The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
I put some more money into bitcoin. I don't think this has been discussed in this thread but a tiny part of your investments should be having fun every now and then. The world could get hit by a comet and we're all dead.

As for my all time performing investments:
Stocks have been hit or miss. I have pulled off a return that hit 2x if my memory is correct. Historically this area returns 10%.
Fundrise is too early to tell but I've been hitting 8% all time.
Crypto is too early to tell but could be my all time leader. Fingers crossed but I'm still taking action everyday.

Wall street playboys is okay in moderation. In real life you will see people working jobs that are doing fine. My buddy works as a paramedic and has been hitting me up to help him with his side business. He makes 100K+, owned a boat at one point, and has no debt.

Financial Samurai is garbage. His exit plan book sucks, his advice on prosper sucks (5%ish returns on my end?), his advice on betterment sucks (I lost money), his advice on driving for lyft is stupid.

30Days to X is cool. Unsexy site but advice is practical. Robert needs more love here.

Mr Money Moustache: okay FIRE advice. You can only talk about living below your means before you beat a dead horse. I can't help but wonder if that's why his wife divorced him since nobody could/would want to live like how MMM proposes for decades. Somebody on the Roosh forum raised a valid point about this site possibly being linked to the Illuminati.

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