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(03-25-2020, 05:33 AM)El Puto Loco Wrote: But I must also say it's the first time in a decade that the stock market shows some value in carefully researched stocks. I think the time is coming this summer to invest into some value stocks. I haven't touched my trading platform for many years and now I will probably start researching. It's the best thing you can do while sitting bored at home

I honestly have come to feel the these stock value calculi are 100% bogus.  There were thousands of stocks that were considered high-value 2 months ago.  They dropped just as hard and sometimes harder than the broader indexes.

A stock's true value is only determined by how many people are willing to pay for it, regardless of the underlying fundamentals.  This is why companies that are not profitable or even lose money can have stocks that outperform the market averages.

The only fundamentals I consider are those that impact a company's ability to keep paying dividends.  Short of that, waste of time and times like this tend to illustrate that.
Have you ever noticed it is your haters who obsessively read your every post, comment on them with the most emotion, and expend so much energy desperately trying to engage you?  It's because haters are your greatest, most loyal, and dedicated fans; they just have not come to terms with it yet.  Enjoy them because they are the surest sign that you're slaying it in life!  Big Grin

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