I know is not "travel" topic. but its less "gaming" topic

just want to celebrate Bitcoin reaching 10K

started trading crypto last year. Stopped working a few months ago, now im completetly free  to travel anywhere and money stopped being a contrain to me... 

this wasnt my best year "girls wise" at least in numbers... but I was really focused on this new concept that now gave me the possibility to stop thinking about money and focus on other pursuits.
Yeah its pretty awesome. Should have invested a bit a while ago i suppose. What exactly is trading crypto?
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Trading cryptocurrencies for most people Is called buy and pray it goes up and in the past year Its just done exactly that. This Is like the dotcom bubble 2.0. With that said, although may go higher in time, there will be huge 30-60% drops along the way.
by an amount you an afford to risk and forget about it, checking how much they are worth every day is torture
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I only put in 1,000 a month ago just for fun.  It's now over 2,000 and I expect it to crash any day. However, if it somehow begins to replace traditional currencies in some unstable countries (Zimbabwe), it could really go through the roof. It is unlikely to happen, but stranger things have happened.

Investors and ordinary people alike are getting sick of being hosed by banks. Why should they get a cut for helping you move money around, when they are already exploiting your money for their gain?  It is an accepted racket and it needs to change. Perhaps cryptos could be the vanguard of that change.  But probably not..hahahah
I trade for a living. I've been involved in crypto trading in the last year and I just dumped 3/4 of my holdings last night as Bitcoin hit 11k. This Is a mania right now. Sometimes the biggest moves in a mania happen in the last 10% of a trend but all good things come to an end, and it usually happens when the general public Is finally getting interested in participating (happening right now lol.) If you want to be involved fund a coin base and link to the GDAX exchange If you are a US citizen and buy when yiu see a 50% drop. Otherwise probably safer to ignore.
this boat has already sailed.
The number of new Coinbase accounts opened in the last week is higher than originally thought. Coinbase has added at least 300,000 new users since Thanksgiving, according to the Altana Digital Currency Fund. There were reports earlier that Coinbase, which has more than 13 million accounts, added around 100,000 accounts over the holiday. In total, Coinbase has almost tripled its customer base in the past year as the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed. Coinbase’s mobile app was trending on Monday in Apple’s app store, ranking fourth under the finance category.

The search term “buy bitcoin with credit card” is around its historic peak. The phrase only makes up 3 percent of all bitcoin searches but is on the rise. More importantly, though, investors see the growth as a possible sign of a bitcoin bubble. Nick Colas, co-founder of Data Trek Research, sees the inclination to use credit to get in on the moves of a volatile asset as “a cautious note” about where sentiment is running. "For those readers who think about transmission mechanisms between financial assets and the real economy, look no further. This is it," he said in a note to clients.

Probably getting close to the point where it's mainstream and about to burst

Regardless, I wouldn't put any money I wasn't 100% willing to lose in something that I have no control over

Take profits while you can or hope that bitcoin wins out in the long-run - if crypto even makes it.

FYI, bitcoin is shit in terms of an actual currency because of transaction times and fees and that's likely not going to change because of how political it's getting with different sides wanting different things (likely for their own gain). Do your research
Market cycle is key. Its a patience game and now is time to exit and wait
Financial it should be used as speculation for most. Was in it initially years ago with zero profits taken so far; and expect it to continue well beyond where it is currently, but if it goes to zero, such is life.

What if it is not designed as a financial/monetary instrument, but rather as a way for A.I. systems to learn by building blocks and digitizing things in the world (via block chain) on the road to other things (like A.G.I.), while people are being incentivized to build it, and along the way many people will make millions or have coins to use in the future; perhaps too much of a stretch for some. IMO, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be two of the more popular links/entry points for, and into, future developments within the digital frontier.

P.S. Congrats ¨new,¨ hopefully your new pursuits will be in-line with highly purposeful activity (to you) that do not seem like work, but rather express who and what you are about in life such that you come to the point where your greater financial independence and purpose spiral ever upward. It is a life worth living.
i really enjoy hearing people talk about something like this who has very strong opinions like they know how it will play out

this is one of those first time in history things and NONE OF US really have a clue what is going to happen, they could become the currency of the future and anyone who invests now will be rich, or they could be a bubble that pops tomorrow

it is a complete guessing game, but if you have some spare cash around that you can afford to use on a risky venture then they are probably worth looking into
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(11-29-2017, 04:02 PM)Dash Wrote: this boat has already sailed.

lol no. It's just getting started. The entire space is still in its infancy and 2018 will be huge. In 12 months from now you'll wish you had gotten into it today.

A mistake a lot of people make is looking at the price of Bitcoin. What's more important than price is its percentage of growth. It might cost $11k today, but you don't have to throw down $11k to buy bitcoin. Whether you invest $111,111 or $11, your percentage of return will still be the same if it goes up by 20% or 120%
What I meant was you aint going to be striking gold and quitting your job now.

The price is so high that most ppl can not even buy 1 coin or generate life changing money.

5k investing back when it was unknown and new compared to investing 5k today is like night and day.
I'm happy that I have a tiny amount invested in it. But its basically like holding a lottery ticket. Most likely it will end up in the trash.
Yeah you won't make life changing money anymore with bitcoin. You have to look into altcoins and find the right one. Zcoin (XZC) for example, you could have bought at $0.32 last December, and today it's over $40. It likely will keep going up over time.
I'm in crypto since a few months. Started tracking my profits since late october. I made some pretty bad trades but still a really nice profit. Most of my profit seem to come from price appreciation of the coins and not from my trading (although I did some good trades before, I did some pretty bad ones recently ). I'm in for about $7500 now, of which about 1 third is profit since October. Until I need the money, I keep it in there and will be adding more.
I'd suggest everyone to invest at least a small amount of their savings.
i think that ish is way to volatile to try and time and trade it
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Hello, friends. i see that you all are involved in some deals with crypto. I am newbie here and have  a lot of questions. If anyone can answer them please PM me anytime. For example i've read now on ither forum that I have to use some bitcoin shuffle stuff for evey transaction. Is it true, isn't cryptocurrency anonymous from the very beginning?
(12-02-2017, 08:42 PM)mike Wrote:
(11-29-2017, 04:02 PM)Dash Wrote: this boat has already sailed.

The entire space is still in its infancy and 2018 will be huge.

Now bitcoin has dropped in price, but it seems to me that everything will get better, since there are always some deviations for a while. If you are very worried about the safety of your cryptocurrency, do as I transfer through a bitcoin shuffle to another currency and lose nothing

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