The Best Opening Lines to Approach Women
So I have been doing more day game recently and now I will call on the knowledge of the forum to help make a nice encyclopedia of effective openers. Could be for day game, night game, etc.. I know that this thread should probably be in Game, but since travel is so much more active at the moment, I want it here until game becomes a bit more active.

The lost opener
"Where is X?" or "I'm lost, how do I find X place" or "Do you know a good restaurant/club close to here?"
This is my favorite and most used opener by far. It is great for travelers because it's obvious you probably don't know much about the city. It works so well because you can almost use it in any situation. It gives you time to charm the girl and brings her defenses down because you are asking for help not just walking up to her and saying "Nice ass." 

The obvious opener
"Hi, I'm 20."
I actually use this one quite a bit and it's effective if used in the right situation. What is the right situation? When you get an IOI from a girl. If a girl is already interested, you don't really need an excuse to talk to her, you just need to talk to her. I use it quite a bit in night game in clubs. 

The direct opener
"Hey, I just thought you were cute and wanted to come talk to you." or "Hey I just wanted to come over and say you have a sexy walk.."
I use the direct opener from time to time. In certain day game situations (they are walking away from you), it's the only real way you can open them. I don't love it because some girls have a shield and guys who hit on them to fast can't get past it. But like I said, sometimes its the only realistic opener you have. 

The do I know you opener
"Excuse me do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar."
So I had heard of it, but never used it. Then, somebody mentioned it in this thread: I tried it a couple of times since then, and it works really well. It's a great excuse to talk to any girl in almost any situation and flows nicely if the two of you locked eyes a few times.

These are my current favorite openers. Please share with the forum what your most effective openers are.
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Requesting some in the Gym openers. I've only done a couple gym openers in my life and all of them have been direct. The down side is that if you get rejected, it becomes awkward when you keep seeing her again. So what are some good indirect openers for the gym? Also if you have any indirect openers for going to the gym, those woulld be awesome as well.
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For my tastes, as I've said before, I prefer London-style day game, which is fairly direct, but not too complimentary - ie, "you look nice," instead of "you look sexy." That's not the entire standard opener though, nor is it where the value lies - that's where assumption statements & stories come in, demonstrating your on-the-fly creativity. A typical standard opening dialog in a non-English speaking place could be:

"Excuse me, do you speak English?"
"Great. Listen ... I just saw you over there, and thought you looked nice; what caught my attention was your beret and scarf ... they make me think you're French."
"Haha ... no, I'm German"
"Really? I can imagine you sitting in a park next to the Eiffel Tower, smoking a cigarette, with a baguette and wine bottle in your picnic basket"

There's more to it than that, and Google is your friend, but that's the opening in a nutshell.

In certain situations though, such as public transit, I do prefer indirect day game, since she can't just go away. I usually do the lost opener in that case.

I've never opened girls at the gym - too focused on lifting.

P.S. Not here to have the old "direct vs indirect" debate. Roll with what works for you.
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Slept on the gym opener question and thought of something.

The game you run there depends on how long you'll be at that particular gym.

The sooner you're leaving = The more direct you'll be.

So, if you're only there for like two weeks or less, go direct. But if you're there for like a month, go indirect. And if you're there for several months, run social circle game.

In the last two cases, you'll get to feel your targets out before pulling the trigger.

As for indirect gym openers, you could do a variation on the lost opener, and ask where an odd piece of gym equipment is, and then ramble & bait on it.
Visa Tips | LTR Lessons | "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers."
Another indirect is that you want to practice their language, just throw some phrase nd there you go.

The other day I dated a gym freak and asked about dating fellow gym guys. She told me you have that, but usually girls that are really into gym and have a "social life" there, they see other regulars just as friends, and also, even if they look super atractive, they are usually boring, so showing yourself as interesting because you do other things than gym is important.

Taking classes in the gym its also a nice way to get into a social circle, as lame as you can look doing some aerobox shit or something.
in the gym: "hey what muscles is that working"
she: bla bla muscles
you: "your so hired as my personal trainer"/ if she doesn't know "your so fired as my personal trainer"
basically indirect is banter/challenging
"you can lift more than that, come on"

night: "hi I'm shy shy"
"did you just grab my arse...why not"
"the musics so good in here it makes me wanna fly a kite" (say random shit)
"hey your kinda cute but you look like trouble"
"hey I'm trying to think of an excuse to chat you up. I still cant think of anything I was distracted by your....(sexy legs, beautiful body, georgous cleavage etc whatever attracted you to her)

day: "hi... I saw you walking past. and I had to say.... (pause for sexual tension)... +compliment
e.g "I like your figure/you have very sexy legs" basically the reason you approached her. this can be different with each girl. 

all these lines have been tried and tested and work consistently. if they don't work its not the line its the person using them. can be your vibes off, your not congruent to the line. you don't have the sub coms behind it. you don't like the line. you secrectly hate women can be many reasons. more than I'm aware of. but hopefully these help.
I've had about 5-6 dates from the gym in the last year.

I think it's easy depending on how you roll through the gym. 

Example, every time I walk in, I greet the desk guy/lady (even if they're on their phone, or they're looking bitchy). I say what's up and how's your day going?, busy today? etc.

If there is staff or janitor on the gym floor I greet them quickly with a smile, say what's up, how's it going today, busy today? etc.

If I go to squat rack or bench or whatever and there are guys nearby, I greet them straight away, and ask them if anyone's using the equipment. Ask them if they could give me a spot (even if I don't really need it, or if they need one). Then, if there are pretty girls around, I sometimes casually remark about it, wow, that girl over there is so beautiful, does she come here often, etc. I don't say it in a hushed tone, I say it openly, I don't really care who overhears because I'm not stating anything bad. Don't need to be ashamed to state someone is attractive.

Sometimes they know her and I get some intel (she's dating the trainer, she's single, I never saw her before, etc.)

I'm usually feeling pretty open at the gym because I've talked to several people, and probably had some laughs. This is all setting the foundation. Once I see her the second time, I go directly, hey I saw you here the other day, seems like you work out a lot. I'm fellowtrav. 

A couple times I remark right away, smiling, hey you look so focused today, are you training for an event?

If I've been going to the gym a while and it's first time seeing her, I'll ask, hey are you new to the gym, I've never seen you before?

If it's a girl you've had your eyes on for a while and never pulled the trigger, comment on anything changed in her appearance.. One girl I saw for months and always wanted to go out but never tried, and then one day randomly I walked over "hey you cut your hair recently? looks much better". She smiled big and then we had a nice conversation and I finally got the contact. 

All that said, if you're rolling to get a good lift in and focused, you're probably not going to be in the mindset of meeting new people or come across as a friendly guy. And if you're big, you'll probably intimidate her unless you seem very laid back/carefree. 

In conversation I'll typically mention that it seems 90% of girls at the gym really want a nicer butt/legs (thanks to Instagram), They nearly always agree, and if you have gym knowledge maybe you can give them advice (squat, etc.) 

Note: I don't go to the gym to pick up girls, but when I leave the house I want to be friendly and social. And when I'm feeling friendly and social, I tend to go out on a limb and approach the girls I see. My pals at the gym will usually laugh and say I'm like a dog and always talking to someone.
I try to say something situational; or just present myself and ask for her name, where she's from etc.
Nothing too complicated.

However I just seize opportunities now and then, for example a girl at the bus stop who shows IOI or is really pretty.

Just cold approaching on the street is too exhausting, unless I would be really eager to have a date.

The airport and bus terminals in foreign countries are my favourite place for approaching, because it can guarantee you will be in the same bus/plane for a while, plus the travel aspect (being away from home).
Thanks for the replies everybody. Have been putting them to use. Got the hottest girls number from the gym yesterday.
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update... just used this on a 8/10 stripper in the street in Poland and worked. worked quite a lot before also.

"I saw you walking past and had to say...You look a little bit sexy in that dress (guesture a little with your thumb and finger)...only a little though... but if I had a dress id look sexy too so we have something in common

this opener is doing many things.
Firstly using the word sexy is showing more intent than saying you look nice.
Saying a little bit is not giving full approval so its cocky and challaging.
the 2nd part is taking the compliment back saying that if you wore a dress so is push/pull
and saying the last part includes arrogance which is attractive.
so its a cocktail full of attractive qualities rolled into one.

feel free to use/steal, add, take away to it as you please.

happy opening Wink
So here are some follow ups on my gym game:
One girl I opened up with "What muscle group does that work?" - Thanks to Cheeky_happy for that one, got the number
The next one I followed the girl into the area to do abs and just did a situational opener - "El parte mas dificil." The most difficult part. As I was about to start. Turned out her phone was dead, but she memorized my instagram and added me 30 minutes later.

I'm a body guy so I have to get used to doing more gym game.
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Not bad, nice ides. Look at Catch women free guide about seducing women, they have a lot of nice openers and other things beginners should know to have easier communication and better success with women.
just opened a cute  18 year old polish girl In the mall with "I saw you walking past have to say I love your figure"
she loved it. got her fb, 50 50 meet her tonight. 

warning: only say I love your figure if its true. don't use it as a default opener if you don't think/feel this.
to me the opener if going direct should be honest i.e the reason your approaching her. 

don't tell her she looks nice if you like her bum and the way it jiggles, tell her. don't lie to her or yourself. youl feel better In the long run if you do this 

(04-29-2018, 03:30 PM)aty21 Wrote: Not bad, nice ides. Look at Catch women free guide about seducing women, they have a lot of nice openers and other things beginners should know to have easier communication and better success with women.

not being funny mate but I read some of your stuff and its a lot of bollocks. 
if you sleep with a girl and don't wanna see her again you don't give her a fake number. you txt her to say "thanks for a great night. you were amazing. and to take care. if she perists to txt say that shes great but you don't want anything serious hope she understands. 
maybe its just me but even though I sleep with women and don't see them again I don't treat them with disrespect. I'm all about loving women, not putting them on a pedestal. you can be a player and a decent human being at the same time. what your teaching in the long term is women to hate men. and if you end up with one of these girls as your girlfriend she might have a slight hated towards men. its called karma. be VERY CAREFUL when giving guys your advice as they may read this take it as gospel cause they have little experience and use it. 
I love sleeping with lots of hot women but I also don't like when women are treated badly. don't agree with your advice dude. just my 2 cents.
A appreciate your honest opinion. Everybody has right to think and act on own way Smile
I'm in HCMC now. Pretty much can open any girl you see with this line.

"Do you speak English?"

"Cool. You look pretty. What's your name?"
-OMG!!! Phuong, Ngoc, etc. *face starts blushing*

"I'm Lighter. Are you a student?"
-Blah blah. few more random questions

"I gotta go now. Lets get coffee sometime. What's your Zalo/Line?"

The SMV of a foreigner is so high in HCMC (average salary in VN is like $200/month) that this works wonders.
I always use the Roosh one, "Do you know where there's a pet store?" Huh   That always makes them confused as shit so they have to stick with you for a while, so you'll have plenty of time to let your charm shine through.

Honestly, it doesn't matter what you say.  If the girl likes you, she does not care what you say.  I'm sorry, but the funniest best opener in the world is not going to get her wet and want to bang you, if she doesn't already find you attractive.  It may show her your not a creep though.   
@BrianMark I agree thats true with some girls, but with other girls its not the case. If you arent a super model in looks, many girls aren't going to be that interested in you right away. Many really hot girls get approached a lot and just shut down when you approach them direct or dont know what to say. When you have a reason to be talking to them, it gives you time to display value and create some interest. It's one of the reasons I prefer quite bars to loud clubs, it gives me the time I need to impress them.
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As I have written before, I often use the "I am studying, can you help me?" approach, especially in China since every Chinese people take pride in foreigners studying Mandarin. Work even better in 2nd and 3rd tier cities where you have a decent number of foreigners but most of them are ESL teachers who cannot speak a word of the language.
Choose one or two sentences you need her to read for you. Not random sentences of course, or not goofy shit but stuff you can use later.

Also when I am in a park, I often get my camera out to take a picture of a bird. Asking the girl for help to hold my notebooks and field guide while I get the camera out of my bag. After that, I show her the picture and it a perfect occasion to start talking.

But I think those lines are a little bit East-Asia specific. I am not seeing them working somewhere else

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