Question about Filipinas and escalation
Longtime reader of Swoop. I enjoy reading your books.

I have question about escalating with pinays. I get a few to come over to my spot in Manila. I pick them up from downstairs and bring them to my room. Sometimes as soon as they step in, they immediately get cold feet and say something like "Let's go downstairs and drink coffee instead" or a trite "I just came here to see you, then we'll meet again" or "How about lunch/dinner/x instead?" or the mercenary "I'm hungry". 

I usually hold frame and change the subject, introduce a silly prop like a Youtube Video or vacation photos etc etc. At the extreme, it doesn't work and they'll want to leave or wait for me by the elevator to take them to Bo's, starbucks until they realize I'm not coming and then leave. Could be a comfort thing, but who knows. Everything else is in order, room clean, good hygiene, so I can't imagine what I'm doing wrong.  

It's not a regular problem, but it's happened enough where I need some advice.
I think you can pretty much get a same date lay always in the Philippines, but you can't get a lay within 30 minutes of meeting them always. Sometimes you have to spend some time with them outside your room before you take them back. Some girls are just like that. To be honest only sluts or really desperate girls are going to come straight over and have sex right away (lucky for you there are tons of those girls on phil cupid and tinder) but like I said not all are like that.
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Thanks for that reminder, 20.

I've been spoiled in that regard. I've been rushing bc I've been on a good streak lately and forgoing a lot. I have moved recently so there are minor logistical hurdles so maybe a quick 5-10 minute coffee and chat with a walk around the compound wouldn't hurt.

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