The Stock Market, Investments, and Investing Thread
I came across a great resource a few weeks ago, and I've been messing around with it a lot:

If you are investing and trying to reach a savings goal, seeking financial independence, or already there, portfolio construction is an incredibly important topic for those looking to maintain and increase their wealth while also determining an acceptable risk profile.

This site is remarkable, and it shows historic returns since 1970 of various allocations of various investment classes. I've been using mostlythe DIY 'My Portfolio' section where you can manually input the asset allocations.

The data I find most interesting:

+ Annual Return Values (avg real annual return, standard deviation, % of years a given asset allocation lost money)
+ Range of portfolio values/returns over long time time frames
+ Time horizons to reach a savings target based on starting capital and contributions
+ Maximum portfolio losses (i.e. drawdowns) and time to recover
+ Safe portfolio withdrawal rates (once savings goal is reached)

Check it out! I know for most of you it's 'a bunch of numbers and graphs and shit', but I imagine someone here will find it informative.

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