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For 401Ks I've worked enough terrible jobs that I'm jaded about working for an employer unless they make my work experience worth it. Just my "journey" and if others are cool with the so called free money that's fine. Employers have to sell job security and the glitzy title but they're quick to replace you if they can find a cheaper option. At the end of the day I want to own my own business and not deal with HR tattletales or my boss' midlife crisis. To each their own.

Your skepticism and even jadedness about getting involved with employers is not necessarily a bad thing, and I suppose you might be reflecting a broader and broader mindset for a variety of people, guys especially.   

Surely you are likely already familiar with what I have to say, but I will say it anyhow.  Historically, there had been some decent abilities in the West for guys to provide for their families and even to accomplish such one income family.  Those traditional jobs had pensions, yet the 401k has become a substitute for the pension... and many would argue an inferior substitute, but if your job has a 401k that has matching funds, then that would be one of the smartest first things to do with your money.  Of course, those 401k options are not as much available even, and surely they only become available when guys chose to have such jobs that have 401k options.  Furthermore, you don't necessarily have to work "for the man" for your whole life, but you likely have to contribute to the 401k (and thus be employed for that employer) for a certain amount of time before your benefits will vest, and usually that is 3-5 years, and will vary from one 401k plan to another.

I do personally believe that if a 401k is available to guys then it is generally a good idea to contribute at least to the matching portion of the Employer's contributions, and sometimes it could cause a decent amount of accumulation of wealth that would not have otherwise been within a guy's self-discipline to have had caused on his own.  But, yeah, if guys never have such options or they feel that they are selling out to the man too much in order to take such a tie-me-down job, then that could be an option that you have just limited yourself from.  There is a saying to make your money in the west and then retire in the east, so in that regard, it would just mean attempting to earn your money in areas that pay way more and then go to areas (and presumably take your value) in which the cost of living is way less.

Just food for thought rather than really trying to argue any point with you, CF.. because in the end, guys will make differing choices regarding how much they might feel is prudent to sell out to the man in order to build a nest egg that might cause them more options in terms of future wealth or even building their wealth more quickly rather than working until they collapse (and some guys believe that working gives them meaning too, and personally, I would rather have goals to graduate from working to the extent that I am able to).

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