previously, I had 35% of my portfolio in a total US market equities index, but now I'm at 20%. Locked in some decent gains, and I plan to park it in short-term treasuries for awhile.

Hoping to buy a house in foreclosure in the coming year or so, but historically the downward correction on home prices is a lagging indicator and takes awhile to set in.

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