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(07-21-2019, 03:21 AM)JayJuanGee Wrote: I am not going to waste my time providing you any further facts, logic or my various conclusions in the direction that I already asserted.  

I stand by my previous assertions, and if you are comfortable about the solidness of ethereum's various projects, or the soundness of the money supply or the fact that there is not a pattern of behavior regarding locking up ethereum and lack of transparencies in that direction, then all  the power to you about believing that they are actually going to be able to deliver anything of value including getting BIG names on board to keep the thing floating long enough for you to make money.


Then it's pretty hard to take you serious, mate...

If you think Ethereum is a 'BIG ASS distraction', and if you're not willing to explain what you mean when pressed on your reasons -- then it looks like we've reached an impasse. Seeing that you're not willing to 'provide further facts or logic' when all you've made are assertions, I don't see why I or anyone else should agree with your take as anything more than pseudo-eloquent rambling.

It would’ve been great if you would’ve answered my question in good faith:
  • How and where do smart contracts ‘lock up value’? What does this mean and how does it effect the viability of Ethereum even if there are poorly written smart contracts?
And also:
  • Why would companies like Samsung, BBVA, Society Generale, Microsoft, Google, etc. utilize and build tools on top of something that is so obviously a ‘Ponzi scheme’ and ’smoke and mirrors’? What do you know that they don’t?
Like I said, I still don’t think you understand the subject very well, and your meandering response away from my question did nothing to invalidate that. edit: There are indeed a lot of concerns and valid criticisms against Ethereum, I'm aware of many of them and willing to discuss them elsewhere. However you're not making them here.

Anyways, probably best we get back to talking about conventional investments (stocks, bonds, etc) here.

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