Ladyboys in Thailand reason why they are there
Traveling to place like Thailand for example foreigners will run into a lot of ladyboys.
(men dressing up and acting like women)

I thought about this and why it is so common in Thailand. Here is my conclusion see if you agree with me:

Thailand is one of the most visited places for international tourists. Over 37 million international tourists  go to Thailand per year According to the Thailand tourism department. (mostly men) go to Thailand to get laid every year.  But there is only 65 million people who are residents of Thailand. 50% of that are men the other 25% are too young or too old or married unavailable women.  So what this means is that there is a shortage of women to go around.   First the local Thai men want to get laid and the foreign men want to get laid.  There just is not enough women in Thailand to fuck all the entire world's men.  

So what happens is that poor local men see these Thai women making money, staying in 5 star hotels, eating expensive food, getting money given to their families, etc.  all given to them by desperate foreign men tying to get laid.

So,  a light bulb goes off in their head and the local men get an idea.

Why not pretend they are women and scam the foreign men out of their money?  Maybe leaving at the last moment after the foreigner spends money on them.  Some local ladyboy men are so desperate for money that they have sex with these foreigners. Getting so addicted to the foreign men's money that they even have sex change operations.

I don't believe all ladyboys are just gay men.  I believe they are local men desperate for money and see that there is a shortage of available women to fuck all the world's men.   Ladyboys understand the law of supply and demand and take advantage of it.

What do you think of my idea?  Do you agree or disagree? Why or Why not?  

Can you better explain why they are so many ladyboys in Thailand?   Do you have a better idea why so many ladyboys are in Thailand?  If they are Gay why not dress like a normal gay man? why dress like a woman?  Gay men in America don't normally dress like women they dress like men.  So why do so in Thailand? 

What do you think?
thailand is really open about ladyboys. according to their buddhism, they are a reincarnation of a past life with a lot of debauchery
I dont know why, but for me south east asian guys are some of the guys that naturally look the most feminine (which is why it can be so hard to know who is a ladyboy and who isn't). Philippines has tons of lady boys too
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Anglo and Germanic futures are the most masculine for sure. It goes for both sexes. Asian are by far the most feminine.

If you do an Asia tour then head to Australia the comparison can really fuck with you. Birds with big nose bones and solid brows are not feminine and that’s not factoring in their BMIs.

I’ve also heard New York has a shitload of black tranny’s for some reason.
Lol there's an English chick in my Muay Thai class that back in the West would be considered attractive/hot. Big bubble butt but still pretty slim,etc. 

But I was looking at her next to a Viet girl in the class, and I couldn't get over her brow, and jaw line and how masculine it was.

I really think the femininity of Asian women has ruined me.
haha i've had this same affect happen. A couple months back in the states and you will get used to masculine women again.
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Guys, recently I found a video with shemales and honestly I do not understand a little how they differ from ladyboys. If there is who knows, explain please? I think they're exactly the same. Then why call themselves differently?

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