Hypnotherapy/hypnotist Thread
Anyone ever went to a legit hypnotherapist or done any research on it?

I was pming to Baltimore Bachelor about it. I am interested.

Going to have a session next Tuesday, after work.

There are also 4 different certified hypnotism teachers in my area, according to the National Guild of Hypnotists. They teach classes on this, to become certified.

Gonna give it a go and go in with a 100% open mind.
Did a past life regression hypnosis session about 15 years ago. I went in thinking it was gonna be a laugh, but I saw some shit. It was fucken mind blowing
I woukd be interested in the basic concepts of it. For personal use. Like making people feel at ease and open to suggestions. On myself and on anyone else.
Yep can confirm that OP and I discussed hypnotherapy a few days back.

I'm going to be having my first session in a few weeks and it's to address my social anxiety which has been making it hard for me to have fun socializing. I'll also update this thread and let you all know how it goes.

Supposedly, it's really helpful for treating addiction and other issues that stem from your subconscious mind.

Despite my username I am very skeptical. I think hypnosis can be helpful at the margins, like NLP or simply changing your language/persuasion (Do you want to come back to my place for a cocktail, or for a glass of wine?) and to slowly reprogram your unconscious. I'm very skeptical it works like you see on TV or the movies.

Scott Adams talks about learning hypnosis a bit in his book How to Fail At Almost Everything and Still Succeed.

(I actually named myself aftert the Pokemon character, not hypnosis)

I wish you luck. Let us know how it goes.
An ex of mind claimed hypnosis helped her quit smoking when all other methods failed.

I just saw an interview with John Fahey, where he said hypnosis helped him overcome anxiety about playing guitar in public.

Video talking about hypnotherapy, in a clinical setting.
Hypnotic language patterns or "suggestion" techniques:


I was hypnotized as part of an extra credit activity when taking a psychology course in college. Several dozen volunteers, including me, were sat in an auditorium, with nobody immediately in front or back of us, or to our sides. There was no "hypnotist," just an audio recording that was played. The professor explained that the monotone voice on the recording was that of a radio DJ. The voice talked to us about being relaxed, etc., and talked us through various scenarios. It blew my mind, but my classmate said he got nothing out of it. It's one of those things where you have to go with the flow and not fight what is going on.

This was a while ago, but I am a believer. I can remember being fully aware of my thoughts but extremely relaxed with very heavy eyes. They post-hypnotic suggestion and psychosomatic activities were cool. For example, the voice kept talking about a bee flying around our heads. He went on and on in great detail, and I remember getting annoyed AF, to the point where I wanted to start swatting the air.

Also interesting was when he talked us through imaging a piece of string being wrapped around our wrists with a balloon attached. After describing the situation in great detail and in repetition, I remember my hand floating in the air to where my arm was straight above my head. I quickly opened my eye and saw a room full of people doing the same.

The voice explained that he was going to give us a list of items to remember. He repeated the items several times. I forget how many things were on the list, but it was maybe 5-7. He said when he awakened us that the professor would ask us to write down the list. He said we would not remember the list until he said a certain word (post-hypnotic suggestion). Once we were finished, the professor asked us to write down the list of items we were to remember from the recording. I honestly couldn't remember any of the items. The professor spoke a little more and then asked us to write down the items from the recording. I could remember all of them and remembered the word the voice told us would trigger our memory!

It was a very cool and interesting experience, though I have never explored it sense. I don't doubt that it can be useful.
I got the hypnotherapist to quote me a price. $250 first vist. $125 each additional visit.
I am a certified master hypnotherapist.

what issue are you looking to work on? it can work for some thing.. (creation or destruction of associations in the brain to stymuli) others not so much or its illigal for the hypnotist to help you for certain conditions unless they are also licensed phycologist.

Although the majority of the times other tried to hypnotize me it did nothing, during my training the instructor did a demo on me and it felt like the world was spinning and I took 10 exstacies. also I had a hypnotist friend fix my dick after a traumatic sexual experience once.

when I first got into game I did a bunch of self hypnosis stuff on myself and no clue what impact it had but I did go from 21 year old virgin to all the girls I could handle pretty quick

I never really practiced hypnotherapy after getting certified because the bread n butter doing it professionally is boring weight loss and quit smoking. but I did apply the nlp to online marketing and made a lot of money from it, and occasionally help a girlfriend out over come some rape trama or give hypnotic orgasms.

im also friend with two erotic hypnotists. one who makes people jizz thier pants on the sidewalk on the vegus stip with 30 second inductions. its 100% legit.

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