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Bitcoin not responding as 'store of value' at this moment in time. Maybe that changes as the year rolls on.


Get the fuck out of here, billydingdong, with your short-term nonsense and assessment that bitcoin is not serving as a "store of value", recently.  You gotta look at the matter from more than a 1 month perspective.. not only in terms of historical performance but also in terms of thinking about what you are going to do now, if anything, in terms of your various investments.  


Settle down, JJG... You're reading comprehension is almost as mindless as your writing style.

Speak for yourself in terms of any attempts at emotional assessments.

Of course, you are telling me that you would have chosen different words, and that remains your choice. Go to it, to the extent that you deem suitable to your purpose(s).

I give few fucks regarding your assessment of my word choice.

(08-15-2019, 10:32 PM)billydingdong Wrote: Bitcoin not responding as 'store of value' at this moment in time. Maybe that changes as the year rolls on.
I wrote 'at this moment in time' so maybe it happens later...or maybe it doesn't.

O.k. Then are you really saying anything?

(08-15-2019, 10:32 PM)billydingdong Wrote: I'm not saying anything about it long-term although if I had to wager, I would bet that bitcoin does indeed increase at some point this year....

Like I have mentioned several times, it is very difficult to make meaningful assessments of BTC price direction in the short term, but based on the upcoming halvening in May 2020, current upwards BTC price momentum and ongoing pressures, and ongoing positive developments in the BTC space, the next two years or more are likely to continue to have ongoing upwards BTC price pressures. I have few clues about the short term, such as pinning matters down to this calendar year because the price could go either way in the shorter-term, in spite of decently strong fundamentals and being in a seemingly bullish market, currently.

(08-15-2019, 10:32 PM)billydingdong Wrote: But if you can't acknowledge that investment capital is flowing into gold (conventional store of value) and treasuries (conventional safe haven asset) right now in a skittish market, then maybe you should take some time away from the screen and go get in touch with reality. Smile

Huh? Did I say anything about those other assets? Of course, finally after 10 years, gold has gone up 20%-ish.. holy moley fuck... . so do what you want... anyhow, I asked you a question regarding what to do with a hypothetical $12k budget, in order to clarify what you are saying or suggesting, rather than to elaborate on my criticism, which seemed to have been your wanting to get a dig in at BTC without even mentioning your lovey wuvy ETH....., which brings questions to your ability to really make any kind of meaningful or solid assessments regarding what guys should do, perhaps, based on your assessment of the price performance of various asset classes in the past month... One thing is to describe what they have done, and another thing is to make some kind of meaningful suggestion if any action should be taken based on such a short term assessment.

Are you saying to put more value in gold at this time, or has gold already had its run? Or are you trying to suggest to take profits in one or more of the asset categories or reallocate or just let them ride at current investment levels (whatever the fuck that might happen to be, perhaps something like you had already suggested about your holding percentages in your earlier post?). I am trying to get some kind of idea about what you are saying in terms of whether the performance of those assets of the last month are indicating about present of future action or just to HODL whatever position?

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