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(07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote:
(07-21-2019, 03:21 AM)JayJuanGee Wrote: I am not going to waste my time providing you any further facts, logic or my various conclusions in the direction that I already asserted.  

I stand by my previous assertions, and if you are comfortable about the solidness of ethereum's various projects, or the soundness of the money supply or the fact that there is not a pattern of behavior regarding locking up ethereum and lack of transparencies in that direction, then all  the power to you about believing that they are actually going to be able to deliver anything of value including getting BIG names on board to keep the thing floating long enough for you to make money.


Then it's pretty hard to take you serious, mate...

Your decision about whether to take me serious or not remains your choice.

I believe that I already gave you decent reasons why I am not going to go into detail about your decision to invest in ethereum. That is your choice. I am going to try to take you seriously, until you might start getting too annoying by trying to get me to argue with you about something that you love... so go ahead, invest in ethereum... that's your choice. Why do we need to get into too many details about our perceptions of merits or lack thereof, we already made our points, and this thread is not even about attempting to justify specific investment choices, right?

(07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: If you think Ethereum is a 'BIG ASS distraction', and if you're not willing to explain what you mean when pressed on your reasons -- then it looks like we've reached an impasse.

Exactly... so it should be a good reason to move on. If you take the matter to the crypto thread or create an ethereum thread, I would likely not participate, because I could give two shits, so I doubt that there is any reason for me to further elaborate on as much as I am interested in exploring your area of interest of ethereum, so there are likely other like minded folks out there with whom you can commiserate about the topic and the likely direction of that cluster-fuck of a mess that you believe is a worth-while investment.

(07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: Seeing that you're not willing to 'provide further facts or logic', I don't see why I or anyone else should agree with your take as anything more than pseudo-eloquent ramblings.

You don't need to agree with me. I don't care. There are a decent amount of people who do agree with me, but why would it matter very much? I made my points already, but you want to dwell on the points that I have not made or that I fail or refuse to make.

(07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: It would’ve been great if you would’ve answered my question  in good faith:
  1. How and where do smart contracts ‘lock up value’? What does this mean and how does it effect the viability of Ethereum even if there?

Whether the practice of locking up ethereum is wide-spread or not, you are going to deny that projects on ethereum do not have lock in periods? Whatever, I don't care to go look up and attempt to quantify the statement, so if I happen to be wrong about the extent of the practice, then so what? I am not purposefully attempting to spread information. If you deny that there are locking up going on, then good enough for me. I am still not going to go research further because there are a sufficiently large number of reasons in my own thinking about why ethereum is a bunch of smoke and mirrors and failure to deliver promises, etc. coupled by a bunch of wishful get rich quick 14 year olds who are likely to result in a lot of disasters, so good luck investing in that crap.. you could get many more years of pumps based on network effects, which I will concede some of ethereum's network effects have brought some value to the whole ponzi scheme smoke and mirrors disasters waiting to happen.

(07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: And also:

  • Why would companies like Samsung, BBVA, Society Generale, Microsoft, Google, etc. utilize and build tools on top of something that is so obviously a ‘Ponzi scheme’ and ’smoke and mirrors’? What do you know that they don’t?

  • Merely because some BIG companies are building on ethereum does not mean that they are building on a solid foundation, but surely they could help for the charade to play out longer and take many more years before the house of cards falls.. .because there are additional dumbasses trying to prop up the cards with toothpicks.

    (07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: Like I said, I still don’t think you understand the subject very well, and your meandering response away from my question did nothing to invalidate that.

    I don't claim to be an expert on ethereum, so maybe your insightfulness and your access to information that I do not know is going to make your investment pay off greater than what I would have predicted. That's good for you, and could be an opportunity cost for me. You believe in it, so why would it matter what I think beyond just rebutting or attempting to rebut what I said, which you seem to have sufficiently did or tried or at least in your thinking, so should not matter too much more about how much information I don't have to back up my assertions beyond what I already provided, right?

    (07-21-2019, 04:12 PM)billydingdong Wrote: Anyways, probably best we get back to talking about conventional investments (stocks, bonds, etc) here.

    Sounds good. You still did not discuss your allocations of your portfolio in terms of ethereum, or the way that you might plan to address various risks with ethereum, to the extent that you perceive them. Seems that allocations and decisions about apportioning risks seems more relevant than whether any particular guy believes in the fundamentals of an asset. There should always be some considerations about plans to accumulate an asset to the allocation that guys believe are appropriate to their own circumstances, ways to study and account for changing circumstances that might cause tweaking of plans, and thoughts on circumstances that might cause liquidation of some or all of the investment.

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