The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
Yes Contrarian, I have been following silver actively since 2003 and told one of my greedy friends in 2012 to sell at $42 unfortunately he didn't believe me when I told him it goes all the way back to 18.

Well I believe silver is going way below 10 around 8 somewhere and at this price I'm not ready to invest yet.

Somehow I hope that Platinum decouples from the diesel manufacturing and finally becomes what it is worth an investment metal worth more than gold.

I'm definitely not sure on that one... let Silver fall alongside Platinum further and I might change my mind on that especially in Australia it is so easy to buy physical silver.

I still waiting for Georgia to open back up. The currency is falling and now if it goes to 3.50 to the US dollar I might finally change into Lari and get 12% interest. Same as happening now in Armenia the currency is dropping because of the economic fallout, otherwise the dram remains rather strong through good relations with the west and Russia

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