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(07-21-2019, 02:50 AM)billydingdong Wrote:
(07-20-2019, 03:22 AM)JayJuanGee Wrote: In my opinion it is a BIG ASS distraction for billydingdong or anyone else to  longterm invest into ethereum because it is a different thing from bitcoin and truly is not really adding much value to the concept of hedge or sound money (or storage of value), even though ethereum is a vehicle for a lot of dumb money to get into crypto and to scam a lot of people through ICOs, but whatever, that ponzi scheme of complexity around ethereum could take 20 years before it collapses, so if anyone invests into ethereum they likely need to be careful in terms of their timing and not to get stuck in ethereum at the wrong time (which some of the contracts related to ethereum lock up value on purpose, which seems to help the ponzi scheme to keep going if enough of the value is locked up in various likely to be shitty and meaningless contracts), even though ethereum probably should have collapsed already had it not been a kind of piling on effect of continued smoke and mirrors propositions, bitcoin imitations and decent marketing to suck in more and more dumb money regarding convoluted tech and convolution regarding what value that it might offer exactly beyond pie in the sky vaporware whitepapers in which any kind of value proposition that could develop through the various ethereum based platforms might NOT end up getting absorbed into bitcoin on a longer time horizon, anyhow.

Well...I guess that's your opinion. But respectfully, it seems like you don't know what you're talking about.

Especially the section I colored in blue above.

Putting aside the weird syntax, that's an interesting statement, and I'd like to know: what are you talking about here? How does  some of the contracts related to ethereum that 'lock up value on purpose keep the ponzi scheme going?  And since you're cautioning others against Ethereum, what does this have to do with its price, value, and viability?

I seriously do not understand what you're saying here, and I bet you don't either. I've never heard anything like this, so an explanation would be helpful.

(07-20-2019, 03:22 AM)JayJuanGee Wrote: Yes... lots of smoke and mirrors in the Ethereum space, including the extent that they supposedly have "a lot of" developers (quality of developers?) or any kind of solid investors or any kind of solid ecosystem that is not one BIG ASS house of cards ready to fall at any moment or at least devolve into more contradictions and conflicting messages about what value it is that ethereum is actually providing, and surely, like billydingdong mention, these matter related to ethereum could be elaborated more in the crypto thread, or talk about bitcoin in the bitcoin thread.

Whatever you say...

But it's a lot of frothy hand waving and low-value commentary. Better to provide sources.

Here's one, an actual source, on dev adoption:
  • Ethereum has the biggest developer team in crypto. On average, 216 developers contribute code every month to Ethereum’s repos. This is undercounting the number of Ethereum developers since we do not include ecosystem projects like Truffle.
  • Bitcoin’s developer ecosystem is very healthy 10 years after launch. On average, more than 50 developers per month contribute to Bitcoin’s repos. This is undercounting the number of Bitcoin developers since we do not include ecosystem projects like wallets.

And I'm not going to get started with legit enterprise participation (Societe Generale, Ernst + Young, Microsoft Azure, Samsung) and promising ERC tokens (DAI, Chainlink, BAT, Augur)

Saying the Ethereum project is a 'ponzi scheme' and all 'smoke and mirrors'  is ignorant at best, and deceptive and infantile at worst.

Explaining what you meant in the blue text above would be a good start in seeing why you think this way despite strong evidence to the contrary.

I am not going to waste my time providing you any further facts, logic or my various conclusions in the direction that I already asserted.  

I stand by my previous assertions, and if you are comfortable about the solidness of ethereum's various projects, or the soundness of the money supply or the fact that there is not a pattern of behavior regarding locking up ethereum and lack of transparencies in that direction, then all  the power to you about believing that they are actually going to be able to deliver anything of value including getting BIG names on board to keep the thing floating long enough for you to make money.

Sure, you are right that you might be able to make money, and the whole thing will not crash on you before hand.  Perhaps?  Perhaps?  In the end, it is your choice regarding how much of your value to allocate to such projects, how much time and money to invest into it, and if you believe in what seems to be a continuously shifting narrative that hardly makes any sense to me.  Actually, they have had a few upgrades that were going to come to ethereum that have been rescheduled, so let's see if the ethereum 2.0 actually launches early in 2020 as seems to be the currently anticipated rescheduled date for launch.  Going to fix ethereum?  Maybe?  Will the price go up and get pumped?  Maybe?  Let's see?  

Funny that one of your initial posts describing bitcoin seemed to have at least some decent understanding of bitcoin, but you seem to be drinking the koolaide that either ethereum is the same thing as bitcoin, bitcoin is deficient or ethereum is bitcoin 2.0 or some of the other nonsense pump talking points about various investors in ethereum and its supposedly offering something of value, apart from its seeming to lack of a clear monetary policy, but that does not matter, does it? 

I understand that if you believe that ethereum and bitcoin are kind of similar, then that could rationalize why you would put money into ethereum rather than bitcoin, but you fail to realize that ethereum mostly has value becuase of bitcoin, in other words, bitcoin is the dog that gives any value to ethereum, the tail.   

But, yeah, if you want to fantasize that the tail is wagging the dog, rather than reality, that is your choice to NOT put any value at all into bitcoin.  Would be interested to hear what kinds of percentages that you are allocating rather than arguing about the merits or lack thereof, because as long as you are putting your money where your mouth is then it should not really matter whether you are right or I am right because over time, the value should come through the appreciation of your investment, no?  Isn't this thread about investment strategies, and perhaps how to allocate or take protective measures rather than trying to argue the value of one investment over another?  Those are personal choices, and so there can be more prudent ideas just in regard to allocation, and guys can still profit a lot from a variety of scenarios if they set up their allocations in ways that are prudent, at least prudent in terms of their own finances, cashflow, other investments, timeline, risk tolerance, views of the various assets, and skills and time that can be dedicated to investing (whether active or passive).

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