The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(09-26-2019, 09:57 PM)ChicagoFire Wrote: Best investment is yourself. Invest in good food, safe neighborhood, get a library card, etc.

I can admit one of the worst investments I made was peer to peer lending (prosper). Highest return I hit was about 5%. When I checked my account today the return was at 2%. Yeah....inflation is killing my gains.

This is my investment strategy:
* Dollar cost average into the market.
* [1] Have some exposure in risky assets like crypto. Not arguing with anybody but I frankly think crypto is a libertarian's wet dream. I'm still trying to sell my assets while minimizing my tax gains.  Samseau persuaded me to buy monero and I wonder how that coin is doing since I don't have as much time to look into crypto.
* [2] Have exposure to real estate through fundrise and gold through goldmoney. Both are time tested assets.  
* Sock away 10% of your paycheck into investments.
*  If there really is recession I'll be buying up whatever is dipping.
* No day trading as I'm not smart enough to outsmart the market.
* [3] No 401Ks or pensions, never understood the whole work for a company for 20 years with matching only to enjoy the money when you're too old to do it. Today, tomorrow, and yesterday were great days to work on your own business. Everybody has 1 hour to spare to work on their project.
* Have fun! Life is too short to worry about economic doomsday. Just don't be caught with your pants down.
* Do this for 20 years.

In process: Research putting money in offshore accounts.

That's what I do and obviously open to refining my method.

Interesting strategy thanks for sharing.

[1] If you want to enjoy your weekend, I'd recommend you not check the crypto price charts Smile 

[2] Never heard of fundrise, but I'd be interested to know why you prefer it over REITs. Looks cool, but I wonder if there's a catch — high % expense fees or transaction fees (entering/exiting a position)... I'll check it out over the weekend.

[3] Not to hammer on you, but you may want to strongly reconsider this.

As Contrarian and JJG have mentioned, a company is literally giving you 'free', additional money if you contribute to a 401k matching plan.

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