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(03-20-2020, 07:18 PM)Dali Wrote: I've been buying pretty some small/mid-cap ETFs pretty aggressively - IWN (Russell 2000), XBI (SMID-cap biotech), and a little bit of VOO and VYM. Russell 2000 is now down 40% from its peak and reached the early 2016 support.

Obviously things can keep going downhill, but I think the risk-reward at these levels is far more attractive than a month ago, even if you assume many companies essentially have no profits for the next 1.5 years.

You are still kind of assuming that we are either done falling or close to being done falling, which seems to be slightly against the "trend is your friend" assessment.  Of course, if we get a bounce that lasts at least a few days, at least, then it becomes a bit more plausible to assert that the down trend is close to being over.  I do also understand the concept that sometimes a reversal will be quick and violent, so there is that dynamic, too (but quick reversal is not feeling too likely in the current macro news situation).

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