The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
For 401Ks I've worked enough terrible jobs that I'm jaded about working for an employer unless they make my work experience worth it. Just my "journey" and if others are cool with the so called free money that's fine. Employers have to sell job security and the glitzy title but they're quick to replace you if they can find a cheaper option. At the end of the day I want to own my own business and not deal with HR tattletales or my boss' midlife crisis. To each their own.

One benefit to goldmoney is you can charge up your credit cards for airmiles AND invest into your future. I haven't invested in Goldmoney in a while so if there really is a fee now or before that's a way to offset it. Obviously pay off the balance unless you want to get socked for interest. I've had that happen a couple times but fortunately I nipped it in the bud fast. Thanks for the information, I thought I ought to give some more.

My Fundrise portfolio is about 8 months old. With that out of the way on the moderate investing setting I have gotten some dividends. Nothing life changing but it's sort of paying off. I should report back 3-5 years from now with Fundrise. I don't like dealing with people and don't have the money to take out a mortgage so that's why I picked Fundrise.

I just want exposure to assets that provide money so that will include gold, real estate, P2P lending, stock motifs, etc. There's risks in everything (North Korea could EMP America and there goes your crypto) but that's why you diversify.

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