The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(10-19-2019, 03:08 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: ^ +1 across the board. Triangle has three different kinds of strategies: risk on, risk neutral, and risk adverse. The authors have acknowledged crypto's risk that it could go to 0 so don't invest in what you're afraid to lose. They also mention ways of making money off the space so there's that option if you don't want to stake money in a volatile asset.

What I applied from rereading:
I put in a fairly small amount of money into bitcoin today. Yes, I'm well aware that I've stated here before that I'm iffy on crypto. My plan is I will sell my crypto once I leave Illinois because the state will tax the crap out of my earnings should it skyrocket. We are BROKE. The other alternative was put that fund into the fundrise account which generates a laughable return (3-8%). More than my prosper return but still not something that will make me rich.

In the future if recession hits I will follow WSP's advice on purchasing stocks. IMO stocks are surging in Trump's America, just need it to die down before I make a grab and let time play its compounding role in my stocks.

I already have exposure to real estate but unfortunately don't have the time or resources to actively manage real estate. I also don't want to landlock myself to Illinois.

Ohhhh just came to mind:
Due to some pretty unique circumstances I can sell bottles of water at events. You can make a 500%+ ROI on a product that costs $10. You don't have to market it, you don't have to invent anything, it's so easy to do. Doesn't this sound a lot better than some paltry 10% stock return? Just had to make a quick note.

Yeah, I feel for those in high tax states. I worked a short-term assignment in South Carolina for a year and resented that 7% of my salary went to their state tax. In Texas, we don't have state income tax but we end up getting fucked on property taxes. If reducing tax liability is important Nevada seems like a good option for domiciling — no state income tax and property taxes are low due to the taxes they levy on tourist casino winnings.

Selling water at events may be a nice low-capital side hustle (as opposed to uber); not so much an investment. If it gets you out and about and making money I suppose it could be worthwhile. Especially if you don't have something else you're building toward (i.e. highly compensated skill/expertise or some business) anything is better than sitting at home.

One other thing worth noting... earning a 10% return year-over-year is nothing to sneeze at and if you're able to achieve those kinds of returns over decades you can turn a small fortune into a decent one. At some point for many, the name of the game becomes preservation.

You are right, however, to the extent that sweating a 10% return doesn't really matter if one don't have much in the way of investments to begin with. If that's the case efforts are better spent boosting income.

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