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(08-15-2019, 06:49 PM)billydingdong Wrote: After a volatile month in the financial markets, gold and treasuries are up big.  

Bitcoin not responding as 'store of value' at this moment in time. Maybe that changes as the year rolls on.

Here are some 1 month charts of total stock market, bitcoin, gold and long-term treasuries.

Total stock market

[Image: ADS6LNC.jpg]


[Image: mKch5xi.jpg]

Long-term Treasuries

[Image: TXXHE0B.jpg]


[Image: Ux5AFoE.jpg]

Get the fuck out of here, billydingdong, with your short-term nonsense and assessment that bitcoin is not serving as a "store of value", recently.  You gotta look at the matter from more than a 1 month perspective.. not only in terms of historical performance but also in terms of thinking about what you are going to do now, if anything, in terms of your various investments.  

And, the "store of value" narrative is a longer-term descriptor regarding what is bitcoin is likely to be or to become rather than some kind of thing that you can count on with certainty in bitcoin - especially on shorter time horizons - even though the actual charts that you had provided above are showing BTC outperforming all of the other asset classes.

Anyhow, almost any kind of aberrations can happen in one month, and you have a story that you would like to tell about bitcoin not being a good investment, so it seems.  No?  I have asserted on a number of occasions, that one of the most certain things in bitcoin in the coming years is going to be its volatility, rather than its price direction, so I would suggest that any guy who buys into bitcoin, figures out ways to prepare himself psychologically and financially for ongoing and likely severe volatility in bitcoin.. and maybe figure out ways to profit from such a dynamic that is so likely to continue as a kind of close to certainty.

If you are so smart about the current market status of various asset classes, what are your recommendations regarding current allocations, in order to see performance of your portfolio one or two years down the road?    With those four asset classes, how are you going to allocate?  Tell us.  How much in each?  

Let's hypothesize a $12k budget with $6k that is available to spend now, and $6k cashflow over the next 6 months?   How are you going to invest your budget?  You can double your budget if you want, I was just trying to approximate something that is easily divisible by 6, and portray a budget that might feasibly be available to a possible guy who is living with a $20k or more annual budget.. and some savings.  

How are you going to propose allocate those hypothetical funds?  You going to put ethereum into the mix, since you had been so hot and heavy about ethereum [scam] projects in recent times?  You did not mention Ethereum, above.  Is that going to be included in your investment allocation recommendations?

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