The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
1. You now have an historic opportunity to buy equity in any of thousands of solid enterprises at a very deep discount. History has shown that the prices of these equities will double or more, possibly within a year. These enterprises provide things that people need or want very much. Some are based on prices of commodities which are also at all time lows due to economic or political factors, like oil. History again shows that the prices of these commodities will double or more. Many of these stocks will pay dividends which are now at highs relative to price, up to 10%. Others represent the economy of the future and will grow 100x in the coming years. Picking close to the bottom is the only problem, but any security is subject to real analysis of the underlying financial condition of the company.


2. You can buy cryptocurrencies, which do nothing, earn nothing, have no fixed commodity value, gold, other reserves or enterprise value, are backed by no government or political structure, and cannot be easily used for purchases. In the case of Bitcoin, established under a fake name (Satoichi), use megawatts of energy, and have the aforementioned loss problems. In the case of other "coins," the problem of dilution and competition. In all cases, subject to state shutdown or a sell panic on any given day. No way to analyze underlying value, pure betting.

Your choice in March 2020.

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