The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(03-23-2020, 12:09 PM)OldSojer Wrote: Here is another factor - a guy on CNBC, a money manager, was calling for the markets to be closed until the worst is over.   He mentioned 9/11 and some previous examples like WWI.

Question is, do you buy tech/growth, cyclical materials near the bottom of their cycle like miners and oil, or specifically beat down businesses like airlines and hotels?
I can't see markets being closed as an option, especially at this late juncture.  It would create a panic, a run on the banks, and a scramble for cash in a manner that very well could undermine the stay at home discipline.   Those calling for closing the markets have simply lost a lot of money and are trying to justify not losing anymore.

For my retirement account (which is the beast of my portfolio) I will not at all fool with individual stocks in this meltdown; I buy index funds and call it a day.  It will be three choices:  S&P 500 Index, Wilshire 4500 Index, or the Morgan Stanley EAFE Index.  I will likely go 45%, 45%, 10% respectively.

For my small brokerage account, they have gone down in excess of 50% already, but its proportion of my overall wealth portfolio was only about 10%.  I see it as my longer term opportunity to stick with my monthly dividend payers on a dollar cost averaging basis where reaping the dividends overtime will be a treasure trove.

I am truly excited and grateful for this fire sale the third year into my early retirement.  Just need to be patient and not rush the jump in.
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