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(06-07-2019, 09:42 PM)samifon Wrote:
(06-07-2019, 03:54 AM)whiteknightrises Wrote: Buy Bitcoin, thank me later

Bitcoin's massively overrated. How high do you think it'll go?

You can dollar cost average into bitcoin, and you can also determine the amount that you would like to put in.  I tend to suggest that guys start out by putting anywhere between 1% and 10% of their quasi-liquid investment portfolio value into bitcoin, and of course, guys have to determine their own amounts based on their view of bitcoin as compared with other assets and their risk tolerance in that regard while they are still attempting to learn about the asset class.

There is a decent amount of information out there and even arguments suggesting that bitcoin is not necessarily a correlated asset, so that should be a good thing, and along the way and with the passage of time, we will see whether the non correlation is true, reverse correlation or partially correlated plays out.

Billydingdong does make several decent points in his post on the bitcoin topic in this thread, which shows that he has some decent ideas about what bitcoin is offering in terms of both sound money and a kind of hedge against dollar based investments (even though he seems to kind of retract some of what he had said in his later post), and like mentioned by whiteknightrises probably billydingdong should own a bit of bitcoin, even if the ownership amount is just a small amount of his total portfolio, and especially since he kind of already has decent ideas about the overall proposition of what bitcoin is offering though he seems to believe that ethereum actual offers something meaningful besides smoke and mirrors. 

In my opinion it is a BIG ASS distraction for billydingdong or anyone else to  longterm invest into ethereum because it is a different thing from bitcoin and truly is not really adding much value to the concept of hedge or sound money (or storage of value), even though ethereum is a vehicle for a lot of dumb money to get into crypto and to scam a lot of people through ICOs, but whatever, that ponzi scheme of complexity around ethereum could take 20 years before it collapses, so if anyone invests into ethereum they likely need to be careful in terms of their timing and not to get stuck in ethereum at the wrong time (which some of the contracts related to ethereum lock up value on purpose, which seems to help the ponzi scheme to keep going if enough of the value is locked up in various likely to be shitty and meaningless contracts), even though ethereum probably should have collapsed already had it not been a kind of piling on effect of continued smoke and mirrors propositions, bitcoin imitations and decent marketing to suck in more and more dumb money regarding convoluted tech and convolution regarding what value that it might offer exactly beyond pie in the sky vaporware whitepapers in which any kind of value proposition that could develop through the various ethereum based platforms might NOT end up getting absorbed into bitcoin on a longer time horizon, anyhow.

(06-25-2019, 03:15 PM)whiteknightrises Wrote: I think that ~a~ smart contract platform will capture a lot of value (make people a lot of money)

But I'm not sure that's gonna be ETH.

They keep pushing back the roadmap and shit

Granted, they have the most developers, investors, and overall ecosystem so they have a good shot

But they keep failing to deliver (latest announcement: ETH 2.0 "might" be released Jan. 2020) and the price has been taking a shit in Satoshis since mid-2017

Yes... lots of smoke and mirrors in the Ethereum space, including the extent that they supposedly have "a lot of" developers (quality of developers?) or any kind of solid investors or any kind of solid ecosystem that is not one BIG ASS house of cards ready to fall at any moment or at least devolve into more contradictions and conflicting messages about what value it is that ethereum is actually providing, and surely, like billydingdong mention, these matter related to ethereum could be elaborated more in the crypto thread, or talk about bitcoin in the bitcoin thread.

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