Beginners Guide For The Phillipines (Need Help)
Hey guys, read the How To Bang 3 Girls A Day In The Phillipines article so my interest is picqued.

Can experienced travellers help me out in terms of:

- How much to budget for 2 months in Cebu/Manila
- Where to stay in Cebu/Manila
- Other helpful hints

Thanks in advance
Typical 1 Month Expenses imo

Rent: 500-800
Food: 300-500
Fun: 200-500
Misc: 100-200
Total: 1,100-2,000

Can be lower or can be higher depending on your lifestyle. Personally, id recommend having atleast 1,500 for a month.

Where to stay

Manila: Makati, Fort, Quezon City (within walking distance to a mall)
Cebu: Near Ayala Mall

Spend a day reading all the Philippines threads for additional info and tips.

You will gain a wealth of knowledge.
Thanks Dash,

In regards to Ayala Mall would that be for daytime or could I use it for nightgame too?

A few more questions:
- What are your thoughts/experience on Mango Square?
- Where should I keep my $ so I don't get robbed/ease of spending?
- Places to stay in Cebu that allow guests (women) to stay?

mango square is dead now

everywhere in phils allows women to stay

ayala is good for night game up until 9pm or 10pm but more of the girls will be hookers at that time

get a charles schwab card or any card that doesnt charge you for using foreign atms

in truth with mango shutting down the whole nightlife scene in cebu is up in the air

makati is probably best for manila, the fort and QC are a bit more isolated
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I cover all that and more.

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