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Gentlemen's Club Game
This thread specifically relates to gentlemen's clubs in Asia. Being American I was totally confused when I was first exposed to these sort of venues. Basically you rent a room with friends, order alcohol, and a bunch of girls will walk into the room. These girls are legitimate 8-10's, hottest girls you'll see in Asia. You choose which girl you want, she sits down and entertains you, and you pay the club by the hour. Usually these girls will not fuck you unless you have tight game or pay them enough. 99% of the time it's a waste of time and money. You'll probably end up spending money and getting drunk, only to realize that this girl was only nice to you because it's her job. I realize how dumb this sounds, but it's a cultural thing in Asia among men, especially people rich people. These venues are mostly used for business purposes (talk business and have hot girls around to keep you company), but plenty of people go just for fun.

Last week I went to one of these clubs with some friends. I spent a total of 4,000 baht and got my girl's Line (not sure exactly how much I paid for her time but it probably was around $50 USD). As soon as I left the club she texted me, and after some back and forth I got her out 1 week later. She came over my place last night and we had a good time. She didn't ask me for money and she came straight to my place. I'm against spending too much money on women, but this was legitimately the sexiest girl I've ever had. I had to pay to meet her, but now I can keep her on rotation without paying her. I'm thinking I'll start going to gentlemen's clubs once or twice a month. Don't get me wrong, I hate wasting money on stupid shit, but if I can meet 8's and 9's then I think it's worth it. I've spend $50 on a Tinder date and didn't even get laid. Also in Bangkok you may spend 1,000 Baht on entrance to Onyx, spend money on drinks and taxis, and still go home alone. Girls at gentlemen's clubs looks like porn stars and models. You don't see them in the day time because they work crazy hours and sleep most of the day when they're not working. I've been to these types of clubs a total of about 3 times in my life. The first 2 times I didn't even think it was possible to get laid with these girls, last time I wasn't planning on it but it just happened.

Has anybody ever gotten into this scene and did you have much success in banging girls without paying them (beyond spending money at the club the night you meet them)?
Never done it, but isn't this called shoring?
No. These girls aren't prostitutes-for the most part. Across Asia, they are called different things, gentlemens club, hostess bars, etc. They are actually more common in Taiwan and China than Thailand. Not sure about Japan and Korea.

The girls hang around the rooms, serving drinks, and doting on the men. They are often an avenue for men to complain about their wives and girlfriends. In Taiwan, it is now common for men to even bring their wife or girlfriend, and strangely I have even seen their kids!

I'm super impressed you got digits and then the lay. These girls could literally have just about anyone. I've tried getting in there in several ways, but without success, ever. Well done!
It's quite different than shoring. These girls make pretty good money (by Thai standards) working at these clubs. Most don't go out as prostitutes on a normal party night. They'll likely be hanging out with their equally hot friends they work with. Quite difficult to even talk to these girls at clubs since most suck at English and will be surrounded by friends (one of the draws of G clubs you can actually sit down and talk to them 1-on-1 without getting cock blocked).

Thanks. I'm pretty surprised too this girl actually liked me. I must be her type physically since there wasn't much of a connection otherwise (her English sucks). She also told me that she sees foreigners but rarely gets a chance to talk to them. I was in a good mood that night I guess. Earlier in the day I fucked a different girl, after that hung out with my friend who was visiting from the US, then I went out. She must have SMELLED the pussy on me (I hardly even showered after fucking).

And you're right about TW. I've been to a few there. This married w/kids guy I know told me he enjoys those clubs just to talk about his problems and sing with girls (which is corny as hell). I recommend trying it out in Bangkok, but I found out just now that you need a membership to get properly hooked up. With no membership it's twice the price and you won't have access to the better girls. I didn't realize my friend had a membership when I went the other night.

I'm going to start going twice a month for the next couple of months. I figure there are 2 different strategies to test: 1st one is to spend your entire night with 1 girl. This will give you time to get to know her, it'll also show her that you're not cheap (this obviously matters in a place where it's expected that you have money, even if you're actually broke). The obvious drawback is that you might waste your entire night on 1 girl. Cut her off if she's clearly uninterested. Second strategy would be to stay for 3-4 hours and rotate different girls each hour. You pay by the hour for each girl so no point in cutting them off before time is finished. The issue I see with rotating girls is that they'll think you don't like them, or that you're a player (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Testing this strategy will cost a few hundred bucks and will potentially (and likely) but a huge waste of money, but if I can get 1 or 2 more porn star looking girls on rotation it's probably worth the cost.
My first thought was "how did he overcome the language barrier?", as typically the top tier Asian girls don't speak any english. 

The escorts mentioned (at hostess bars, Jap KTVs, etc.) typically aren't being shored, as it's really up to the girl whether or not she wants to go out with you or have any type of relationship. They are making very decent money (probably more money than most long term foreign travelers/expats), with very wealthy local/Asian clientele, who would likely look down upon her if she has any westerners in her circle. In other words, even if the physical attraction is there, they typically don't want to go out with white guys because it would absolutely jeopardize their income. 

Sure they have price tags (albeit high ones), got to keep in mind we live in a world where beautiful girls are flown out for $100K+ for a single night to places like Dubai where such amounts are insignificant. 

Probably this idea will be easier to pull off throughout SE Asia, as opposed to the hostess bars in Tokyo/Seoul/etc. or any world class Asian city where more wealth is floating around.

Your best strategy is whichever one conveys to them that you're a man with means.
A lot depends on where you are in Asia. Depending on the country there are no gentlemen's clubs like in the west, just hooker joints or hostess places.

At hooker joints, the girls are there to be taken home for a price. Yes you can pull one, but it's often not worth the effort and you can pretty much bet that if you get her out after dark she's fucked 1-2 guys that night. Some of them can be fun though but just prepare yourself for some drama.

At hostess places, the girls are there for guys who want some companionship. IMO it's relatively innocent, with some guys paying money to hold the hand of a young pretty girl. If you get her to like you then great.

IMO it's often better to avoid these types of women because you're dealing with someone who makes money from getting men to fall for them. In poorer countries you're also up against a long line of guys who will pay when you can't or won't. When I was in Thailand there were no shortage of hookers, part-timers, taxi girls...who would gladly fuck for free (really for a guy who was fun) but without fail there was a moment when they needed money for themselves or their family. When that happened the guy either paid or watcher her walk away with another guy.

FWIW I like hookers and think they're great for learning phrases in a new language. That said, I don't have the personality where I get attached or jealous. In my experience a lot of guys go broke thinking they're in love or can save the girl so be careful.

For some extra context I'll share something that happened when I was in Thailand. It was a second tier city and there was another guy from the US who had met a Thai chick. They were together most days and nights and seemed to get a long well. He wasn't working or rich and somehow she had money and he never questioned it. The truth was that she had a couple of sponsors (guys who come to Thailand for 1-2 weeks a year and they spend that time with her and then send money each month thinking it keeps her locked down). That income meant that she hung around the hooker bars but had no pressure to sleep with guys she didn't like. One night I'm out with the Thai girl I'm fucking and I see this guy who had always been all smiles looking like he'd been crying so I went to talk to him. He was pissed because his Thai girl was about to spend the week at a beach with another guy and he didn't understand what or why because in his mind she was his girl. Feeling bad I took my Thai girl and we talked to the chick. The Australian was one of her sponsors and he was threatening to cut off the money if she didn't come. Her dad had also been putting pressure on her to keep paying for her brother's school and send more money home. In the end the best we could do was get her to name a price for the American guy not because she didn't like him but because she had needs to meet. In the end he couldn't/wouldn't pay and I think he was more heart broken than butt hurt.

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