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JFC... total bloodbath today. Down big.

(09-05-2020, 09:01 AM)whiteknightrises Wrote: Would look into insurance for your ETH

Andre is a genius but there's just so many different smart contracts layered on top of one another for the yETH vault that it's worrisome personally

Surprised you would sell SNX and LINK though

Was considering, but don't want to go through Nexus KYC.

The SUSHI founder dumped all his sushi tokens, which has coincided with a crash in prices. Should put a needed end to the yield farming craze and all the dogshit clone projects trying to leach value from incumbents.

Bought back into LINK today at $9.80 w/ fresh cash. The YFI I bought the other day is eating shit. Also planning to get back into SNX as soon as the transfer from my brokerage hits.

I'm not selling anything.

What are y'all going to do?
>I've heard some convincing fud that layer 2 solutions will be necessary before DeFi can take off again. If true, BZRX would be a great idea that just missed the window of opportunity.

Layer 2 doesn't matter because whales can still benefit from ETH/DeFi as it is
Real scalability probably not happening for a few years

Also, TBH BZRX is not a balls deep project

Hope you all loaded up on alts

Only in crypto can Sushiswap/someone saving Sushiswap crash/rebound the entire market
Quote: Also, TBH BZRX is not a balls deep project

Got hacked last weekend. For the 3rd time!


In the wake of the Sushi debacle, Uniswap is now launching their own UNI token.

If you've transacted on Uniswap prior to September 1, you can claim 400 UNI for each wallet you've used to trade.

UNI is currently trading at around $3, so if you used it just once, that's $1,200 literally airdropped into your pocket.

1 billion UNI tokens will be minted over the next 4 years, so that makes a fully diluted valuation of about $3 billion based on the $3/UNI price.

By comparison, Coinbase had a recent valuation of $8 billion.

However, Uniswap does more trading volume than Coinbase.

I will be farming the shit out of this token.
you need both eth and a stable coin to farm UNI?
(09-17-2020, 02:20 PM)Kangaroo Wrote: you need both eth and a stable coin to farm UNI?


Starting pairs are:


More will be added later, subject to a vote.

If I had to bet, the next one to be added will be UNI / ETH.

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