The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
Great thread --- personally I am in a phase of my career where I'm doing less consulting work (= earning less) and spending more on my fledgling online businesses.

Therefore, my net worth has been trending slightly negatively for the last year or so.

While I still maximally invest in my tax advantaged accounts each year (and have that money in various index funds + near-monopoly tech stocks), the rest of my money is sitting in a ~2.2% interest bearing savings account.

All told, I've probably got 2-3 years of living expenses in the savings account rather than in the market.

While this seems like a lot, is it? My worst-case scenario would be needing to sell investments during a downturn to pay for my life/business expenses. Is 2-3 years cash in the bank overdoing it? If so, how much would you keep "in cash" versus invested?

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