The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
Here is another factor - a guy on CNBC, a money manager, was calling for the markets to be closed until the worst is over. He mentioned 9/11 and some previous examples like WWI.

Probably has irate clients calling for his head and wants to stop further bleeding.

Closing the markets would bypass the bottom that Contrarian and I are talking about and trying to guess. We would stop at a certain percentage down and then, when the markets opened again, shoot up a record amount. Of course, because of crony leaks, hard-wired trading systems and front-running, you or I wouldn't be able to buy until the market had already shot up - 25 - 30 - 40%.

Another consideration in determining when to buy. I think we're at or pretty close to a place where you can buy and feel confident that what you bought would be up 20%+ in a year.

Question is, do you buy tech/growth, cyclical materials near the bottom of their cycle like miners and oil, or specifically beat down businesses like airlines and hotels?

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