The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread

....It has a lot of very interesting attributes that should be attractive to any investor who is seeking some ways to attempt to have some investment stake in likely non-correlated asset.

I like this video.  Intelligent investors will see it as mere confirmation of what they already know about Bitcoin.  Brokecoiners will see it and want to make excuses and rationalizations about why catastrophic Bitcoin losses could never happen to them.

If you want to be affluent, ignore the Bitcoin cheerleaders, touts, and shills so you can invest intelligently and with peace of mind.
Have you ever noticed it is your haters who obsessively read your every post, comment on them with the most emotion, and expend so much energy desperately trying to engage you?  It's because haters are your greatest, most loyal, and dedicated fans; they just have not come to terms with it yet.  Enjoy them because they are the surest sign that you're slaying it in life!  Big Grin

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