The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(10-18-2019, 03:22 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: Next week I'm going to make another investment decision. Just have to pull up my copy of "Triangle Investing" and see what I want in my portfolio.

Other alternative assets I don't think you all discussed were offshore accounts and dual passports.

Passports and offshore accounts strike me as internationalization strategies more so than investments. The reason I say that is those things don't have any kind of exchange value or potential for appreciation.

Worthy topics nonetheless and probably deserve their own thread.

If I remember right, Triangle Investing recommends a strategy of (1) equities, (2) crypto, and (3) income generating real estate, no? I've mentioned before that heavy crypto allocation makes me flinch, but if the asset class normalizes and legitimizes this advice could be prescient.

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