The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
(06-25-2019, 12:27 AM)billydingdong Wrote:
(06-22-2019, 12:28 AM)whiteknightrises Wrote: It's interesting you posted that

But said you don't hold BTC and ETH instead

(Since ETH is not a Store of Value)

Personally I see both ETH + BTC foremost as speculative assets (and neither as stores of value), and with that I'm more convinced of ETH's long-term utility and that it will see greater price appreciation for a variety of reasons.

However, I might be wrong and BTC could completely blow ETH out of the water... I'm willing to talk more about it in the the Crypto thread if anyone is interested.

I think that ~a~ smart contract platform will capture a lot of value (make people a lot of money)

But I'm not sure that's gonna be ETH.

They keep pushing back the roadmap and shit

Granted, they have the most developers, investors, and overall ecosystem so they have a good shot

But they keep failing to deliver (latest announcement: ETH 2.0 "might" be released Jan. 2020) and the price has been taking a shit in Satoshis since mid-2017

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